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Goodlife Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Arundel and serves QLD. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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This is an honest and respectful review with nothing hidden to assist people to make there own choice with who they go through for there solar. BE CAREFUL!!

Sales and Quoting - Sales and quoting was fine. No money had been exchanged yet so this is to be expected from any retailer. Was spoken to with respect and had my inquires answered promptly before any contract signed and money had been handed over.

Quality of system - I have not given this a rating because its early days and don't feel it would be right to rate something after only 3 months. So far so good and time will tell.

Installation - Tyson and his colleague where nice enough blokes and in the end the install seems to be fine. They were however 1 and half hours late to the booked appointment. Not overly a big thing as I had put time aside but could be an issue for others. They brought a puppy to site. No issue with the pup. I love animals. However probably not appropriate when they are damaging neighbours yards. Need to be more mindful of this. Job wasn't completed on this day but that was due to weather. Had to wait over a week to be able to have it finished. Communication with this was a little slow from the sales manager/owner at this stage but it eventually got arranged. I don't think its right that previous booked jobs be finished later than later jobs but. That's just my opinion. On the 2nd visit I woke up at around 07.00am to one of the installers sliding down and falling of my roof. I had no idea they were even on site yet. No one knocked or alerted me. I went outside to check he was ok and and he was very very lucky not to land on a metal fence pole and impale himself. I was glad he was ok but I would think and also suggest proper OH and S be used when installing these systems. Body straps and ropes in case of accident. I find out later on as well that nothing has been reported to the business owner. As mention the installers where nice enough blokes just need to improve in these areas. The lads were well presented and polite enough to me. Showed me how to use the inverter and set up connection to the app as you would expect.

Customer Service - Here is were the biggest problem is and its all mostly in house. As normal the company asked for my NMI number from my provider as well as asked me who I am with. These were issued to them as requested. An application to Energex was made as per normal on the Energex Portal. You receive an email notification of this and email updates as this progresses as does your power company so they can reprogram your smart meter if you have one. I had moved into a new house and I changed from the electricity retailer my builder had chosen to a new retailer. This seemed to cause issues somewhere with the application. This is of no fault to Goodlife Solar at all. I was told by my new supplier they havent received any notification and that changing over may have caused issues and I need to have my solar installer resubmit this again and nominate AGL as my power provider so they will receive notification once the application is submitted. No biggie. I called up Goodlife Solar and spoke with Kirsty and explained what had happened. She understood and was happy to help with this. She said she would have Tyson who installed my system take care of this and update details and get back to me. Here is were things started to break down and customer service lack. 2 to 3 weeks went by with no communication. I had received no email notification that any thing had been updated or resubmitted. After nearly a month I decided to call and see what is happening. I spoke with a gentlemen who asked to speak with Kirsty. He mentioned she was sick. He mentioned he would speak with the solar team and get back to me. Another week passed and still no word or update. I phoned up and again spoke with the same man. He said he apologised and took my details again and said he would contact the solar team again and promised to get back to me either that afternoon or the next day. Another week went by with no word. I phoned back again and spoke with Kirsty. I enquired why is no one getting back to me and why has nothing been done considering this issue had been going on now for nearly 2 months. I mentioned she said she would get back to me in an email and she got very defensive and said no I said someone else would get back to you. I expressed I dont really care who gets back to me as long as someone does and that nearly 2 months of me having to chase them up was not exceptable nor was it good customer service. She didnt seem to really care about my complaints and passed me on to Ben with the solar team. I found her attitude very rude and considering I was still being patient after 2 months of getting the run around this is not on. I soon forgot about her and the experience and spoke with Ben and explained what has been going on the last 2 months and what the issue was. He was very helpful. He resubmitted while on the phone with me a new application. Which immediately I recieved email confirmation from Energex of this. The Energex update was they were waiting on an EWR from the solar company. He mentioned he would apply this and get back to me with the reference number once this was done. The status didnt change nor did I get a call back/email with the details. I waited over another 2 weeks and the Energex status didnt change. They were still waiting on a EWR from the solar company. I then emailed Kristy again and mentioned this had not been done and that Energex are waiting for this. Again remember this was a new application. She mentioned she would follow this up and get back to me ASAP. I received an email the next day both from her stating she sent the EWR from May. I also received an email from Energex stating the had received this. I asked and mentioned I had concerns as this was the old and original EWR and wanted to know if she had my current and updated power supplier details on it. As I wanted to avoid what had happened previously. She mentioned Energex would have the details of my provider and she doesn't need this. Also mentioned she has been in direct contact with my provider which makes no sense. As Kirsty was listed and presented herself as the Sales Manager for Goodlife Solar as also stated on her emails I asked who I may speak to with concerns about this issue/complaint and asked for a manager/her bosses details so I may raise my concerns/complaints. She replied with that she was the owner of Goodlife Solar and now her email stated she was the Director. Being as she told me she was the owner/boss I then proceeded to express my complaints with the past 2 months. How I was unhappy with people not getting back to me, how I shouldn't have to be continuously chasing them to complete a very simple task, how I didnt appreciate the way she had spoken with me and that any complaint I had was met with being defensive as well as rude and instead of taking it on the chin and try to come to a positive resolution she was simply rude and arrogant. She simply did not want to know about it or try to fix any issue. I mentioned I had seen other reviews on the company and any complaint mentioned seemed to be met with the same attitude. There was definitely a pattern as I was now receiving the same treatment. When I mentioned I would be taking it further she said she didn't care and she was closing her business down due to people like me. Not a very professional attitude or customer service focused at all. If this is what you have to deal with imagine what you will meet when a warranty or fault is presented. IN MY OPINION I would say to strongly avoid this company. My mother intended to have solar installed on her roof also but after seeing what I have been through and experienced she has chosen not to go with Goodlife Solar. My friends who have gone with this company are now also concerned about there warranties. Please see pictures attached as evidence and examples of my dealings. I wish she had handled this better. Return clientele is based on word of mouth and these reviews. Solar was priced matched to a another company offer. Not beaten. I hope this assists people in making a informed decision.

Inverter rating: 4/5
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Great efficient team

Great team to work with
Received information in a great time and all questions answered
Installers we're efficient friendly and polite
Everything explained
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Goodlife Solar 6.6KW

What a credit to your company. Tyron and Tristtan did a fantastic job and were both professional and polite, and worked tirelessly to complete the work. And, all this was completed a little over one week from deposit. Greg was also very helpful during the quote stage. Thank you.
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Very easy process and competitive prices
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Only just had this installed. James and Tyron each led a team to install two 5kW systems on two houses on my property.
Can't fault these guys or other workers on-site in terms of their professionalism, workmanship or personableness. Pleasure doing business with these people. Both systems are performing as expected.
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We have received fantastic service. We found the Sales team were approachable, fair, not aggressive but maintaining adequate contact. The installation team - James and Wills were both very professional, friendly and very experienced. We placed an order early of the week and the system was installed this morning. Keep up the good work guys and I do not have any hesitation in recommending Goodlife Solar to anyone.
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Their work is defected and they used cheap labour , even though they told me 'in house installer', a subcontractor arrived.

SO many better companies out there for the same money.
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No idea what they are doing. Rude and who take your money and then no help with all the problems you will encounter from their bad workmanship. Be warned, do not use this company!
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going through was like a mine field different inverters and panels but i sorted it out to my satisfaction but thank u for all the information u supplied to me
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Been 8 weeks since installed still not working installed incorrectly power company disconnected 5 weeks later they have not been out to fix it
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a good experience
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