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Finn's SolarEdge EV Chargers Review & Verdict

Finn Peacock has been a Chartered Electrical Engineer since 1998, and is ex-CSIRO

SolarEdge is a big company in the solar world. If you've got a SolarEdge inverter, get a SolarEdge EV Charger. It's a no-brainer. They can talk to each other out of the box and that will make your life easier. 

SolarEdge EV Chargers: Pros & Cons

  • Part of a quality ecosystem
  • Good integration including dynamic solar harvesting
  • Not seamless with all EVs. For example, currently there are issues with Tesla Model Y, awaiting a firmware update

About SolarEdge

SolarEdge is a large solar inverter manufacturing company with headquarters in Israel. In addition to inverters and home batteries they also sell Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers. If you have an EV or plan to get one, this device will let you charge it far faster than a normal power point.

The SolarEdge Home EV Charger is smart. This means it can be set to charge a car with only surplus solar energy that otherwise would have been sent into the grid for a feed-in tariff. But to take advantage of this feature it will need to be paired with a SolarEdge inverter.

I'll quickly outline the features of the SolarEdge Home EV Charger below.

Single Phase

It's a single-phase charger. If you have 3-phase power this may be a drawback, but most homes have single-phase power so this will be all they need. It supplies up to 7.4 kilowatts (kW) of charging power.

Charging Times

At its full 7.4kW output, with typical losses, it can fully charge a flat 50kWh battery in around 7.5 hours. The average car is driven less than 40km a day, so a daily average of under one hour of charging is that's required to keep the typical EV topped up.


When combined with a SolarEdge inverter and energy meter, the EV charger can use only surplus solar to charge your car. This allows for low-cost charging with clean energy. The effective cost per kWh will be equal to your solar feed-in tariff.

Installation Location

Like almost all EV chargers, SolarEdge's can be installed indoors or outdoors. It's made to be wall mounted but can also be placed on a pole.

Cable Length

Unlike some EV chargers, it comes with a charging cable. At 7.6m it's longer than most. This extra length is convenient if the vehicle you want to charge is behind the one parked in front of the charger.

Warranty Length

Its warranty is only three years. While not long, it's still better than 2 years some EV chargers have. But what gets my goat is SolarEdge sells an identical looking EV charger in the US with a 5-year warranty. This makes me feel as though we've had our trousers changed by Peter Dinklage -- short-changed Down Under.


Like most smart EV chargers it's not cheap. At the time of writing, the SolarEdge one is likely to set you back around $2,000 or potentially more including installation. Looking on the bright side, if you can afford a new electric car there's a good chance you can also afford a high-end charger.

If you want to check out the SolarEdge Home EV Charger's tech specs and compare it to others on the market, that's what the SolarQuotes EV Charger Comparison Table is for.

While the warranty isn't long given its price, SolarEdge generally makes reliable products, so I would expect -- or at least hope -- that it will last well beyond the end of its warranty. If you have a SolarEdge inverter and energy meter or intend to get them, then a SolarEdge EV charger is definitely worth considering, so long as it's within your budget.

Because SolarEdge makes inverters and batteries we're happy to recommend, we're currently happy to recommend their EV charger, despite not yet having information on how they perform long term.

If you've purchased a SolarEdge EV charger and would like to leave a review, we'll be glad to have the extra information.

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Able to just use solar energy to charge the EV! Great!

Would have liked it to be able to charge at the full 7kW but unfortunately maxes out at 5kW...

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EV charger communicates with inverter and can be set to only charge the car when there is excess solar that would otherwise be exported to the grid.

Easy to use.

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The charger is a component of an integrated SolarEdge system - inverter, battery and charger.
Works well with the SolarEdge app that I have for my solar system of the same brand.

Can be set to use excess solar only or to charge from the grid.
Provided clear advice, quick quote. Were responsive to follow up queries. Installed the charger when arranged. Great customer service. Charger easy to use via app.
Charger works well and is rated for outdoor use. I lIke that it has a long charging cable, able to reach a car parked in the driveway.
No issues thus far and working well
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