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The Solar Guys is a Solar Power Installation company based in Darra and serves QLD. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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Really poor followup when system fails...

Sytem is a 10 kilowatt with Growatt inverter... The inverter has wifi connection to an app that is supposed to send an alarm if the system stops working.... It stopped two months ago just short of 2 years in operation and we got no alarm or any signal through the app. It's not bad enough the the product is faulty, but when I rang the solar quote guys (who used to be the Solar guys), I had to leave a message and they didn't call back. Phone again the next day they informed me that they would only come out if I paid them $250 to do a 'health check' on the system to determine if a warranty claim was an option. unbelievable.

Really frustrated.

Inverter rating: 1/5
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They went into receivership after the supplier of their DC isolation switches went to receivership after QLD asked them to withdraw the switches from the market because they had evidence that they had overheated and melted. "Warranty" them passed to them.
The installers all wired it into the house incorrectly by hooking the feed into the wrong side of the safety switches (RCD's).
I had to get the switches replaced with ABB switches and then found the wiring issue. cost over $400 to get rectified.
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Solar guys installed my 5Kw system it was a joke they do not know the people installing the system but contracted my panels and got installed not where they were supposed to be as indicated by the salesman - paid over $33k with rebates , panels were installed but had to wait over week for inverter to come to feed the grid . Rang and wanted to speak to the managing director Mr Muldoon and complained but would not ake my calls and did not answer my emails and never heard from them since my installation over 4 years ago.
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