Solar Panel Estimator V3

To open up the tool, please click here.

I’ve created this tool as an easy to use, estimator for your roofspace.  It is not perfect, and the IT guys are still working out the bugs, but this gives a good indication of how many panels you can fit onto your roof.  

With solar panels being so cheap now – they’ve reduced in price by 95% over the last 10 years – it usually makes sense to simply fill your roof with solar where possible.

The two constraints most people hit are either:

  • How big an inverter you are allowed to install – by your local network ( called your DNSP ). Many people are limited to a 5kW inverter with 6.6kW of panels for a single phase house. Although some people can have 10kW, and 3 phase people can often go up to 30kW.
  • How many panels will actually fit on your roof.

This tool simply gives you a good estimate of how many panels will fit on your roof.

This video shows how to use it:

To open up the tool, please click here.


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