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About Diehl, Solar Inverters

Diehl solar inverters review

Diehl Stiftung & Co. KG is a family-owned German company established in 1902 and based in Germany (Nürnberg).The Diehl Group incorporates five divisions: Diehl Metering, Diehl Aerosystems, Diehl Defence, Diehl Metall, and Diehl Controls, plus several joint ventures and 40 subsidiaries.

In the photovoltaic industry, since 2004, the company has been producing solar inverters and other solar-related products using the name Platinum. The company became an autonomous brand in 2013, but all inverters are still produced by Diehl Controls in Allgäu.

Diehl’s range of solar products consists of string inverters and single and three-phase inverters with an energy output from 2 to 22 kW. Diehl also supplies several other PV solutions suitable for outdoor applications and for any kind of residential and commercial project.

Diehl is a company able to serve its customers globally thanks to several commercial branches located in Germany, Poland, Mexico, North America and China. However, the company does not have any Australian office yet, so should you have any specific enquiry or request, you should contact their German headquarters first.

If you want to learn more about Diehl’s range of photovoltaic products, simply check out the products listed below to find the ones that best match your needs and requirements.

Diehl Solar Inverter Reviews

One of the best and most reliable on the market. It was far from the cheapest, I did full research on inverters and this one came out one of the best.
Bought From: Propa Solutions Pty ltd
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Diehl has 45 solar inverters in our database

Model DC Voltage AC Power Efficiency
11000 R3-MDX690 V-900 V10 kW98.40
13000TLD350-880 1236097.70
14000 R3-MDX900 V13,000 W98.40
16000 R3-MDX900 V15,000 W98.40
16000TLD350-880 15000 97.70
19000TLD350-880 18000 98.00
2100 H220 - 600200094.70
3000 H220 - 600290097.00
3800 TLD340-7103680 340.00
3801 TLD340-880 3330 97.70
4000 H220 - 600380096.60
4300 TLD340-880412097.70
4301S277-4704050 94.60
4600 H220 - 6004400 95.60
4800 TLD340-880 460097.70
5300 TLD340-880 500097.70
6300 TLD340-880 600098.00
7000 R3-MDX350-7206.000 W98.00
7200 TLD710V6900 98.00
9000 R3-MDX350-7208.000 W98.00
Platinum 13000TL350-71012360 97.30
Platinum 16000TL350-7101500097.40
Platinum 19000TL350-7101800097.00
Platinum 22000TL350-88020700 98.00
PLATINUM 3800TLD340-710368097.40
PLATINUM 3801TLD340-7103330 97.70
Platinum 4300TL340-710412097.70
PLATINUM 4300TLD340-710412097.00
Platinum 4800TL340-710460097.40
PLATINUM 4800TLD340-710 460097.70
Platinum 5300TL340-710460097.40
PLATINUM 5300TLD340-710 500097.70
Platinum 6300TL340-7106000 97.70
PLATINUM 6300TLD340-7106000 98.00
Platinum 7200TL340-7106900 98.00
PLATINUM 7200TLD340-710690098.00
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