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United Energy Solutions Reviews

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About United Energy Solutions, Solar Installers

United Energy Solutions is a Solar Power Installation company based in Broadview and serves SA. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

United Energy Solutions Solar Reviews

I have dealt with United Solar who contacted me (I thought) through your recommendation however they do not appear in your drop down list. I spoke to Suntrix, Mark Group and United, never heard from Adams. Show additional information
The main issue I had was due to the fact I have 3 phase power at my home. Unfortunately, I could not initially get a straight answer from forums, installer, electricity supplier on how the metering works when you have 3 phase power with a single phase inverter here in SA. I was very surprised no one actually knew for sure, considering many households would have this type of setup for running R/C air conditioners.
Fortunately, I have a work colleague who knows a person who actually does the smart meter installations who informed me that the meter will take into account all 3 phases (nett) and import/export accordingly, even though the inverter is connected to a single phase.

On my second call to SA Power Networks (formerly ETSA), they gave me the same information, due to the fact they went back to their technical department to check how they work, after my initial phone call (they told me on my initial call, that it will only ever look at one of the phases).

My second issue occurred during the installation, when one of the panel connectors was not properly plugged in and once my system turned on, I was only generating about about 50% of expected output. It didn't help that the panels and inverter were not installed at the same time, due to my concerns above. However, I would have thought that a proper test would be done once all components are installed and working correctly.

Overall, it's been a somewhat painful experience, but certainly have learned a lot about solar in the process. However, it's a "short term pain, for a long term gain"

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