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Empyreal Energy is a Solar Power Installation company based in Southport and serves QLD. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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I signed up to have the installation of the 4 kW/h system on my residence but Empyreal failed time-wise to follow the correct procedures regarding communicating with the local network supplier and consequently, I missed out on the 44 cents credit feed in tariff that Empyreal promised I would receive.
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The whole process has been terrific. My consultant who came to see me was excellent and very knowledgeable. We didn't have any problems from the start. I will certainly be referring Empyreal Energy to others.
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I had a smaller system already installed but the Empyreal Energy people replaced all the original panels with a larger more efficient system and since then I have been building a healthy credit with the power supplier. This new system places around $850 per three months back into the grid and makes receiving the quarterly Power Bill a pleasure.
The Empyreal people were very friendly and helpful, explaining clearly what needed to be done and were quick and tidy with the installation.
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They don't inform you on how the system really works or doesn\t work. Waste of money, doesn't save me a thing. The company don't want anything to do with it. Will never recommend to anyone. Going to media I think
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So I did my research and the reason I went ahead with Empyreal Energy , is because they use Qcell tier one panels which I found out are designed in germany and after speaking with Qcell direct, I realised that these modules are assembled in Poland whereas I found a lot of other companies passing off Qcell 2nd tier panel, which is the hanwa panel and they were trying to say this was the tier one panel. Also we bought SMA German inverter and another company tried to sell us a German engineerd inverer which is a trick that's what all Chinese companies say.
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Original Review on 11-06-2011:

We choose Empyreal because they use german designed and manufactured panels which I understand to be the best quality and performing panels available. Their salesperson was also knowledgeable, helpful and pleasant. The installers were a firm from Bundall on the gold coast called Enertech Solar, very professional, efficient friendly and tidy workers. The whole experience was pleasant quite quick and hassle free. I recommend both these firms to anyone wanting to install solar. Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

15 months later we asked Peter: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

The performance has been to our expectations, our electricity account each quarter is in credit on account to pay. To make sure we keep abreast of electricity charges we are installing a further 6 panels to our current inverter. Our installer also provides a yearly system service and a panel cleaning service, including our solar hot water panels it costs $90. We have a permanent booking.
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Hard to contact anyone who can explain system problems Android do not hear back. Next step will be media and ombusman to solve problem.
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