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Sustainabode Energy and Water Solutions was established in 2007 with the purpose of providing cost effective solutions to homes, community groups and businesses to help reduce their energy and water consumption. A massive part of what we do is solar power installations, and have installed hundreds of systems across the country since our inception. With a range of products including Suntech, Bosch, SMA and more, we have the right solution for your specific circumstances, and pride ourselves on offering an honest and accurate advisory service.
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4 of 8 panels have a fault i payed $7000 for this cheep rubbish and not happy who is going to fix this?
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The sales and installation process were good. However the inverter broke down after approximately 18 months and Sustainabode had not replaced it after more than 4 months now. Ironically, the friend who recommended me to Sustainabode also experienced a breakdown in her inverter. Of late Sustainabode had not been taking calls and there has been no information as to when the problem will be fixed despite representation that there is a 5 years warranty. I relied on the expertise of Sustainabode to recommend a reliable solar system and feel let down that it has installed a poor quality product in my home.
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Me and one of my mates went with this supplier through a referral from another mate. Pricing was very good value for money, installation date was much earlier than expected, during installation everything was done professionally including cleaning and removal of rubbish from the work area. Along with installation we had some minor repair work done on my water fountain pump at no extra cost, would recommend Sustainabode to any one who is in the market for solar panel installation.
One issue is that their communication is patchy after initial sign up, but eventually they got back to me.
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I have purchased a 3.5kw RCE panels with SMA inverter from Sustainabode.

Only had the system for about a week now, but here is my experience with them so far.

Company rep home vist was very useful.

Communications with Sustainabode was good, they have kept me updated regarding some delay on panels arrival.

They offered me more expensive panels when my REC panels are suspected not to be available.

Installation date was within the expected time frame.

The installer turned up with wrong panels.
Installer came back later on same day with the correct panels
Installer had to finish the job next day due to broken tile.
Installer is generally good.
Installer did not activate Bluetooth feature! Which is a real shame.make sure they do it for you.

Based on my own experience and is my genuine opinion of this company is good. but you need to keep vigilant.
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It is definitely worth obtaining a number of quotes and doing your research on systems that are available as well as differences between microinverter systems and string systems before signing anything.
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This was an system extension from 1 kW to 2 kW.
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I would highly recommend sustainabode for any solar related jobs.
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we have an inverter that is not working after 18 months and have rung and rung as it was garuanteed for 5 years. And not getting any answers. We now have a power bill which we haven't been getting up by 300%. would not recommend them to anyone. The warranty is obviously not worth the paper it's written on.

Supplier Reply:

As we discussed on the phone with your partner, the inverter manufacturer is sending a new inverter to us for us to swap your current one with. The warranty is certainly still valid but we cannot do anything until the new unit arrives. We have explained this situation in detail and find it disappointing that you would post a negative review of us when it is in fact the inverter manufacturer that is slowing this process down, not us as the installers. You system will be up and running again the same day we receive your replacement into our warehouse.
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We used Sustainabode as they were the only ones who turned up to the appointment they booked with us.
They explained the systems and options very clearly, the price was about what we expected so we booked them up.

Modern Solar made an appointment to see us then just didn't turn up. The office said the salesperson would call later but never did.
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I have not have any idea about how the system yet because it has not been installed. Apparently took about 10- 12 weeks. We are fine as we also wait for the power meter change, too.
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Original Review on 22-09-2010:

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Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 2/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 3/5
Installation: N/A
Customer Service: 3/5

24 months later we asked John: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

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Thank you for making your site available.
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Constant delays in getting the installation done and poor communication between installers and householder. Didn't show up on the day as scheduled, I had to chase them, and they said they never made that date as the install date. Then took another 2 weeks to get it done.
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I had to ring them up regarding the receipt, which took them 2 weeks to give me after I paid them their depoist. Origin, (E states) wanted me to pay by credit card, I told them I had never had a credit card, but would pay the depoist by bank cheq and the balance on the system being completely installed, by bank cheq or bank to bank transfer. I was than told to pay the full amount up front, which I refused to do, and cancelled the order. Moderns, which is a W.A. firm was rubbishing the other companys, he was loud, arrogant, rude and self opinionated, and I would not have them even if they gave it to me free. He got a woman to ring me the next day and I told her about him, he did not have any people skills. I may be a senior but I'm not a push over, and I'm not stupid.

Mrs Scott
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