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About Hoymiles, Solar Inverters

Hoymiles solar inverters review

China's Hoymiles was founded by Bo Yang and Yi Zhao, two power electronics majors at Zhejiang University, in 2012. The company been producing microinverters for quite a few years, but is a reasonably new player in the Australian microinverter market. 

The first Hoymiles microinverter products to be approved for use in Australia were the HME-1200-AU and HME-1500-AU. Unlike most other microinverters available in Australia, these and some other Hoymiles models can support up to four solar panels - but there are also models with just single or dual panel support.

Featuring reactive power control, Hoymiles microinverters meet AS/NZS 4777.2:2020 requirements. 

Part of the microinverter family of products is the Hoymiles gateway DTU-Pro-S, a gateway unit that collects information from the microinverters and transmits that to the S-Miles Cloud, which is utilised by the Hoymiles Monitoring Platform. This enables the end-user/installer to see module-level data and alerts, and carry out updates.

But also headed for Australia is the Hoymiles Wi-Fi integrated HMS-2000DW microinverter series, which connects directly to an internet router. At the time of writing, the HMS-2000DW was yet to be CEC-approved.

Since the first Hoymiles microinverter products were approved for use in Australia in July 2022, a bunch of others have been approved. So, there's already a pretty wide range available, or at least certified for use, in Australia.

Hoymiles microinverters are accompanied by a 12 year product warranty that can be extended to 25 years.

As well as microinverters and peripherals, Hoymiles also manufactures hybrid inverters; but it doesn't appear to have any approved for use in Australia as yet. 

Our communications with Hoymiles to date indicate the company is pretty keen to get its products in front of Australians and to build a good name here. If you're already using Hoymiles microinverters, let us know your thoughts on their performance so far by leaving a review.

Hoymiles Solar Inverter Reviews

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Model DC Voltage AC Power Efficiency
HME-1500-AU60 V1500 W96.50
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