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Inverter SI5048 from SMA

The SMA’s Sunny Island 5048 is a bidirectional device (battery charger and inverter) specifically designed for stand-alone solar systems, and can operate on one or three phases being able to supply power up to 300KW in a multicluster system.
This product is developed to charge lead acid batteries, and to create a 230 V current in an independent system by using the energy stored in its batteries making it possible also to configure smaller solar arrays. Furthermore, it has a maximum efficiency of 96% resulting, for example, in reduced diesel consumption.

This SMA’s product, easily integrates with all other devices in the Sunny series and thanks to the presence of a SD-card slot, all data and events can be transferred and saved to a PC, which is a very convenient option to analyse, store and organize all data coming from the device.

If you want to give this SI5048 a closer look under the hood, you can have a look at its full datasheet on this page and, don’t forget that here, you can browse our selection of SMA’s solar inverters and read our users’ reviews. Moreover, if you gave the SI5048 a spin in the past, feel free to share your experience with us.

Model SI5048
DC Voltage 63
AC Power 5000
Efficiency 95.00
SMA SI5048
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