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Shenzhen Meikai Electronics Stock solar inverter reviews

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Shenzhen Meikai Electronics Stock solar inverter reviews

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Shenzhen Meikai Electronics Stock Co. Ltd (also simply known as Meikai) is a Chinese manufacturer specialized in the production of hinges and magnetic components, inductors, switching power transformers, and power supply products, specifically communication gateways and solar inverters.

In this market, depending on their needs and specifications, customers will be able to choose among different configurations like the systems in the MKPV or in the MKSKY series, but, whatever your choice is, every Meikai’s product is CQC, CCC, GS, UL, CE, and VDE certified, meaning that they can be safely installed and used for their most appropriate applications.

The company is based in China and there are no local offices or marketing branches here in Australia.

If you want to learn more about Meikai’s solar products, have a look at the inverters listed on this page to find the ones that best match your requirements and needs. If you had the chance to try one of their solar inverters in the past, feel free to leave a comment to share your experience with us

Shenzhen Meikai Electronics Stock has 11 solar inverters in our database

Model DC Voltage AC Power Efficiency
MKPV-N220-72-AU-0230~60VDC 200W97.80
MKSKY4600TL200-500V4000 97.80
MKSKY5000TL200-500V4600 97.80