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Hi There! Would you like to contact us here at SolarQuotes? Because, we'd love to hear from you.

But first, it would only be polite to introduce ourselves. Since SQ started with me, Finn, alone with my laptop in the local library (hey don't knock free Wi-Fi!) we've slowly grown to become a small team. Here's a rundown of who'll handle your enquiry. It's always nice to put a face to a name don't you think?

(Seriously, don't you just hate it when you get an email response from an anonymous person called "Customer Service" or "Management"?)

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Rob: Assistant to Finn Rob is usually the first port of call for all enquiries, fielding any questions you may have like "Where the flipping heck are my quotes?!?" and "Is this solar panel any good?".

As well as responding to enquiries from folks like you looking for solar quotes (and advice), he also looks after our 200 or so solar installer clients. Any really sticky questions get passed on to me and so may take a few days to answer. Because I'm a bit slow. Unlike Rob who is a customer service machine!

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John: Chief Information Officer (aka Chief Geek) John is the technical wizard that has built and maintains the IT systems that run SolarQuotes. He keeps our servers spinning and secure. He also looks after the software that matches people looking for quotes with the best 3 solar installers that are in our network. If you have a technical issue with the website, John won't sleep until it's fixed! John has a 10kW Sunpower/Fronius solar system, which provides just enough power to run his ultra powerful gaming PC!

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Chantel: Keeper of books. Wife of Finn. Chantel makes sure we have enough money coming in to keep the servers spinning, pay everyone's wages, and most importantly keep me stocked up on caffeine. If you want to talk about money, you'll get put through to Chantel. Please be nice to her, because happy wife = happy life!

Finn Peacock Photo

Finn. I respond to your sticky technical questions, like "Is this inverter any good?", "Can I use a single phase inverter on my 3 phase supply?", and "Is Tony Abbott really an android taking orders from a bond villain?"

I spend my days, writing about solar and energy efficiency, worrying about the Google algorithm, asking Chantel how much money I can spend on coffee this month, vetting solar installers who want to join our network, riding my bike and convincing my kids that I'm not a cartoon character.

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