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Quantum Solar Power Pty Ltd is a Solar Power Installation company based in Sydney and serves NSW. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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I found it hard to find a company that did repair work to systems already installed.
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Original Review on 31-03-2011:

I decided to engage Quantum Solar Power (QSP) who I requested a quote from in early March following the receipt of the quotes from your site. A friend of mine had recently a 1.52KW PV system installed at his home and referred me to them. I also have a friend who is the Operations Manager at The Solar Shop and he couldn't fault the quote I received. I opted for the installation of a 270L Heat Pump as well as a 1.52KW PV System.

The story goes soemthing like this and I apologise as it is confusing to me also.

I was provided with a email quote following a site inspection. I was never provided with a formalised invoice from which to pay. I suggest anybody considering these sorts of works always request a Formalised Invoice outlining all costs. Unfortunately the quote I received was never formalised by an Invoice (only ever an email).
I rang the company to ask how to go about finalising & formally accepting the email quote and arranging payment.
The company advised that over the phone payment via credit card was their preferred option even though I advised that I had not signed the quote nor formally accepted the quote that I received, nor had I formally authorised the debiting of my credit card. They said this could be done over the phone and proceeded to request this information off me.
This was a major error as I was charged over $1000 more than the quote provided. I was never advised of the added charges of supply and fitting of the meter, which I conceded I should pay, but was also charged for a Tilt Frame which was never installed (an additional $495).
I was first alerted to the overcharging when I received an sms that my credit card was overdrawn. I rang the company the day of the installation, which was arranged the day I paid to be the following Monday (A free spot had opened up which suited both the company and us). During this phone call, I requested a itemised list of what I was charged for. Over the phone they provided information of the additional charges which I did not receive on the quote, ie, provide and install the meter $543.13 and provdie and install the Tilt frame $495. We came the the agreement over the phone that they would remove the charge for the tilt frame but I would have to pay for the meter and 2nd level installation. They advised that my request for reimbursement for the tilt frame would be sent for sign off.

Installation was completed on the day and the system was tested to be working. They also installed a weatherproof power point into which they plugged the Heat Pump. I was advised by the plumbers that the power point would be connected to the Off Peak hot water line that provided power to the old electric hot water system. This was the second mistake. Although they installed the power point it was never connected to the Off Peak power as advised. I found this out after receiving a phone call from my mother who had run out of hot water. I advised my mum that she should connect an extension lead as per the testing undertaken by the plumbers when the Heat Pump was intially installed.

I have had numerous emails and phone calls back and forth to the QSP customer service team with little or no help. I requested a formal receipt for the works carried out as I wanted to claim the Federal and NSW rebate for the hot water system we installed. I was provided a receipt via email which did not itemise what had been installed, rather just the costs for the works. I then requested a fully itemised receipt as the rebate scheme requested a formal receipt. All the time I aksed at what stage my request for reimbursement for the tilt frame was at. I was then asked to supply the company with the quote they provided me as they had changed costings and wanted to see the original quote. I forwarded the email I received from them and they did not accept this as the quote they provided. They wanted the signed quote. Luckily I had asked my mother to sign the printed off version of this which I was going to send them following the inital payment (which they advised over the phone at the time of payment was not required). I scanned and faxed this to them. They then provided me with a final invoice which I have attached which when you addd the line items does not add to the final cost. It also seems to add to the costs the rebates from the NSW and Federal schemes. It does still not include the cost of the tlit frame and they have now changed their story and advied that I was never charged for the tilt frame and hence will not be reimbursed.

My mothers property has still yet to be connected to the grid although I did receive a phone call yesterday from the Quantum advising I would receive a phone call next week to arrange for the installation. I visited my mother and she advised that she was visited by the someone from the company. He apparently checked the installation and left his card. I rang him and asked why he came to visit my mum. He said he was checking on the inst
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Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: N/A
Installation: 3/5
Customer Service: 1/5

21 months later we asked Gennaro: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Everything still working, can't complain, system is producing approximately 6KWh/day over the winter period which I didn't expect.
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The reason for 4stars rather than 5, is that on completion of the installation, I called the office to check on what the next step would be re: change over of meter etc., and was told that our supplier will be notified and we should hear from them soon. About a week later I called ENERGEX , to see when they could be calling, only to find that the installers EWR had not been recieved. It may be they are busy or perhaps submit requests in a block, but it was rectified that day with apologies. Expecting meter change by the 22nd June. Re: operation of system.
1. Mostly very cloudy and wet days since connection, but has produced total of 103 kW over last 17 days = 6+kwh per day, ranging from 2 to 9
2. Some weeks ago, I made a number comments on one of your information pages somewhere, which it would seem you didn't get, I may have pressed the wrong button somewhere. I'm not good at this stuff. It was along these lines. Thanks very much for arranging the 3 Quotes & the many Emails re tips & traps & enlightening information on the world of solar power. However, I was disappointed with the installers as suggested. The first to call was SONNEN, said they are from Perth, just recently started up in Brisbane, I didn't pursue the request. Some 2 weeks or so later, a very well presented offer came from Nicholls Group, not far from me, it may be my own ineptitude, but I couldn't find on net any information on there proposed system, but I did discover on Whirlepool an unhealthy number of less than happy grumbles re N -group. I did ask if you were aware of this, but as I said maybe you didn't get it. In the meantime I found an offer by Energy Matters wich I liked, and stupidly paid a 10% deposit before reading the 12 pages of terms and conditions, some of which I was not very comfortable. So, after a little shilly shally I cancelled the deal within the cooling off period. Took a month to get my deposit back. I'm still very impressed with the extensive web site information and their high quality products, but I got the almost the same deal (different racking system) almost a grand less, no deposit, & site inspection by a senior company man. Local Co "any probs give us a bell, someone will drop round".---Thats what you need!!. Your third quote finally rang after all this, far too late.
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We chose Quantum who then pulled out of the deal and told us they are not honouring any further contracts!!! Very unimpressed with that, then we were contacted by the salesman from Quantum who is now with another company and we are going with him rather than going to the trouble of getting fresh quotes, the new company are charging $500 more than Quantum and he assures us that we will be contacted for an installation date by the end of this week.
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The installers were great, did their job while explaining how they were to conduct the installation. All questions were answered promptly and I was given the opportunity to ask as many questions as I liked. I did have to push the salesman for the same price as my work colleagues received. After some pushing I got the price I wanted, and to his credit the salesman rang his boss to confirm my quoted price. Overral very pleased with the installation of solar.
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Speaking with others who have installed solar has been the most useful thing we have done. The companies are selling their wares, which is fare enough, but it is a bit mind boggling. The electricity retailers need to be looked at - the charges are ridiculous for what they do, but short of installing batteries to store the energy there is not a lot an individual can do.
Thanks for your site I had three cmpanies contact me - two were good - professional etc. Eventually the dollar wins!
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