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About Arise Solar, Solar Installers

Arise Solar

Estimated pricing for system: $2,850 - $7,594 depending on hardware choice and installation difficulty ( how is this calculated? )

Arise Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in and serves ACT. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Arise Solar Solar Reviews

So far, no good

Arise were very quick to answer calls/texts and send me emails in the early stages. When I signed up, they took a deposit and said the installation would occur in the first week of December but it hasn't happened. Now, when I call no one picks up and when I email or text I get no response. I'd be OK if they said they have a delay and it won't be installed until March, or whatever. I'm happy to change this review once the system is in. Show additional information

Arise Solar, High Quality Materials, Workmanship & Great Price!!!!

I was originally skeptical of the price for my system, 6.6kw of ZNShine 300w mono PERC double glass panels and Solax 5.2kw WiFi inverter. As my house previously had a 3kw system installed I also needed an export controller (which was supplied and installed for no extra cost). I read many reviews and thoroughly researched the components. What I found was that the ZNshine panels were rated highly in European PVEL testing (2019) and the company has an Australian office, (they obtained PV warranty insurance in June this year). Basically a reputable company with a high quality product. The panels have a 30 year performance warranty. Solax were rated in the top 10 in Australia for inverters for 2019 by Clean Energy Reviews and the inverter comes with a 10 year warranty. The installer was a local electrician who literally lives only a few kilometers away with full accreditation as found on the CEC website (yes, I checked that out too). Arise has communicated with me throughout the process and followed up on the day of install and after. All my queries and questions were answered promptly, I was probably a nuisance as I had lots of questions however I was treated respectfully and someone always followed up. I have been able to purchase the system with zero dollars up front and given the systems current performance since installation, I will be able to pay the system off in less than 2 years without paying much more than what I would have been paying to Ergon for my bill. Now that's what you call return on investment! There aren't many places you can put your money into today and have over 30% return on investment. Solar is a no brainer, with today's panel technolgy you can have panels in multiple directions. I now have panels facing north, east and west. On the first full day of operation I generated over 62kw of electricity. My experience with Arise has been a positve one. The value for money was unbeatable (I got quotes via this website and others online and Arise bettered all of them regardless of the equipment I requested). A lot of investigation went into this process, I wanted quality at the best possible price. Thanks Arise Solar. Show additional information

Very good price and smooth installation

very smooth process from start to finish. Also price was affordable as well. Show additional information
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Find a different solar company

Process was fine until install day where one array wasn’t working correctly. Arise technical support is useless they said it was all ok without looking at or sending someone to check faults. I held back final payment so I’m getting return calls but only for the money they aren’t interested in fixing the problem. I now need to get an electrician at my expense to fault find and repair this system. The equipment used is ok with the working array the second array has very low input voltage and is working at less then half power. All panels face north no shading issues Show additional information

The whole experience was very good.

Dealing with Arise Solar has been a very good experience..The sales staff were excellent as were the installers..Friendly but professional and very punctual..The whole process from initial contact to installation was a week !!! I have no problem recommending them to family and friends..I hope the systems works as advertised for many years and that is yet to be seen..But I'm certain Arise Solar will honor any warranties in the future.. Show additional information

Never trust ARISE SOLAR!

unprofessional staff. Contractor people on my roof and leave broken tiles. Solar arise made promises to pay the damages. Now they deny this never been said. Ignores our calls and emails. Show additional information

Poor customer service

Never had to deal with a business transaction so unprofessional.
The sales person rang me constantly all day to try and get a sale out me , once the sale was done couldn't get in contact with them.
I had to chase them down for an installment date for 2 weeks . No communication. Finally got an installment date. 3 weeks wait.
The date comes up o show. I ring them at 9am and they tell me they found the day before the installer wasn't coming. Again no communication.
It's been 2 months since I have signed up and I'm still waiting for the second installment date.
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Fast, reasonable price, terrible customer service and complaints system.

Competitive price, very fast install.
Very rude customer service, did nothing but argue on the phone with me, and when I asked to speak to another manager or the owner there was no other manager and the owner was over seas. System was not installed to Wiring Rules, Australian Standards.

The installer was rude arrived at my property for a second time to patch up conduit falling off wiring exposing it to the elements without even knocking on my front door put a ladder up patched it up and left without even saying goodbye.

I have now made a complaint to the CEC (Clean Energy Commission) in relation to the incorrect install.
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Great hardware disgraceful customer service

Be aware of this company to make this a fair review they do sell quality hardware in terms of solar panels and inverter but the salesman will constantly call you until the sale is done once the sale is done they are nowhere to be seen and do not respond to your phone calls emails although arise did follow protocol they do not honour their promises if you don't care for customer service and I want to say what to save money with quality hardware this is the company to use if customer service is a priority for you please do not use this company at all costs they will lie and cheat to you. Show additional information

Abosultely appaling

We are totally appalled in the operation and service Arise solar have provided.
The Installers had the connection polarity reversed and was lucky not to have burnt the residence down.
The amount of times the installation was to take place (4times) before it actually happened.
I had to take 4 days off work for it to be eventually installed.
Then the control box was defective and I had to run around to collect the new box and have this delivered to the installer for the 5th time.
Overall I would not recommend this company to anyone wishing to have Solar installed.

The customer support is shocking and no one was interested in sorting the issues after wishing to speak with a manager no one would return my call or correspond with me.

My feedback for this will be placed on social media and if it manages to save one person from using this company whom are only there for themselves and not concerned about customers.
When we were 1st contacted by arise solar to have it installed you were all over me like a rash.
As soon as I paid the $200 deposit and signed up Arise solar didn’t seem to care anymore and to correspond with you was impossible
The Solar Panels are of inferior quality and really concerned on after sales service.
After inspection of the panels fitted to roof they are all different colours and cheaply made with scratches and scrape marks on them.
The transport of the panels was in a trailer and they were not even securely placed in trailer.
Hence the scratches on panels.
I will be needing these panels replaced as I bought a new solar system setup not a second hand system.
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Shocking customer service

Don't rely on them keeping their word with any warranty claims. They simply stop replying. Show additional information

Dodgy Company

They are dodgy in terms of installation and products . Earlier they were running Euro Solar which got bankrupt and had several Accc complaints as well . They are spreading wrong information Show additional information

Avoid Arise Solar

I deeply regret choosing arise solar to install my solar panels. During the quote/payment stages communication was immediate until money was obtained. Installation then occurred 6 months later. During installation the installer stated he broke one tile and sealed it with silicone. I have since then had a roof leak with ceiling damage. Two independent roof tilers and plumbers have inspected my roof and have found 4 other broken tiles under the solar panels which appear to be sealed with silicone. These installers seemed to not take any pride in their work and lack a conscience knowing that they have left my home in this state. Now the drama begins to try and get into contact with them so that my roof can be fixed. Take your business elsewhere. The majority of my experience was incompetent customer service and installation. Show additional information
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Arise Solar personnel are attentive to their customer's complaints Show additional information
Product was half the price compared to previous quite for a lesser system. Process took around one month from decision to proceed to installation.
Customer service was good with regular contact throughout the process and quick responses to my email queries.
Installation was via a CEC approved installer however this aspect was subcontracted so not ideal but result was good.
There were some delays with the order so I think it's a case of ordering from Arise before they order the actual items.
Interest free finance available through Humm.
Overall I am very happy with the system i have received for less than $5000. I have 21 panels and whilst the placement of panels is not ideal due to my roof (middle of 3 townhouses) having a number of aerials and skylights I have been producing around 20kwh per day in the sunny days we have had over the last 2 week's or so since I got the system installed.
Would recommend if you know what you want with your system and are confident in following up as the price is substantially different and you can pretty much order whatever panels and inverter you wish.
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as we are old didnt want to send yoo much Show additional information
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Stay away from these incompentent guys

When signing up with them, they had my deposit within the first five minutes, after that it has been a nightmare, a month out and i still don't have my system installed. Every time a phone they give me a lame excuse and no further than the last to getting it installed. I am at the point now of demanding my deposit back and go to somewhere else. Would not recommend them at all, go where they know what customer service means. Show additional information

Arise Solar Dont use them

Stay Clear they use sub contractors, they canceled the first appointment turned up 2 weeks ago did not complete the job, could not say when they would return, arrived back last Monday to finish the job could not finish said they had faulty inverter. Been ringing Arise have to wait until subcontractor contacts them. Cannot speak to arise manager as they are not available. Sub contractor Nixons will not answer phone or return calls.
Don't deal with them they want money up front and don't deliver
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They used local electrician to install and in my opinion they were experienced and good to work with. Arriving at the designated day and time. Job completed in one day. Quality work conduits plumb and attached well. All units fitted with competence. Friendly team. Show additional information
Salesman Ricky, Technical support Kacy, installer Mark and crew and Dan the electrician and all the other i had contact with where and are fantastic Show additional information
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Very good customer service, great installation, very competitive price vs quality Show additional information
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Great service on the phone to start called me 2 days later to organise install for that week which started to make me suspicious. Was told the installer would arrive between 8 and 10am and did not receive a call until 11 30am to say they were cancelling. Same thing happened 2 days later. Started doing more research and found they are poor quality sytems which would explain the price. After all the stuffing around I demanded a refund to their credit they did refund me but would not recommend this company at all Show additional information
Arise Solor are very knowledgeable and helpful with information about their product.
Thank you to Yash for all his help, he was easy to talk to, contactable when needed and knowledgeable with the whole system.
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Arise Solar quoted a very good price for a 6.6 Kw Solar power system with 24 panels. Ordered the solar power system on the 31 Jan 2019 for a new small house. Installation was scheduled for 15 Feb 2019, and after waiting another week for the Electric supplier to switch on the power feed, it is now running very good creating around 5.5 kw a day. The installer also asked for $150 to be paid after the installation in cash. I asked what for, and was told "To keep the switch board up to scratch". But the house and the switch board is brand new? Anyway, had to go to the ATM and get the $150 in cash or the installer would not leave. I asked for a Tax Invoice on the $150 and he said "OK", but never received it.

The quote I got was for 24 panels, but I was afraid the house roof would be too small for 24 panels. I asked for a price on just 18 panels, which was around $400 cheaper, but Roger from Arise Solar told me that I would get the money back on the remaining panels if the 24 panels would not fit. So I went with the quote on 24 panels. Unfortunately, as expected, there was only room for 18 panels on the roof. The installer also told me I would get the money back for the remaining 6 panels, so I was not worried. However, nothing happened from Arise Solar, and I had to contact them about the remaining 6 panels. After many phone calls to Arise Solar I ended getting just $150 back. I was expecting a bit more, as 1 panel is more than just $25 (I think) and the quote on 18 panels was $400 cheaper than what I had paid, but Arise Solar justified this on 4 panels are free, so therefore only getting the money for 2 panels. So I should have asked for 18 panels instead of 24. Anyway, the solar system is nicely done so nothing wrong with the installation and the power generated is higher than expected. It would have be 5 stars, but the whole issue with $150 to be paid in cash at the time of installation and only getting $150 back for 6 panels leave this review on 3 stars.
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Great action on installing the system and happy with the workmanship, but then my system is at a standstill, not Grid connected so I've had 5 months of a Solar System installed without being connected to the grid at all, so much lost power. Arise won't answer any emails or messages now, so they're a dead end. Beware of this area and I would recommend not paying them in full until everything is completed and your system is grid connected.

Frustrating as anything and completely unprofessional to say the least when they get full payment and then wipe their hands of any further duties.

Arise Solar has been terrible to say the least in not completing the job once I have paid for it in full = They will not respond or answer any emails from myself or any emails that PowerShop has been sending them questioning any action they can do to complete the job.
For this reason, I go from initially recommending them to saying that I would not recommend Arise Solar at all - Buyer beware.
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The installation was quick and the boys were polite and friendly and answered any questions we had.
After a bit of a mix up on how we were paying the account, Tim Brown and Abhi were very helpful, kind and understanding and the problem was resolved quickly.
Thank you guys for turning things around and making a stressful situation into a positive experience. Very happy all round.
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Paid in full for the solar system and on day of installation the installer refused to install. It has been over a month and I still have not received a refund of the money I paid. They state refund within 14 days but they refunded the deposit only after 21days and still can’t get the other $3400 back. Show additional information
Solar Quotes should have basic background check. A multiple phoenixed company like Solar Storage should not be recommended. Show additional information
They are very lazy at calling you back. Show additional information
Arise Sokar (Jeff). Have made buying my solar panel such an easy task. They were happy to explain the whole set up and were easy to contact when ever I needed any questions answered. We are very happy with our system. Show additional information
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No one supplied me with a quote after I sent them through the details they requested. Show additional information
They undertook to get the system installed before the xmas break and they demonstrated it working to me at 4.30 on break up day. They also held to their quote despite the last minute rush to complete the job. I'm now waiting for origin to get their act together and sign the system onto their books. Show additional information
Very competitive quote it was really nice dealing with Mr Jeff Matthews- fantastic sales person. The installation team too were very good and explained anything asked very well.
I would not hesitate to refer them to anyone interested in installing solar system.
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If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is.
After I had the signed the contract which was provided at lightning speed, after doing more research I decided to cancel. I was told negative reviews or feedback was posted by rivals Solar companies. I was suspicious that everything could be locked in, price, how many panels etc without even coming to inspect my house first. There is a ten day cooling off period, however I had cancelled within 24 hours. The policy states you are entitled to deposit refund if cancelled within the cooling off period, less any expenses. The salesman "Jigar" assured me I would receive my full refund, still waiting weeks later. Glad I cancelled.
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Gut feeling told me to cancel within 10 day period , so glad I did, pushed into signing quote, poor customer service, didn’t believe a company with a pop up office could fulfil any warranties they offered. Nothing but the run around chasing up deposit and cancellation forms for the finance provided. Avoid at all costs. Show additional information
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Not yet operational, meter change over scheduled for 2nd Nov
Fronius inverter and smart meter with Jinko 275W panels
So far service has been good, coming at arranged times, work is neat and tidy but I am not an electrician.
Call me 04 1234 9116 for further info
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Gary was the most professional, polite, straight up sales person and it was refreshing to get the answers to my questions without all the B.S. that most companies dish out and I'm very impressed with the quality, price and after sales warranties and service provided. Arise Solar (Gary) was able give me a great price and I only waited 3 weeks for the job to be done.The instillation team from Macksville were amazing, 4hrs and job done, very professional, knew the product and great blokes.If your here reading this then rest assured Arise sell a top quality system and I'm a very happy customer, thanks. Show additional information
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Poor communication with sales people.
Installer doesn't respond to phone calls
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I was very happy with Jeff from Adapt Energy (one of your quotes). He was very helpful, good products and around the same price as Arise Solar were slightly cheaper and happy to give me a price on the products I selected. The sales person from Replenishable Energy (your second contact) came to my house, said it would be a week or so before he could supply a quote as his boss, Rollo was in China. However, he never supplied a quote. In his discussions he seemed to be more expensive than most of the competition, so I was not worried and didn't follow up.
After quite a bit of research, I worked out what products I wanted to install. I went with Arise Solar, not only were they the cheapest they were willing to quote on what I wanted.
They used a reputable local installer, who did a very good job. I have pressed metal tiled roof and they were aware of how to do the job.
My observation is that most people want to sell what they have sourced cheap.
I really loved your site for the information, which was very helpful.
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