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Solar Freedom Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian founded and owned business with offices in Queensland, Victoria and NSW.
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Solar Freedom not free!

Inverter dies then the "Company" dies so no Warranty., The people involved in 'Solar Freedom' should lose their freedom in the Sun.,
I bet London to a Brick that they Phoenixed into another Company with a different name., A situation not only allowed to happen but any laws to prevent this happening were blocked by the Liberal & Nationals Parties!
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Solar Freedom uncontactable.

Was initially satisfied with Solar Freedom, the whole process of installing solar panels on my roof until there was a problem 2 years later, which should be covered by the warranty I was given at the time.
Solar Freedom have gone out of business and the manufacturer of the inverter B&B is in China, also ignoring any correspondence to fix the problem. So the warranty is worth ziltch.

Lesson learnt, always go with a reputable company whose service centres and parts are located in Australia, even if it means paying a bit more.

Inverter rating: 1/5
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We spoke to two suppliers we met at a local home show who made various offers. Price was a major issue for us as we are retirees on a limited budget, which we explained clearly. It was our first direct experience of purchasing solar power, and we were initially confused by all the information, which was why we contacted We were trying to get other opinions, as one of the suppliers we had spoken to was very pushy, trying to convince us to spend several thousand dollars more than our budget. To cut a long story short, we did some research and decided to go with the first supplier we had spoken to. Their salesperson explained things clearly, did not try to push us into anything, and as we found later, was reliable and credible with the information he gave us. Once the documents were signed, everything went very smoothly. The installation team was professional and the unit is working well. Best of all, the cost was within our budget.
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We were so confused after we had four quotes we ended up picking the cheapest one. Thought if the system was going to break down after warranty run out we would have paid for it and made free electricity in the mean time. After looking at what it is producing we will have paid for it in just under 3 years. We hope that Solar Freedom Australia will be around for a long time, I can't see why they wouldn't. We were very happy it came with a good warranty, the customer service was great, the installers were great and we did not have to pay for the system until we were happy with it and it was installed. I can not fault this company or the Inverter and panels that were sold to us. B&B 5Kw Inverter and Risen Panels. It was half the price of everyone else and its pumping out 31.4 kwatt hours on full sunny day (that was the best reading we have had). we split our sytstem facing North and West.
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used your website as a base point...good.......researched further on whirlpool solar...good researched on photon labs ....good....... overall cost of 5kw sunlink panels and b&b invertor $4200 outlay cost to me no money upfront.......... watts testing 5 year plan/protection/ warranty and panel chubb insurance 10 years on inverter
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While they were initially interested in contacting me ongoing, once I agreed to the installation and placed a deposit of 50%, they then did not contact myself. I found I had more contact from the actual installer. Not enough information was given about my contract with Certegy, installation of meters in Qld which are from NSW suppliers and extra chargers there, failing to ask about roof measurements before establishing a system size, did not ask if there was anything else we needed. As we are currently interested in getting a Solar Reverse cycle Air Cond (heat pump, thingy). Might go somewhere else...

Supplier Reply:

Dear Tony,
Solar Freedom Australia does not ask for deposits upon a sale but rather gets paid on installation. Can you please clarify whether you actually paid a 50% deposit, because at the end of your review you write "might go somewhere else". SFA does not sell solar reverse cycle air cond(thingy) as you state, so what did you pay 50% deposit on?
At SFA we take customer service very seriously and our admin staff along with our installers are in constant contact with our customers. We are one of the very few companies that employ their own a grade electricians and installation crews(plus we contract out to the most reputable solar electrical installers).
Tony, interested to find out what happened in your situation.
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