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Oelmaier Industrieelektronik GmbH solar inverter reviews

Overall Rating From 9 Reviews:

Oelmaier Industrieelektronik GmbH solar inverter reviews

Average Customer Rating:
( 3.67 / 5 )

The Oelmaier Industrieelektronik GmbH & Co. KG is a German company founded in 1990 and it is active in a number of different industries such as aviation, automatic control engineering, soldering technology, medical research, automotive, printing and of course, solar energy. The company’s top-of-the-line products are the inverters in the PAC and PAC-S series with a power range between 2.2 and 7.5 KW, all of which are transformerless and equipped with the Maximum Power Point Tracking system, used to get as much power as possible from solar devices. However, customers, depending on their requirements, are also able to find more products in the PAC Tiny, PAC Triple, PAC Field Outdoor and PAC Tower series.

Whatever your needs are, if you are thinking about getting one of their products, the reviews here below might help you make up your mind.

So, if you want to find out more about Oelmaier’s range of products, make sure you read the reviews here below from customers who tried their solar inverters in the past, or take a look at the PV products listed here below to find the ones that best meet your needs and requirements.

Rating Comments Name State Postcode
It worked ok for two years then stopped, it was replaced under warranty, the replacement unit failed after 6 months it was again replaced with a SMA, it has worked without any problems.
Bought From: Harvey Norman Commercial Review Date: 17 July 2018
Michael NSW 2539
Stopped working after few years.
Bought From: Inverter Review Supplier Name Withheld Review Date: 11 March 2017
Nav WA 6167

Bought From: Harvey Norman Commercial Review Date: 13 June 2011
Geoff. NSW 2753
Tricky. I accidentally reset the time on the control panel so it was 8-10 hrs out and the solar stopped working for a few weeks until I reset the time to correct it and then it worked fine. Why is the solar controlled by the time you enter ? don't know.
Bought From: Harvey Norman Commercial Review Date: 19 May 2011
Benny NSW 2126

Bought From: Harvey Norman Commercial Review Date: 17 May 2011
Dennis NSW 2445
The translation from German to English is not perfect
Bought From: Planet Power Review Date: 27 October 2010
Jim QLD 4556

Bought From: Harvey Norman Commercial Review Date: 10 October 2010
Troy NSW 2530

Bought From: Harvey Norman Commercial Review Date: 16 September 2010
Dianne NSW 2539

Bought From: Eco Kinetics Review Date: 27 May 2010
Stephen NSW 2008

Oelmaier Industrieelektronik GmbH has 8 solar inverters in our database

Model DC Voltage AC Power Efficiency
PAC 2330-650200096.75
PAC 2 S200-600200096.75
PAC 3330-650300096.80
PAC 3 S200-600 3000 96.80
PAC 4330-650400096.85
PAC 4 S200-600400096.85
PAC 5330-650 500096.85
PAC 5 S200-600 500096.85
Oelmaier Industrieelektronik GmbH