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Coastwide Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Burleigh Heads and serves QLD. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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Installation of solar panels for my house at PIMPAMA.

I went down to Coastwide Solar's factory at their Burleigh Heads shop and was shown their array of solar panels. The solar power system was explained to me in great detail and they gave me quotes for their systems. They sent me additional information by email. I phoned them back and agreed on a solar system (of 18 panels) for my house.

The installers turned up at the agreed time and everything proceeded smoothly from there. It took only about 4 hours and there were no hassles. The system has been tested and is charging. They helped organise the grid connection for me.

The customer service was excellent throughout.
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Very happy

Anthony went out of his way to make sure I was happy.
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Original Review on 08-05-2018:

Original ratings

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 4/5

8 months later we asked Peter: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

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We emailed every single eligible installer for the QLD governments solar and loan scheme only 8 replied. The battery and solar loan and grant scheme was later opened and the shortlist even shorter...Coastwide Solar were the only company that actually listened to what we wanted and replied with a quote for exactly what we wanted. They also went a step further and after a few long conversations on the phone with Charmaine to get an understanding of what we wanted/needed and why and explaining how everything worked she also gave us a second quote for a system that she came up with that not only gave us better output but was also more affordable and still with quality panels, inveterate and battery. We originally we after a fronius 10kw system 48 panels and Tesla battery but ended up going with the suggested system and breaking it into two installations so that we could get half installed immediately 6.6kw system with sungrow hybrid inverter, 24 x astronergy (chint) panels and a 9.8kwh LG chem resu battery and plan to install the other half next year with another 24 x panels and a second sungrow inverter (to act as a slave to the first which is a hybrid inverter) to up the system to 13.2kw system. I dealt mainly with Charmaine up until the installation and she was fantastic, she took the time to listen to out needs, listened to what we were after and gave us the quotes as requested (many other companies didn't bother to reply or gave quotes with things different, missing or were unable to provide what we were after)
On the day of installation they arrived promptly on time at 7am despite quite a distance from them as we're up in Caboolture, they were very pleasant and respectful of our home. They stayed well beyond the reasonable finish time of 5pm past 7pm trying to get everything just right for us but still had to come back two days later. It wasn't an inconvenience at all and we appreciated the time and care taken to ensure the job was done correctly and to allow for the further additions to the system next year.
The install looks professional, is neat and tidy and we're very happy with how it looks and how well it has been running so far even with very cloudy days and only half of what we have planned it's been fantastic!
The installers were friendly and pleasant despite the disgusting heat and a very long day for them. Peter took the time to explain everything afterwards and made sure we knew that we could email or call with any questions or issues. I ended up messaging them afterwards and they were very prompt to get back to me and help out with questions.
I would highly recommend this company to anyone thinking about getting solar with or without a battery.
Charmaine, Peter, Scott and the other two installers were fantastic to deal with and look forward to next year and getting the other half.
I should also mention when contacting them we let them know that we planned on applying for the QLD solar and battery loan and grant scheme and they were nothing but helpful with helping us to navigate this part of the install also so that as soon as it opened for applications we had a quote ready to go so we were able to apply the day it opened up for applications.
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Original Review on 27-03-2018:

I think that your web site is fantastic and really enjoyed you knowledge about solar. Would tell all my friends to read your web site before buying solar.Thank you so much for all your help. Regards Bevan Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: N/A
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: N/A
Customer Service: 5/5

8 months later we asked Bevan: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes even better than they told me
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Ordered a 6.6kw system with 24 Trina Peak Panels and 5kw Fronius Inverter plus Solarwatt 4.4kw Battery. Panels and inverter work brilliantly, but the Battery does not work !
Apparently the smart panels are not communicating with the smart Battery. After 2 months the installer is not keeping in touch with me about whether a solution is likely or whether I should just get a refund on the battery.
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I required a previously installed system to be modified and an additional 12.6kW panels added. I received 4 quotes of similar equipment and the best price was provided by Coastwide solar. Installation was prompt and to a good standard by Zac and Damo. The after sales service so far is excellent and I am happy will the overall experience.
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Coastwide Solar were the only company who talked about the issue shading would have with any system I had installed. I took on board their advice and agreed to have the Trina Peak 270w panels installed. The installation took half a day and because I already had a SMA 5kw inverter I was up and running at the end of the installation. I had my roof painted and the painter painted around my old solar panels, I asked if the new panels would cover the part of the roof that was not painted and was assured it would be covered. When the installers put the new panels on they sat higher than my old panels and there were gaps between them which let the light shine through. I said I wanted to paint the part of the roof as you could see it was not painted from the ground, while they were not happy, the installers agreed and carried on installing the other panels. The shorter of the two installers had a bit of attitude and was clear unhappy with me, the taller one appeared more understanding. Apart from this all appeared to be okay with the installation. I had been keeping a check on their progress and all appeared well with the roof, only after they had gone I discovered they had replaced a tile on the roof with an unpainted one but hadn't said anything to me. I did have some painted tiles they could have used but they hadn't informed me of the need to replace the tile. So I had to go up on the roof again and try to cover the tile. A day or so after the installation I received a call from "a Government Department" to confirm Coastwide Solar had fitted a new system. I was advised that Coastwide Solar were claiming my 106 STC's for the price of $4,240. I was unhappy with this as Coastwide Solar gave me 50% less in the value of my STC's $2120. When I rang them to question the difference Coaswide Solar attempted to tell me the value of STC's varied on a daily basis and I had been paid the amount they had been worth when I agreed to have the solar panels installed. It is my understanding the value of STC's does not vary in this way. While Coastwide Solar didn't do a bad job, the solar panels they use are considered good quality, there was no hard sell and they appeared honest. Unfortunately they chose to loose any further recommendations from me through their questionable integrity having only given me 50% of the value of my STC's .... be warned!!
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I have been waiting for the NBN to roll out to Labrador on the Gold Coast so I can operate the WiFi or internet and monitor the usage of my Sungrow 5kw inverter and 10kw LG battery.
I am very disappointed because I thought setting up monitoring would be part of the service.
The inverter is in the garage of the main house that I rent and the people their pay for the power due to previous experience of tenants using a/c and running up huge accounts that I was liable for. I have had little assistance getting it connected to my granny flat by Telstra or Optus who won't do connections to granny flats unless there is a separate physical address.
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A terrific honest company of really good patient people. These days I seldom recommend anyone but they deserve 5 stars and more.
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The other suppliers that sent through quotes were pretty good, just that I was able to get Sunpower panels (327w) and Fronius inverter for a similar price ($6600 for a 6.54kw system was crazy cheap).

I know the Sunpower's are good panels and they are probably a little bit more than what I would ever need, but for the same price as REC, JA, Opal etc that others were quoting against it was an easy win. Also went and spoke with the guy that owns the company and he was really good to deal with.

Sadly their prices have gone up since the price of STC's dropped, now I can't get the same system for less than $8800.

Your website is brilliant by the way, your 101 pages and blogs taught me more about solar power than i thought I'd ever want to know. Really informative!
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This company is the benchmark for others to follow...Totally professional in every aspect
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Original Review on 17-06-2016:

I would recommend that any prospective purchaser negotiate their best price (after getting a few quotes via solarquotes and elsewhere) with the retail / installing companies. Research and see what the current STC aggregate price is (do a web search as there are quite a few companies who will buy them back from you privately) and compare it with what your best retailer is offering. Then if there is a significant difference (and there probably will be), offer to pay the full retail supply and install price without assigning the STC's to the retail/ installer. You can then get a better sale price on your STC's, reducing the overall price for the system. You may find that the retailer will adjust their final price to you. Original ratings

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

8 months later we asked Gordon: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

On clear hot days the inverter sensed excessive grid voltage due to the large number of PV's in our neighbourhood.
I told my installer this and for some reason they said contact electricity network supplier. The network supplier said it was the system problem and to get a letter from them saying they had checked it and it was the network fault. The installer for whatever reason would not come to inspect the system and would not provide a letter. They both kept blaming each other for 4 months, both coming to inspect the system but neither doing anything about it except sledging the other party. Then one of the installers technicians out of the blue said he could adjust the operating parameters of the inverter.
BINGO! all is now well and pumping power out all day when you would expect. I am dirty with the installer who just ignored my pleas for assistance for 4 months (of lost power).
Shame on you "Coast wide solar"! Slack, slack, slack!
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Coastwide Solar were up to date with the regulators rules and auditing requirements and did not over sell extra panels
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I thoroughly recommend the Gold Coast based COASTWIDE SOLAR to S/E QLD buyers. Salesperson MIKE was very helpful and knowledgeable. He referred us to websites to research inverters and panels. He never once pushed for a site inspection or to sell us 'a system'. We appreciated being given the space to investigate. We talked on the phone 3 times before we went to their showroom to check out the inverters and panels and Mike showed us the brackets and other gadgets they use for installation. Very impressive components as well!
COASTWIDE SOLAR worked out for us a 6.5kw system, with the German SMA 3 phase inverter (warranty extendable to 20 yrs) and 25 Risen solar panels (25 yrs warranty), all for less than $7000.
A week later Scott and his team professionally installed our system and explained how it worked.
The next day the system produced over 30kWh electricity, even that the afternoon was mostly overcast!
We couldn't be more pleased with our choice of local installer. They just moved to larger premises and showroom and this company will go a long way in putting solar on Gold Coast roofs.
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Very honest company! They work to fit into your budget and give the best quality advice and service!
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They explained anything and to what extent you wanted confidently did not say anything bad about others the quality of their service and expertise i could not fault i would recommend this company
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We sourced 5 quotations, some sent their quotations via email following a telephone discussion, two presented at my property and then provided quotations. Armed with the quotations I compared the components being supplied (apples to apples), where this was not possible I phoned back and discussed the components with the company. My wife and I visited Coast Wide Solar at their show room in Burleigh Heads where all components and the operation of Solar was explained. We have gone with 20X250w Virtus Rensola Panels and a SMA SB5000TLinverta. The installation was carried out by licensed electricians. They arrived on time took time to explain where they intended to install all components. After discussion we changed the mounting of the inverter to the inside of the garage, this ensured a neat finish to the external conduit. I have now recommended CoastWide Solar to two friends.
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