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About SolarWatt, Solar Batteries

SolarWatt solar batteries review

Germany's SolarWatt makes top quality solar panels and is another module manufacturer that has moved into the energy storage arena. 

SolarWatt was founded in 1993, so it's been at this solar game for more than a quarter of a century now and has built a pretty solid reputation. In addition to its headquarters in Dresden, SolarWatt has branches in Australia, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.

Its battery product is called MyReserve, a modular energy storage device that consists of the MyReserve Pack battery module and MyReserve Command containing all the power electronics - so this is a "kind-of-all-in-one" system. It's certainly a teeny-tiny battery system - around the size of two shoe boxes including the Command module, and one Command module can be used with up to 4 battery modules.

The MyReserve system can be expanded in 2.4kWh increments and SolarWatt says it is compatible with all common types of inverter compatible with MyReserve Command technical design parameters, without stating what those inverters are. 

Depending on the number of battery modules, MyReserve offers peak power of up to 4 kW (800W peak per MyReserve unit).

MyReserve is not off-grid capable, so if you're in a blackout you'll be in the same boat as your neighbours (assuming they don't have off-grid capable systems). It also has an IP31 rating, so you can't install this outside.

SolarWatt says the lifetime of the MyReserve system is around 15 years, and guarantees an output of at least 80% of the battery module’s capacity for 10 years. The product warranty is five years. It would be really good if manufacturers made their warranties last as long as they claim their products will and this product vs. performance warranty duration thing so popular with solar manufacturers has always been a bit of a bugbear with us.

Some tech details of the SolarWatt MyReserve energy storage solution can be found on our solar battery comparison table

Australian owners of MyReserve - leave your rating and review of the system to help other Australians learn more about how it performs in real-world conditions.

SolarWatt Solar Battery Reviews

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