ACT Feed In Tariff Information

The current Feed In Rate:

The ACT’s government solar buyback incentive may have ended, but those nice people at Actew AGL say they will pay Canberra folks 7.0 – 12 cents per kWh for solar energy exported, assuming your system is less than 10 kilowatts for residential tariff customers.

The rate will you’ll be paid depends on what ActewAGL plan you’re on and the top rate is only paid on the first 8kWh exported daily, after that it drops back to 7c/kWh . ActewAGL have a couple of plans offering 10c and 8c with no export limit.

This is a voluntary scheme and is subject to change as Actew AGL see fit.

But ActewAGL is no longer the only game in town.

Comparing electricity retailers in ACT

After years of ActewAGL’s monopoly, there is now quite a choice of electricity retailers for Canberra households. At time of writing, you could get from 6-9c per kWh. You can see up to date offers by entering your postcode in our Feed-in-tariff comparison tool, then sort by clicking the ‘Feed in tariff’ column.

Previous FiT Rates:

Rooftop solar applied for before the 13th of July 2011 could lock in a feed-in tariff from 30 – 45 cents depending on the size of the system and the date of installation.  It can last for 20 years, so some households will still be receiving this in 2031.

Feed In Tariff Rules if you want to upgrade your solar system in ACT

If you are on a legacy ACT feed in tariff and you upgrade your system, you will be booted onto the current feed in rate. The only way around this is to install another complete system, and that system will only receive the current rate.

If you are on the current FiT, then you have nothing to lose by upgrading. Fill your roof with solar panels and slash your power bills even further!

If you are considering an upgrade, I’ve written a detailed page on how to avoid getting burned when upgrading your solar power system.

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