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Era Gaia is a Solar Power Installation company based in North Rocks and serves NSW. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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Wish I did more research.

In hindsight I could have done far better for far less through another company, I was told the repayments would equal the savings, that could not be further from the truth, the savings from this 5KW system that has cost us 14K after rebate is going to take about 17 years before it pays for it's self.
Had issues with the unit very soon after installation, it took me ceasing repayments to get them back out here to look at it, turned out one of the two banks had not been turned on.

Recently I have been contacted by the solar power watchdog to arrange to come out and inspect our system, as apparently the installer from Era Gaia was not licensed to install Solar, the result for this is pending.

Inverter rating: 2/5
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This company seems like a fraud

This company quoted on a system for my house I paid a deposit they have taken my money now they won’t return emails or phone calls and appear to have disappeared be cautious.
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Original Review on 10-12-2020:

Good service and quality panels at a reasonable price.

They quoted without coming on site, so the layout had to be finalised when they arrived to install it.
They were punctual and helpful. It took an extra day to finish it though.They installed the inverter in the garage. Other companies who quoted, said they would install it outside,( not what I wanted). Customer service was better before the installation, not as good after. They did their part in getting us connected to the grid. Over all we are happy with the product and the company. We would recommend them to others.
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Panel rating: 3/5
Inverter rating: 3/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 4/5

8 months later we asked Jeff: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

I was hoping for more energy production in winter.
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Peacock Pde Belrose

Sales/quoting was thouough and professional as was with other companies. However none highlighted the obvious requirement for an isolation fuse in the meter box.. This intensional or unintentional lack of advice lead to a $3,500 additional cost to upgrade our metre box. Nor did anyone highlight the asbestos backed metre board which is pretty obvious to all electricians who refuse to work on them and only replace them. Not sure if this was a point highlighted in your checklist but I highly recommend all of your clients question the need for this when a quotation is provided. Era Gaia organised be smart metre install. However the AGL electrician who came to the house to install it did not have a level 2 electricians licence and was not permitted to work on our board (which could not be isolated from the mains) without this classification.
I am an engineer and oversaw the installation of the panels and associated equipment at the metre box. Overall the installation appears to be done in a professional manner. The monitoring software appears to be pretty good. Already we have adjusted our habits around electricity use in order to make the most of a new panels.
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I have not had the system long so I can't comment on its ongoing value for money. However I will give further feedback later. Company seemed professional and the installation team was very good.
Solar Quotes was very good to use, you got me 2 suppliers in my area but it was right on Christmas so one could not make it and the other was good at following up your referral, but era gaia got in first.
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