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Solar Panel Estimator 2.0! (beta)

I've created this tool as an easy to use, estimator for your roofspace.  It is not perfect, and the IT guys are still working out the bugs, but this gives a good indication of how many panels you can fit onto your roof.  You can even select from a pre-populated panel list!

With this tool, we try to answer alot of the common questions we get, including "How many panels can fit onto my roof" and "how much electricity will my solar panels generate per day".  This tool will not give you a definitive answer, but will provide an accurate guide to help you make decisions.  Also this tool comes salesman free!  No sales talk, no one trying to get you to spend money.  As the saying goes, the best things in life are free!

We would love to hear your comments, so please send us an email with your thoughts.

To open up the tool, please click here.