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Worst company I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with!! Still suffering for it and our solar is not even connected after 20 months!!! Disgraceful......
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I signed and paid for my system at Solar Eco on the 29th/5th 2012. Almost 5 months to the day and I have still not had my system installed. I have spoken to the manager Leon Resario many times and have been promised many things. I have sent 30 plus emails requesting information and expected time of installation. They have taken about $5000 of my money and I am still being treated like dirt. Do not touch this company!
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Initially, contact was good (whilst they were getting money). After 6 months of poor contact, unanswered questions and what turned out to be lies & excuses, lodged a complaint withNSW Fair Trading. This uncovered the fact they weren't licenced in NSW (and at the time of this review they still weren't licenced).

After 2 hearings with the CTTT tribunal, it was ordered that any agreement be terminated and all money paid was to be refunded.

As this was part of a group install there are others who have also paid thousands and still have nothing.

Solareco is by far the WORST company I have ever had to deal with.
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Contact between the Company and my self has been limited and the time taken is up in the air for instalation. Idont think they have a particularly good service model although they are keen for the purchaser to pay on time. I can't rate the Company until the product and installation has been done. Other companies were more upfront with installation timing.
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Great overall process - The sales consultant took the time and didnt put the hard word on. Installation took place within 3 weeks. Very Happy
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We haven't had installation yet, even though we have been asked to pay upfront which is a bit of a worry waiting on the installation date.
Other companies we contacted only required a small deposit and full payment due on installation.
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I have paid the installments Now Full Amount as per contract. Communication with the supplier is very poor. I still do not have an installation date although they have given me a committment in writing that the pre- June 30 Price stands.

While I am not trying to expidite an installation date by complaining, some customer service and communication from the supplier without me having to chase them leaving messages(that they do not reply to) would give me the comfort that I am not being taken for a ride. Right now I am very nervous about whether I will receive any installation and the only reason I am not sweating profusely about it is that your site recommended this supplier in the first place and I expect you would not have endorsed them without some due diligence on your part.

Supplier Reply:

Hi there,

We are still unsure as to why you would feel nervous. You may have missed that we have actually been in contact with you 3 times in the last 3 weeks. As mentioned from the very outset, your installation time frame is within 3 months - you will be advised of an installation date closer to your actual installation.
You purchased your system only 4 weeks ago. Also your pre June 30 price stand also.

If you have any other concerns, feel free to contact the office.
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The system I paid money for did not fit on the roof identifed.
Getting calls returned is difficult - had to make 6 calls over 2 weeks before I was put through to the sales person responsible.
Standard contract offered is very unfriendly.
Photos and measurement of roof were provided but no on site inspection - if they had done this it could have prevented a lot of time being wasted.
Company has given me the impression that they are keen to get your money put not as keen to provide information, service or accountability.
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I appreciate the help given by SolarQuotes from beginning it has been a great service. From the prompt reply of choices to speaking to each one. I even rang other companies, honestly, but SolarEco was the most outstanding of all. Thank you very much for your assistance with this easy process. The services you all offer is valuable. Have a great year.
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Solareco were one of about 5 quotes I received. The main reason I went with them was their quality of product they are using and they great sales staff. I could have gone with another company who used cheaper equipment, but as its a long term investment I decided to get a premium product. Our installation was completed in about 3 weeks after signing the contact. Overall very happy with the service. Premium products from a premium company.


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From start to finish i was very impressed with the service i received from SolarEco. After doing extensive research with regards to Solar I found that the products that were on offer were of very high quality and thats what made my decison easier. I would recommend SolarEco to anyone who is looking for a high quality system at a competitive price.
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Last year we decided to buy a solar power system. After much research and discussion with various suppliers we found the people we thought we could trust and who were going to provide what we required, Solar Eco in Melbourne.

They guaranteed us in writing that as long as we pay the deposit by the end of September we would lock in the 60 cent/kwH premium feed in tariff. We paid the deposit by the end of August and paid the entire purchase price in the first week of December. At that point we were organising installation when I thought I'd just check about the premium feed in tariff, at which point I was told that it was no longer available. I questioned this and noted that they had guaranteed it would still be locked in if we had paid the deposit etc. They said there was nothing they could do about it, and so I asked for a full refund as the system had not been delivered nor installed.

So now we have to take them to VCAT to try and get our money back as they are refusing a refund regardless of the fact we have never received anything for our money!!! We are out of pocket over $14,000 and we really can't afford to be so....we are struggling to make ends meet at the moment. And we may have to wait up to 5 months for the hearing during which time we are losing out on all the solar power we were hoping to have been using in that time. This entire episode is also wreaking havoc on our relationships within our family as the stress of having very little money is almost unbearable.
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When getting any quote make sure you have everything in writing as the spoken word can not be trusted. Have been caught out and will never deal with anyone out of our district ever again. All round disaster and will have my hand in my pocket for a long time still to come. Old saying: buyer beware, stands out in my mind.
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Sales pitch is not totally clear. When I was told I had the option of 6 months interest free, there was no mention of the fact I had to take out a loan with CBA at 1 - 2 % interest. The email copy of the contract stated that a hard copy would be sent in the mail which I am still waiting for 2 months later.
The sales person was only trying to make a sale and was not concerned about followup service, so long as they got their money on time.
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The main drawback with purchasing a system is the enormous upfront cost prior to any onsite presence by contractor and the requirement of the owner/client to provide site information.
There is a lack of certainty about what we the client are actually getting and a lot of the administration is word of mouth promises without seeing those promises entirely in a contract.
It becomes evident that the client(me) is putting alot of faith in the contractor to complete the mass of paperwork and approvals without the client really knowing or having contact with the clients retailer or distributor of electricity.

We are waiting to see if our experience fullfills all we hope for and in a timely fashion.

I was impressed with 2 of the contractors in their quick supply of information.
A third company failed to supply any electronic information after the initial contact was made so I am guessing they were not really interested in supplying to Mildura.

It was interesting to note that one of the local Mildura companies were not really interested in following us up at all.
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They need to be in contact with the purchaser as eight weeks into it, I am the only person that has made contact and the person was very vague on details!!!!!
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Do your home work first.
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The part of the service that I am not happy with is that this company never came out to my home. I had to go around and take photos of the meter box, the house, the roof and the driveway. I had to do all the paper word and send it by email. I had to pay 70% of the total cost before the work was done. I'm paying top dollar and doing some of their work. But thr reason I went with them is mainly because after doing some research, they are going use the quality componants that I wanted. Eg, Mono panels and german made SMA inverter.
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The price I spent was before REC rebate.
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