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Electroy Pty Ltd is a Solar Power Installation company based in and serves . Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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Installer went bust 2019.
Inverter rating: 3/5
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I was expecting a hassle to claim warranty as the time frame was almost up. Perfect points for Judy at growatt Australia. She was amazingly helpful. Everything went through easily and I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
Inverter rating: 5/5
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The sales person and the installers were amazing very happy
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Solargain almost won my business. Rather unfortunately, their rep decided to wait until I'd contracted with another supplier before offering his best deal - one which I would have accepted had I not already signed a contract.

The main advantage of Electroy over the other suppliers who quoted is their "10 year unlimited warranty", with call out within 48 hours. They extend the manufacturers' warranties on inverter, panels and racking system. I have heard that ABB can be pretty slow at repairing or replacing inverters under warranty (see Whirlpool, for example). Electroy confirm that they will replace the inverter and take away the faulty inverter for repair or replacement with ABB. Another installer confirmed that if it took 3 - 6 weeks for ABB to replace or repair the inverter, that's how long I would be without solar! No comparison. No choice.

If Electroy's guarantee stands up, then I won't be able to fault them. Their sales rep was very knowledgeable, yet deferred to engineers when unsure of the answers, unlike other reps who either brushed over important technical queries rather than getting a technical answer, or really didn't know much about the systems they were selling.

Electroy installed within a week of contract and in one day for a 6.25kW system, for $8000 (to include a "free" 25th panel, WiFi logger card and surge protector, plus some additional electrical work on the house - a benefit of going with an electrical- rather than just solar-contractor). They also informed me of two local properties on which they'd installed systems, to enable me to check their work and customer satisfaction.

So far so good. Ask me again in 5 years!
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It remains a very confusing market place with so many options to consider.
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The system was designed for my needs
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We chose these guys base don reviews from other customers, their response to our enquiries and the quote they provided. Also, the work of installation etc was conducted by employees of the company, not subcontractors, which was a big incentive for us as it meant accoutnability for the instal rested with the company and they couldn't palm it off if something went wrong. The quote was excellent value too, specially consindering we also got the meter box moved from one side of the house to the other! I would happily recommend these guys again, no worries about that!
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We would like to express our gratitude and how happy we were with their upfront services from your salesman Graeme, he was so friendly and easy to communicate with. We couldn't believe how fast the service was from the turn around from when we first started to organize getting the Solar Panels, to the installation. We were amazed at how quick they were installed. When your guy's turned up to do the work, they were a pleasure to deal with and very friendly and great attitudes. The workmanship was awesome and how they explained everything was fantastic. Frances and Elliot were amazing and they did an awesome job. It was great to actually get a business who know how to do their job professionally. Thanks to the team at ELECTROY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM FOR THE JOB TO INSTALL YOUR SOLAR PANEL'S..... THANKS GUY.
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Electroy were prompt and excellent to deal with. Courteous reliable staff attended to the installation. From the start there was no overselling, just advising what we needed. Thank you Electroy.
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Still do not have Solar Power turned on 5 weeks after installation.
They did not submit paper work and no excuse or apology for not be prompt with submission. Although they took our money quickly.
Would not recommend them.
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The team at Electroy were wonderful to deal with. Myself and my wife have just recently bought a 5kw system. The sales representative was easy going and explained everything in detail to both me and my wife. When it came to installing our system the ladies in the office were very professional and made the process a breeze. I would recommend Troy and his team to anyone.
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We have recently had installed solar panels with Electroy. Hardly any hot water and our first bill was bigger than before installation. My husband has phoned and phoned and phoned, leaving messages asking for return calls but after several weeks, still no response. Seems they are good at installing and taking your money but when problems arise they don't want to know you. Dreadful follow up service (or should I say lack of)
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I found Electroy professional in there work and priced very fair for a system of this size ,also offering the same warrenty as th other prices I recieved.
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We were originally looking at some air conditioning for our new home, Electroy followed up with us and suggested we also have a look at the solar. With a small pool and air con we already figured the new house would be using more power than the old one. We were surprisingly impressed by the sales guy (Dave), He took the time to find out about us and what we wanted, very easy to talk to.
Dave was polite, knowledgable, professional and able to answer all our questions in plain English. He seemed to genuinely care about our situation and that we understood what the technology was, how the technology worked and how to maximise savings. We looked at a couple of other firms but Dave was the most credible and least salesey. A background check on Electroy and the recommended equipment (Yingli & Aurora) confirmed what we had been told. Not the cheapest but we felt additional value was there, wanted quality and we decided to go ahead.
Very pleased with the installers, I was a bit unsure whether the 24 panels would fit on the northern roof, but it looks great. The install was completed in one day - real neat. They showed me their work and how to the read the inverter (which is next to my meter box). Friendly staff and easy to talk to.
Our installation and equipment carries a 10 year on site service warranty which we felt was fantastic, we both have busy lives and just want the system to do what it is supposed to do. So far we are very impressed with the solar, the company and the air con is being installed next week. Another thing we liked is just having one payment plan for the solar and air con combined.
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As we already had a 1.5 kw system with a 5kw inverter already installed we needed to upgrade our panels only. Glen was very helpful and worked out exactly the number of extra panels we needed, the price was competitive, although only one other supplier was prepared to supply panels only. They promptly and efficiently installed 3.5kw of new panels and we are very happy with the result. I would certainly recommend them to anyone.
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The team at Electroy did an amazing job with installing my system. Everyone was very professional and took no time at all with the installation of my solar panels, they also explained the process with me before installing the system so i could understand everything that they were doing.
I would recommend Electroy to anyone who wants to look into getting solar.
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We had a lot of uncertainty with Ergon and they kept stalling with the approval of our solar system but once that had been overcome our installers were very helpful and had the system up and running in a short time. We are very happy with Electroy and cannot praise them highly enough.
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The salesman and the installers were very proffessional and did a fantastic job, I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone. Contact and assistance from the office was very ordinary.
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I was disappointed with the process of installing the solar panels on my roof. I asked the salesman about sitting the panels and he said that the installer would discuss this when he came. When that happened the installer was hurried, did not provide accurate measurements, options, or time for me to make an informed decision. The size and placement of the panels was not known to me before they were installed. I am not happy about where they have been placed and have been back in touch with the company to discuss whether they can be re-sited. This has been disappointing as well as I have had to remind them to come to my house but so far that has not happened after 5 weeks. After sales service is very disappointing.
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Our system installed to day by Tyler and Jake. They were so pleasant, helpful and professional, could not have wished for 2 better people. Their expertise left nothing to be desired, and I would recommend your company to anyone. My son Jason was the actual purchaser, and he is in full agreeance of such excellent service, so a big THANK YOU.
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I also installed a 3kw air conditioner with the same company at the same time. Thus the best price overall.
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I purchased a 3kw system with a 5kw inverter for later add ons if needed.
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Electroy in Brisbane are not a big Solar company but a leading electronics company in Brisbane. Their price was one of the best around and I also found (and independently verified) that they do installations for most of the larger companies that I received quotes from. That is what they were doing when they made the decision to start selling their own systems.
Excellent service and follow-up. Since they were around before the boom in Solar and that is not their only income source, I have confidence that they should be around long enough to help out with any future problems that I may have.
Many thanks to Finn and the Solar Quotes website which armed me with enough to knowledge to make an informed decision.
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Good Day to you All,
Thanks for your email, the system seems to be working very well as you can see below.
We are very happy with your company and we will recommend you to anyone without hesitation.
We did a lot of research beforehand and Electroy was our early favourite on paper and the first company to visit us.

We are a working class family living in a basic house in the scrub and most sales consultants from other companies looked down their noses at us.
With one 'hard sell' salesman we actually had to insist that he leave, we have experienced every kind of person from "used car salesmen' to "limousine salesmen"
Honestly, it was a time consuming and complex process which at times made us want to give up due to the lack of integrity/honesty we experienced.

What we wanted was pretty straight forward, a good system at a reasonable price installed by good people.
Sean Singh was a pleasure to deal with and gave us clear information and was polite and courteous to us.
He gave us good customer service, good advice, good options and a fair price on quality hardware.

Once we paid our deposit everything went like clockwork.
We were very pleased to get a phone call from Troy, confirming the installation date and communication with your office has exceeded our expectations.
The installation guys did an excellent job and worked very hard all day and left everything clean and tidy and were also very pleasant and courteous.
I was up on the roof a few days later to put our tv antenna back up and to have a look and was very happy with the quality of the workmanship and cleanliness of the work area.
The after sales service from your company has also been excellent and its very refreshing to find a company that cares about their product and their customer after the bill is paid.

To Troy, Sean, Sarah and all your team, Thank you for a positive experience.
Bruce and Allison Ferguson.
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