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The Solar Power Group is a Solar Power Installation company based in Melbourne and serves VIC. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

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We think the quality of the system is good but until we have had it for a while and see what our bills are like we cannot really judge.
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We found all the people we dealt with very helpful and pleasant. i do not know how to rate the value for money or quality of system as we did not compare this system to any other system.
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The sales person was very knowledgeable and informative, very happy to explain everything. Not at all pushy but keen to help.
Paul the director was fantastic to deal with, very patient and willing to help when needed.
The installation was done very fast and expertly.
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I purchased a 15kW system in the middle of 2013. During the installation two X 1m2 windows were broken by tools dropped by the electrician - a very serious near miss. Glass fell from the roof onto the walkways of the customer at the supermarket. The installation did not pass the first electrical safety inspection because there was wrong configuration of solar panels. I agreed to expand the package to 17kW capacity (68 X 250W) solar panels and to add 5kW inverter.
Since the expansion, 20 X250W solar panels and 5kW inverter (B) underperformed close to 30%. It has not been rectified for 2 years despite a number of requests.
Then, 10kW inverter stopped working due to "Riso disturbance". Requests of service were rejected by the developer. A ground fault was identified recently.
The developer also failed to apply for the preaproval of the whole solar system (20kW) to Powecor. I had to do that by myself.
Neither the developer nor the installer provided any technical documentation of the support/mounting system of solar panels. They did not provide any electrical drawing of the 17kW solar system, no technical drawing of the mounting system and list of materials used. They did not prepare the solar system for the commissioning.
A 10 year long warranty on the workmanship prior to signing the supply and install agreement of the solar system was not delivered. The developer stopped providing any technical service after about 6 months basically dumping my company as a customer with unfinished and underperforming project.
The commissioning of the project was never carried out.
The developer was neither capable nor willing to carry out the commissioning.
The Director of the Solar Power Group stated that " they have never done any commissioning of solar system". That was early in 2014.

Now, I'll have to take the case and demand to the small business commissioner and if necessary follow claims aiming for the formal resolution of the dispute. I have suffered substantial losses because of the productivity losses and wastage of produced electrical energy caused by lack of proper configuration of the Smart meter. Since the installation of the Smart meter any excess of electrical energy produced by the solar system and sent to the grid remains unaccounted for.

The above comments do not apply to the services and quality of the SMA manufacturer of the inverters. No faults of the solar panels were identified yet so there was no need to contact and seek support of the Munsterland company.

Licences of the installer and the developer, however, should be revoked after performance like that. Its a horror story for any small business dreaming about a decent solar system.
The developer collected long time ago full government rebate for that project that suposed to be completed and the project has not been completed in two years.

Read carefully and learn from my very bad experience.
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They broke a few tiles during installation and never told us but went ahead and siliconed it instead and now it's leaking. Had to get a roof person in and he found the siliconed tiles. Called Jade of The Silar Power Group and she won't call the installer and said that we should call them despite the company was the one that hired and sent the installer.
POOR and BAD customer service. I'm now worried about the warranty as well when such a simple thing as their installer breaking the tiles is left to us the owners to sort out ourselves.
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I agreed the price over the internet they gave me a call back to discuss installation they where very affiant and helpful. Excellent installation, very nice tradesman cleaned up before leaving all's good just waiting for the big switch on so I can start saving some money. That part of having solar installed takes the longest, a little frustrating I must admit.
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The Solar Power Group is the group I went with.They offer a ten year linear warranty on their products and workmanship and a 25 year efficiency warranty with very reasonable pricing. I chose the Sunnyboy 4.5 SMA inverter with 18 Munsterland Solar panels.They will also do the follow up with my electricity supplier so I can feed my excess electricity back into the grid. I can thoroughly recommend The Solar Power Group above many others. Green Valley Solar came in a close second followed by Solar Gain for pricing and products.
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Also gave more than .08c rebate for power sold into grid.
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I bought my Solar from Solar Power Group in September 2012 and my panels and inverter were installed in a couple of weeks every thing looked great until the 29th of November 2012.

My inverter which is 4kW was on the ground and I was shocked to death as I had recently spent $6300 for my solar power and was looking forward to my energy bills but this was a disaster which I never expected.

After the initial investigation I found out that the installation done by the electricians was faulty as my inverter is nearly 20kgs was fixed on hollow bricks with plastic plugins and 1 inch screws.

I consulted many installers and they all said Dyna Bolts should have been used.

The inverter fell of the wall as the screws had nothing to hold on to in the wall and after a hot summer afternoon on the 28th November when the temp. was above 40c the plastic plugins had softened and gave way due to the weight of the inverter.

I have been to consumer affairs and they have asked me to take the matter up with VCAT. I took The Solar Power Group to VCAT and won.

Just wanted to give a headsup to all you guys if you are planning to spend your hard earned money with this company please think twice!

Update: On 20 June 2013 VCAT ordered The Solar Power Group Pty Ltd to pay me $3459 in a Civil Claims Hearing.
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