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Hobart-based Electrical One is accredited by the Clean Energy Council and claims to be a specialist in renewable energy solutions. Solar panels form just part of its offering, as the company also supplies general electrical services.

Residential, community, commercial and school buildings are among those to have benefited from Electrical One systems throughout the years.

The company aims to provide the most efficient and cost-effective clean energy solutions to its customers and only stocks the latest products, designs and equipment. Quick installations mean that property owners can reap the rewards of switching to solar much quicker.

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Dean was very helpful answering all questions. He also supplied a high quality system at a good price. He also came highly recomended by a friend
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Really a combination of all the above. My primary consideration was finding a supplier who would spend the time to answer all my questions and to come to my house and get on my roof to discuss options. I found a lot of suppliers wouldn't spend the time to get on the roof to confirm what would fit and what would be the best location for the panels. ElectricalOne were the only supplier that did this. Dean Hodge was very responsive and patient. The final system quoted turned out to be the best price but price wasn't my only consideration. I installed a 10KW system. 2 x Delta Solivia 5.0 TR inverters, 40 x 250 W Conergy 250P panels. ElectricalOne managed the whole process from start to finish, organised the Meter change over with Aurora so that the panels could be turned on and I could see them working at the end of the install. The installation team were professional and efficient. I had one problem with one of the inverters at the start which required updated software to be installed. Dean organised the inverter rep to come and fix this within a few days and haven't had any troubles since. Couldn't recommend ElectricalOne more highly.
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There were a couple of lack of attention to details I picked up such as retaining nuts that have to be one way round in the frames to have grip on both sides of the channel were 180 degrees out so only gripping one side, but there was only two out of many.

Of more importance to me though a shortcut was taken on the screws used to attach the inverter to the weatherboard wall. They may have been strong enough in the short term but the SMA installation manual called for a minimum of six millimeter screws and eighteen millimeter washers so I didn't want dispute in case of a fault with the fastening regarding a warranty claim so when that was pointed out the right screws etc were used. I shouldn't have to check the work to pick this up I thought.

Otherwise, it was a neat job looks good although the roof now looks more like the sails on a certain opera house as I have a near flat roof. I am still waiting for the ten year warranty on the inverter I was promised but am told it takes a while to obtain the certificate from SMA.
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I was very impressed with Dean from Electrical One who was quick to make contact, visited me on site when others wanted to just use satellite photos.

He was very helpful in responding to my queries and different scenarios. I ultimately changed to wanting micro inverters and he was very responsive with the detail and pricing. The installation was on time and efficient. There were 2 small problems that were rectified promptly.

I have appreciated the whole process and now hopefully will reap the benefits - so far so good.
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Dean Hodge was local person and I felt comfortable because if anything goes wrong he will be there straight away to fix the problem.
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All good. I would recommend.
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Original Review on 18-06-2011:

Had to wait more than 4 weeks for shipment of panels and inverter to be delivered. Installer came out to install within two or three days of goods arrival. Installation took four hours so really fast. Aurora (electricity supplier) came well within its time allocated, to switch over meter and for me to switch on. Problem arose when switching on but ElectricOne came out next day at 9.am to test and fix problem. Now generating electricity even though at 43 degrees south. Aurora due to read my meters any day now.

Very pleased with installation, efficient operation of PV panel supplier and installer.

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Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 2/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 4/5

16 months later we asked This person: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes except for the failure of the inverter. So I am very happy with the installation. Wish I could afford to have more panels on the roof, a bigger inverter and the Council would remove a few gum trees from the road-side so my panels would receive more early sun.
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Haven't received my first power bill yet since having the system installed but since the inverter shows the total energy generated in kWH I can work out the amount in $$$ it is saving me. I wasn't interested in going for the cheapest (nor dearest) quote but wanted to settle on a quality system that will last a long time. I researched the panel & inverter brands offered in the quotes I obtained and did get the installer I eventuallly went with to supply and fit a different inverter than the one quoted. While the system was expensive compared to ones advertised on TV, for me it was mainly about peace of mind and being happy with the choice made (only time will tell I guess). I also separately purchased via the internet an energy monitor (wattson SOLAR Plus monitor) that my installer fitted at no extra cost at the same time as the solar system was installed. This device has been fantastic!, it shows both energy being used (light and power tarrif) and energy being generated by the solar system. It sits in my lounge where I can see my current power consumption at a glance. Knowing exactly how much power is being used at any given time has meant I regularly go around turning lights etc. off, as I have set myself a goal to try and keep consumption below a certain level. The solar system has so far generated over 200kWh of power in just over 25 days, a saving of around $2 a day.
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Not happy that Solar installation occurred on 30 Apr 2012 and it is now 14 May 2012 and Aurora hasn't been to do their part to get the system working. I've paid for a system installed 14 days ago and still not able to use.
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The system has now been running for two weeks, although the weather has been average it has generated 40 kWh, will probably be better in the longer days to come.
Thanks for your valuable help in finding an installer.
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Yes, I am delighted with my new Solar System and would like to thank you for your recommendations. Especially Electrical One.
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I find it difficult to review the system as it is not installed yet because of our house being rewired. I would like to be able to do another review after installation has been completed and the system has been used for a few months.

On the whole the service we received has been very efficient from both yourselves and the contractors we received quotes from and I would recommend this website to anyone.
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Installation was smooth two week wait time our local energy supplier took longer than that to connect us to the grid, our installer was electrical one.
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Electrical One did a full site inspection. I am turned off by the other companies who think they can arrange a contract by viewing my house on Google Earth and not speaking to me face to face.
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