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Great Solar
Great Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Adelaide and serves SA. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Great Solar Solar Reviews

Cannot contact them

I want to contact them as the system is not working the phone numbers are not in service. Please help. Show additional information
I need to know who is responsible for their warranty? Show additional information
Ironically the solar panels are of excellent quality. Show additional information
Never get a JFY-TECH INVERTER, they are crap and so is there warranty and service centre Show additional information
Great to know they have gone out of business as i have 21 panels that are giving me no input at the moment another company that cashed in on the solar get rich scheme and left all buyers out in the cold and unable to get warranty done. Show additional information
Where are they now, cant contact them by phone in all states, 4 months and system not working inverter fault
so much for warranty and after sales service , you could at least let your customers know if you have shut the doors
and closed the business . Not Happy.
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OMG- what a mess Great Solar created!!!! Firstly,they submitted incorrect info (my address) which meant that my application for the 44c rebate instead of the 8c/unit was rejected even though I had everything lodged by the cut off date. Initially, Great Solar took responsibility, as Telstra had provided me with all details, and said that I would be reimbursed for lost payments. Nine months later (and when they knew I was seeking legal advice - after being continually ignored by phone and email) they agreed that payment would be calculated for every bill and money would be directly deposited within 10 days into my account. This happened once - after I called several times and the State Manager organised this. When the next bill arrived, I was suddenly told that the State Manager no longer worked there and all accounts were paid from the Adelaide branch, not the Brisbane branch anymore. Of course this meant that I called this office three times (having to pay long distance fees) and was told that the accountant was on holidays for 6 weeks so payment couldn't be made until he returned.. what a joke! I called and emailed several people about this.. I mean the whole company sits still because one employee is on leave?? 9 weeks later (instead of 10 days) I got reimbursement even though they refused to honour the agreement - sent me a cheque which meant I now had to do extra running around. We are now up to the next bill and no one is answering the phone in either the Brisbane or Adelaide office even though their voice recording is still playing... think they've gone bust!! Nice when they walk away and the 'little guys' have to cough up!!! Show additional information
It has been a very long slog and a lot of unreturned phone calls from paying a deposit in May 2013 until they finally installed mid September 2013. More phone calls and lies about it and 6 weeks on from that the paperwork that needs to go to the power company has not been submitted to our provider so we do not get paid for what we produce. Yesterday, after ringing all 3 state office numbers which were disconnected, I finally raised the guy who sold us the system, he said he had not been paid for 6 weeks and our paperwork is in a locked office and we should contact the ombudsman he did however also say he is still working for them and using a different phone number. A little more digging on the internet and I found that the S.A consumer affairs people have made them sign an "Enforcable Undertaking" promising not to continue to take deposits for a service they cannot deliver and they are not to continue new business until they are up to date with the people whom are already waiting for systems. Given yesterdays conversation with their employee it seems they have no regard for this agreement and instead are shutting up shop and taking up business under a new name. So for those looking for Solar I suggest you avoid dealing with any company that have directors by the name of those in the agreement that can be viewed on the S.A Consumer and Business website. I would also advise, do not pay the amount owed for any solar installation until they submit all the paperwork to your power supplier. At the moment we are having to have the paperwork done again by an electrician. 2 good notes the sub contracting electrician who installed it is a good bloke (whom I hope got paid for his work) and at least we got it on the roof as there are many out there whom have lost their deposit. Stay clear of Great Solar and check out the website I mentioned to ensure you don't get ripped off by the directors of this company. Show additional information
I had to send several emails and phone call to be kept informed re:installation date.

Also not informed that the original salesperson no longer employed by the company so no reply to emails.
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Show additional information
System was not fitted, they are unable to get their hands on panels, currently seeking refund of deposit. Show additional information
Finn, I choose to go with Great Solar Solutions. Yes, price wise but also because my brother choose them and was quite happy with them. Their response to inform me that my meter box had to be put outside was not given [mine was- when I enclosed the patio- after I sent a photos of the same to them]. Therefore, when they came to install during December, it could not be done. Now, I have been on their back on quite a few occasions as to when they are going to complete the job [they left all the panel, rails, etc., here in my shed]. I am getting to response at all as to when. I have been told a couple of different excuses. So, therefore, I am not happy at all. The balance was paid the day before they were to install. So, things are at a standstill. At present, it is going nowhere. Show additional information
While I decided on cost/kW with quality components, in fairness to my supplier/installer & the other companies in the field it is too early to make comments on durability & performance. Show additional information
The contact person sounds to be a very practical person, although, he doesn't have our north country accent. LoL. I have been waiting 3 weeks for installation, which I assume is fairly normal in this day and age. I appreciate the info you supplied it was invaluable during my selection.

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Show additional information
We chose Great Solar because the price was competitive, Customer Service was not good, had to keep following them up, they did not book in my new meter when they were supposed to so that was booked to go in 3 weeks after my solar was being installed, I had to phone AGL myself to get the date changed.

The day they guys arrived to install they did not have the panels, no one rang to advise me of this, once again had to ring them myself.

Who arrives to do half a job!?

If you can get a better deal than them I would definitely go elsewhere.
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After we went through quotes from SolarQuotes, I decided to go with Great Solar on a friend's advice and researched online. Haven't got it installed yet but hopefully soon (they said Sept. but now likely Oct.) due to shipments. Show additional information
Had I known earlier how difficult it would be dealing with Great Solar I might have gone with someone else Show additional information
I was insulted by the sales persons implying that I did not know what I was buying also they were only quoting on the amount I paid on the previous electricity bills, not on inspection of the roof. Show additional information
Price was subject to inspection which the others did not do, they just gave quotes based on current power bills. Show additional information
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The whole field is confusing, but we want to "do the right thing".
We did not go for the most expensive, a quote delivered over the phone by a less-than-confident representative in a very noisy environment.
One of the 3 did not meet his agreed second appointment, after leaving a phone message that he couldn't be at our first appointment, delivered 25 minutes before the scheduled time. I had waited at home for some time.
I contacted Great Solar based on a search of Internet reviews, concluding that they couldn't be any worse than the others. The approach of their Rep was confident and assuring. I was satisfied with his approach and documentation, plus his technical explanations. I have paid a deposit, and am awaiting the installation date.
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Show additional information
Show additional information
Show additional information
Show additional information
They did what they said. Show additional information
After dealing with several companies and talking to people we decided to go with Great Solar. Good value for money and good sales reps. When gathering quotes make sure you ask the same questions from everyone including how much is travel when you live out of Melbourne, it can be quite expensive on top of the original quote! Show additional information
Show additional information
I have no complaints so far. Great communication (when phones were answered). The installers were friendly and honest. Show additional information
Show additional information
Show additional information
Show additional information
Hard to confirm an installation date but, on the whole, reasonable service and good price. Best warranty of the ones I checked out - panels 25yrs, inverter 10yrs, installation 10yrs. Show additional information
The reason I chose this company was they came to inspect the site to make sure it would all work before I signed up as the other company I tried just looked at my house on the computer and tried to tell me things that I knew were wrong and would not come out to see. Show additional information
I would like to say that on my case these young men that installed my system were absolutely fantastic right from the get go. They acknowledged that mine was a system alone as every system is and creates its own problems but to my surprise these young men worked on and I was kept informed at every corner they came around. I could not say enough for these workers and a very well done job. And I told them when they finished. Nothing seemed to upset or phase them away from the job at hand. Mine is only new but at this stage all great. Thanks and a big thanks to you for giving me the neccessary information on what and where to look for, very good information. Regards. Show additional information
I could've shopped around a bit more maybe got a few more quotes. Show additional information
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I went with Great Solar who advertised a price almost $1500 cheaper than their competitors. They installed promptly on the arranged date and the workmanship was very good (some minor cleaning up after them which was to be expected). They arranged inspections and everything else with the Electricity providers. Show additional information
This is a new industry and most companies haven't been here for long, so makes it real hard to know if you are going to be ripped off or not. There is a lot of information not told by any company when they advertise and you have to do independent research.

I am yet to know if the system will be installed well and work as promised.
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Very bad communicators - I had to phone them all the time for installation dates etc. but this was my only complaint. My situation was a little different as I had a new house under construction and they had to wait till it was completed. I organised the import/export meter thru the builder.
System seems good and I am getting credits, although again, the way it works wasn't fully explained & I had to ring ETA for my technical info. The staff seem young and inexperienced but this isn't a reflection on the product- only with communication to the customer. This area needs improving.
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The installation was quick and also fast for etsa to change the meter. All is good. Show additional information
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Show additional information
Show additional information
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