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My State Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Noble Park North and serves VIC. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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My State Solar seems to be out of operation now

1300 number, mobile and FB no longer connected.
Inverter rating: 2/5
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Very Poor After sales Customer Service

Worst company I've ever dealt with as far as after-sales customer service is concerned. There were a few issues after installation and had to chase them to get them addressed. Of late, they didn't bother to respond to my email where I raised concerns about the panel distribution, despite sending a reminder email after 2 weeks of the original one. Another week and a half has passed. Still no response. This is nothing short of lack of duty and care.
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they just don't want to reply to your questions
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We had My State Solar come out to discuss our solar needs,James and Rhys walked us through the entire procedure, very professionally but most of all sincere and easy to understand.
We settled on a system that suited our requirements more than adequately and set a date for the install.
The friendly staff arrived promptly on the date specified and carried out the installation like a well oiled machine and in no time the job was complete.
They ran us through the operation and monitoring proceedures and left the site clean and tidy.
Thanks My State Solar we love it, I have no hesitation in recommending My Sate Solar to my family, friends and colleagues
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James came and looked over our house and the boys were there in one week they turned up at 9.30 in the morning there was four of them and they all had a meeting and at 2.30 pm they were done i came home from work and looked over the job and all i could find was one cable tie on the ground the workman ship was above what i thought as i am a fussy man, the system has been going great and it has saved my wife and i on our power bill $ 350 on the first bill and look forward to the next bill as we have been running the aircon flat out for all of summer we have had 49.7 deg up here in ellaswood well the bill has come and it has saved us another 350 again with the aircon going just about every day thanks again james and all the boys look forward to seing you all soon bart @ tina from ellaswood.
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Highly recommend from a Happy customer. Service was very quick. James and Rhys were so helpful.
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After considerable research into Solar Power Systems, I sought quotations from 10 installers, then cut that down to the three “finalists”.

The one that I finally decided to go with was the only one which did a site visit before quoting, and the person who came (the firm’s owner) seemed to know his stuff. We discussed the system details and the configuration, including siting as many as possible PVs to be North-facing, and the rest facing West [Plan A]. One key request that I had was to have some sort of device in my house, to measure consumption – from the PV system, and from the Grid. I was told that I would have an item “... on the wall, like an air conditioner thermometer setup ...”. I was glibly told that the PV rails would be installed on my roof before Christmas. The system was to be 8.5KW, with 26 PVs, 26 DC Power Optimisers, 5.7KWh Battery, and 2 Inverters etc.

Before I received the written quotation, there was dead silence, until I had a call from one of the office staff to apologise for forgetting to email me the quote, which he did immediately. As the price was good compared to others, I accepted it. That was in mid-December 2017. I paid a deposit that week to ensure that I got the then applicable STC rebate.

Due to the year-end shutdown, I heard nothing from the firm until mid-January 2018, and then (what I recognised later as their standard modus operand), the excuses started. As I had ordered SunPower PVs, I was told that they would not arrive in Australia until sometime in March.

In early March a team of 3 subcontractors (Team A) arrived to inspect the site and recommend the PVs’ locations. They told me that they would not be able to put many panels on the North-facing sides of my roof but would do their best, with the rest to go on the West-facing side [Plan A confirmed, sort of]. Installation was set for about 15 March, which came and went without action.

Later in March, a different team of 3 subcontractors (Team B) arrived to install the roof PV rails, and the DC cabling to the roof space. The first thing they did was tell me that none of the panels could go on the North-facing sides of my roof but would have to go on the West-facing side [Plan B]. While I was unhappy about this, I was not about to start a fight with them (I know what that can lead to!), so informed the firm. The rails went on the West side of the roof.

At this point, I asked for a site meeting with the firm’s owner and newly-appointed General Manager. After considerable discussion, we agreed to drop the Battery from the system design, to drop the idea of PVs facing North, and add 12 additional PVs facing East [Plan C]. We again discussed the measuring of consumption, and the owner reiterated that I would be supplied with a device which would enable me to do this. The system would now be 12.426KW. A revised quotation was provided and accepted.

Then followed considerable telephone and email discussions, about my mounting frustration at lack of action and failure to honour promises.

Finally, having been given an ultimatum to install or cancel, the firm had Team A return on 06 April to do the installation. They confirmed that an East-West installation made more sense, as it was difficult to put many PVs on the three smaller North-facing roof spaces [Plan C confirmed]. As they were doing the installation, the team’s main man asked me who had done the DC wiring, as it was “... a mess ...” and he had “... had to spend half the morning fixing it up ...”. This had been done by Team B. I reported these comments to the firm’s office, but they didn’t seem to be interested.

As I was to have four arrays (1 x 12 PVs, 1 x 14 PVs on West, and 2 x 6 PVs on East), I had asked Team A to label the DC Switches and Inverters, so that I would know what was connected to what. It would allow me to know which Arrays & MPPTs were producing what amounts of DC & AC. Of the four Array-MPPT combinations, Team A mislabelled all four. Also, it seems that the West-facing panels have been installed above plumbing breather pipes from my Bathroom and Laundry, with at least one breather cap being removed without my permission.

Subsequent to the commissioning of the system (which has generally seemed to work well), I have had “Over-voltage” shutdowns of both Inverters on many occasions, apparently due to the “oversensitivity” of my Inverters to the Grid voltage levels. The distributor has made several adjustments to its transformers in my area, and the shutdowns are now less, but the firm’s promises to get Team A to address the matter have not materialised. Nor has the firm’s promises to inspect/fix the breather pipe caps happened. The Consumption device is still absent.

While this whole story was unfolding, I was researching the Internet more and more about the pitfalls of Solar Power Systems and Installers. While I believe that my installation firm was not a bunch of rogues (as there seem to be many out there), I do believe that they were careless and at times incompetent.

Finally, as a claimed “Clean Energy Council Member”, they do not seem to know about the requirements of the CEC’s Guidelines for Accredited Installers. I did not get any Documentation [CEC page7, item 5] for my system.

Although not mentioned in detail above (it is already too long!), I now recognise that the key person at the firm is good at making glib and reasonable-sounding statements, but he does not seem to follow up, and I believe that he just says whatever comes into his head at the time, and then forgets about what he has promised. Once alerted, I also detected his lack of technical knowledge about various aspects of Solar Power Systems, in things which he had told me (the internet is marvellous for exposing b...s...).
I did not get my “Consumption” device.
I am still “p...ed off”.
I cannot, under any circumstances, recommend his firm.
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Great service and back up from the company. I have happily recommended My State Solar to family members who have also now signed up.
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Found out 3 options:
1. Traditinal String/Series connected Solar Panels and one Inverter System;
2. Parallel connected Solar Panels with individual Inverters System;
3. Solar Edge Solar Panels with in-built individual Inverters System.

After investigation of their advantages and disadvantages, the preferred solar system would come down to be either option 2 or 3. Of course, the selection of high quality solar panels and inverters must be utilized.

The cost of stoarage batteries is expensive and impractical for normal household solar system. This will need to be planned into future stage when the cost of storage batteries is cheaper.

I have read and learned a fair amount of information about solar panel system through your articles. Thanks for your professional advice.
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