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Clear Solar
Clear Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Melbourne and serves VIC. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Clear Solar Solar Reviews

When they came and fitted finally they left my roof totally destroyed with dents .They left my powerboard in a potentially dangerous condition with half the wiring loose at connections and the rear circuit disconnected.
When I contacted the salesman he said nothing could be done that night but he would arrange to have my roof replaced.
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It appears most 1.5kw systems are priced about $3000. These are systems using chinese made gear. German gear systems can cost double or more. I am taking my chances, thinking they can not be that much better and the chinese do come with similar warranty. I have gone with a more known company that is widely represented with lots of installs. Also had a friend endorse them. Show additional information
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Beware of Aerosharp inverters. Clear Solar sparky said they burn transisters. We chose a Xantrax from Canada. My neighbour got the same system exactly. He is pretty fussy but delighted with the installation and performance. Also Clear Solar will instal within 4 weeks and the installers are seperate contractors instead of employees of the solar company. They had done over 2000 installations and it showed. Couldn't be happier. Show additional information
It was 8 am on a Wednesday and 2 Vans with 4 electricians arrived to install my system. Every other company that I followed through with a more indepth quote told me that I could not get 22 panels on my north roof and would have to install on my west roof, which i did not really want. When the Clear solar electicians did the job not only did they get all 22 panels on my north roof but they could have fitted 23. I am an old school tradesman myself and I expect great personal service and a perfect job EVERY time if I am going to pay for it, (yes I am bloody fussy). The 4 electricians were all finished by 2.45pm the same day and if I was running my own solar business I would definetly try to poach those 4 extremely impressive electricians and Sam the salesman as service like that team gives is almost impossible to find these days. I would definetly recommend them and i am also going to organise them to put a system on my sisters house here in Traralgon as well. Show additional information
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Clear Solar were good to deal with. Informative and negotiable. Show additional information
fFund different suppliers provided contradictory information. While system is installed, we are still waiting for connection. most suppliers had little interest in local conditions - they were selling a system with no interest in discussing what might be best - or even issues such as best location for inverter. One supplier argued need for more than one inverter if going fo rsystem bigger than 1.5kW - presumably reflecting what they had in stock. found it very dificult to obtain information that would allow an assessment of quality - so in the end went for cheapest - assuming that at least fo rthe panels they are pretty much a commodity item. Main concern is quality of inverter but could find no information to allow me to differentiate. not yet in a position to evaluate the quality of the system Show additional information
Clear Solar have recently installed several systems in this area with good reports, but some people can't even get a reply from them or talk to them on the phone. They use a local Installer.
I hope the product is good.
Other firms were too slow to reply, including near locals.
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The Quote I received from this company was by far the best deal for a 1.8kw system. The last 2 questions are un-answered due to the system not being installed until we get back from our holiday. Show additional information
System not installed yet, we have paid for it and waiting for house to be completed. Show additional information
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Arrangements through written agreement that would pass the Govt. subsidy direct to the Company we contracted with, was dependant on their management of their installer-sub-contracters, such that the 'Installers report' was to be processed by the Company with minimal input from ourselves. This process appears to be poorly handled when conducted interstate. The installation was in SA, and the Company was based in Victoria. Our agreed refund from Clear Solar is now pending for 18 weeks since completion of the installation. Show additional information
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Initially the company was good in getting back to us and answering questions.
Once we paid the deposit we have had no further contact unless we contact them. No copy of contract or receipt for deposit till asked for.
No updates when to expect insatallsation or documentation to set out these details or give guidance to when full monies to be paid have been received with deposit or process of having the system installed. It would be nice to have some "concrete writing", e.g, you will be contacted by June/June re insalation.........
Customer service person who we dealt with has at times left messages for us to contact her proir to agreeing to the quote and when ringing bachk she would question why we had rang her. At times she gave inconsistent answers to the same enquiries of when final payment were due.
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The 3 companies supplied by yourself were found to be slow reacting to my qeury and in one instance quite rude and not helpful. Show additional information
agreements seem not to match as Peter does not know what Paul is doing- an installer phone number is given by the rep! and the phone number has nothing to do with installer. agreed time to install after deposit has payment is asked for before installation.Not as agreed in first instance of acceptance of offer. I for one and others will not make final payment till system is in and checked by ergon to be operational .This i hope all buyers demand . I believe solar is the way and need for all AUSTRALIAN HOME OWNERS TO GO. companies that are selling solar have to keep their word and have licences installers install your systems .If un sure contact -SOLAR QUOTES FOR GOOD HONEST ADVICE. Show additional information
Nice Staff although I think that it was a new franchise(?) and the salespersons product knowledge still needed some refining. I say this because I asked questions about the data sheets provided (specifically about the technical ratings etc) which he did not know how to answer. Show additional information
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The two you suggested (STS Wootton & Mackies Taree) performed poorly in the sales process (slow, missing information). Ditto for Godwins in Forster. Energy Matters performed well in the sales process. The contract went to Clear Solar because of good communication, and a good quote, and very professional approach. Show additional information
meter goes backwards on warm days we dont know a lot about solar but this in itself is great and probably the biggest selling point Show additional information
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In hindsight, I wish I had not purchased the system. The service, lies and ongoing problems are a nightmare. This industry consists of cowboys out to make a quick dollar at the expense of trusting consumers who have been hood winked by our federal government and the greenies. The power companies are pathetic offering no support or help. Show additional information
I originaly was going to purchase 1kw system from Clear Solar but missed out on the gov't rebate when they bought the cut off date forward. Clear Solar than offered me the x9 170 monocrystalline panels + the bigger 2kw CMS 2000 inverter + installation for $3015 with REC being assigned to them. This offer replaced the original without the cash back offer. This meant that I got my installation done sooner They organised all the paperwork and I had the system installed, inspected and connected to the grid within weeks of the paperwork being signed. The only thing I was not aware of was that I needed to completed a seperate form from my electricity supplier (Origin) in order to get the Victorian premium feed-in tariff of 60c per kw hr for power fed back into the grid. I have now done this and my last three monthly electricity bill was down by 50% ....a great savings!!!! Show additional information
Relevant information not made clear by any companies that I dealt with.
1-Tarriffs changed significantly for people putting solar panels on their roof.
(prior to installation I was being charged 16c per KW. I based my savings and return of capitol on this tarriff. After Installation I find that I will be charged nearly double this figure.)
2-Delays in installing.
3-Responsibility for installing "SMART" Metre up to power provider, not thge installer.

My view now is that I am being penalised for believing the Govt. propaganda.
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The fact that it took a lot of mucking around put me off recommending them to anyone else Show additional information
Do not use Clear Solar. It has taken 10 months to install and I've had to constantly chase them up. If you use Clear Solar you will not be satisfied with their customer service Show additional information
We have only just had the system installed and are yet to feel any difference. The price of the solar panel installations appear to have plummeted so we are wondering if we had them installed too quickly Show additional information
Installed by Mildura Solar.... Could not ask for a more professional job Show additional information
The price was good , the panels seem to be equal to the other companies panels as was the inverter. Thaks for all of you'r info, regards , John . Show additional information
No Show additional information
Clear Solar were offering an amazing deal that we just couldn't knock back. I originally ordered a 2.75KW system for ~$12,000 which came to just $4000 after $7000 (RECs) and $1000 ('Strong Aussie Dollar Discount') was taken off the price. We were also able to pay in installments of ~$1300 over three months. The contract said that once the last installment was paid that our system would be installed within 6 weeks. We paid our last installment in Oct 10 but the system wasn't installed until March 10 (~5months later). Clear Solar gave us every excuse under the sun (pardon the pun) for not installing it sooner including not recieving our last payment. It wasn't until my husband threatened to take our money back that the system was installed. The subcontractor who installed it was excellent (I will get back to you with his name). He didn't have the panels we ordered in stock but offered to install different panels and increase the number from 9 to 12 giving us a 3KW system for just $1700 more. We ended up paying $5700 for a 3kw system. We've only just had the in-out meter installed by ETSA so I won't know until July what impact the system will have on our electricity bill until then but I am optimistic that it will be substantial. Show additional information
Just took a long time to get approval as paperwork overlooked first time Show additional information
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The suppliers that were recommended did not supply quotes for some tome Show additional information
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