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Inverter Growatt 10000UE from Growatt

The UE Growatt 10000UE is a four-input, three-phase, string inverter with an efficiency of almost 98% and it can manage a wide range of input voltages in the range between 180V and 1000V. This kind of inverters, here in Australia, are relatively new and proved to be a viable choice even for our variable climate conditions, thanks to their complete protection against damages caused by dust or water jets; moreover, this inverter can operate even in ambient temperature up to 60°C.

Growatt, by including several security systems, such as the ground fault monitoring system and the leakage current monitoring systems, aimed to market a product with high security standards, and this is also proved by the many international certifications granted to the product.

This device also features several communication ports (such as the RS232 and the RS485) and protocols, providing also the convenient option to store data on SD-Card so that users have the possibility to save their information on PC.

If you want to give this inverter a closer look here you can find its full technical description. If you want to get a general overview of Growatt’s solar products, however here, you can find our selection of their inverters; furthermore, if you tried the Growatt 10000UE in the past, feel free to share your experience with us.

Model Growatt 10000UE
DC Voltage 300-1000
AC Power 10000
Efficiency 98.00
Growatt Growatt 10000UE
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