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Great Solar

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Great Solar Overall Rating From 55 Reviews:

55 Reviews

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Great Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Adelaide and serves SA. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Rating Comments Name State Postcode
Great to know they have gone out of business as i have 21 panels that are giving ...
>>> See Mark's review
Mark SA 5114
Where are they now, cant contact them by phone in all states, 4 months and syste ...
>>> See Stuart's review
Stuart VIC 3616
OMG- what a mess Great Solar created!!!! Firstly,they submitted incorrect info ( ...
>>> See Sam's review
Sam QLD 4051
It has been a very long slog and a lot of unreturned phone calls from paying a d ...
>>> See S & H's review
S & H VIC 3616
I had to send several emails and phone call to be kept informed re:installation ...
>>> See Anon's review
Anon SA 5211

>>> See Verity's review
Verity SA 5251
System was not fitted, they are unable to get their hands on panels, currently s ...
>>> See Greg's review
Greg SA 5022
Finn, I choose to go with Great Solar Solutions. Yes, price wise but also becaus ...
>>> See Graham's review
Graham QLD 4670
While I decided on cost/kW with quality components, in fairness to my supplier/i ...
>>> See Don's review
Don SA 5211
The contact person sounds to be a very practical person, although, he doesn't ha ...
>>> See John's review
John VIC 3228

>>> See Wendy's review
Wendy SA 5237
We chose Great Solar because the price was competitive, Customer Service was not ...
>>> See Liesel's review
Liesel SA 5114

>>> See Peter's review
Peter VIC 3130
After we went through quotes from SolarQuotes, I decided to go with Great Solar ...
>>> See Kim's review
Kim SA 5087
Had I known earlier how difficult it would be dealing with Great Solar I might h ...
>>> See Denise's review
Denise SA 5252
I was insulted by the sales persons implying that I did not know what I was buyi ...
>>> See Sue's review
Sue VIC 3046
Price was subject to inspection which the others did not do, they just gave quot ...
>>> See Sue's review
Sue VIC 3046

>>> See Daryl's review
Daryl SA 5114
The whole field is confusing, but we want to "do the right thing". We did not g ...
>>> See Fred's review
Fred SA 5032

>>> See Marilyn's review
Marilyn QLD 4870

>>> See Vincent's review
Vincent VIC 3030

>>> See Terry's review
Terry VIC 3977

>>> See Kevin's review
Kevin VIC 3802

>>> See Elly's review
Elly QLD 4659

>>> See David's review
David VIC 3095
They did what they said.
>>> See Shakti's review
Shakti VIC 3338
After dealing with several companies and talking to people we decided to go with ...
>>> See Anon's review
Anon VIC 3304

>>> See Anon's review
Anon VIC 3056
I have no complaints so far. Great communication (when phones were answered). Th ...
>>> See Kathy's review
Kathy SA 5108

>>> See Adrian's review
Adrian QLD 4301

>>> See Jim's review
Jim SA 5159

>>> See Liliane's review
Liliane VIC 3074
Hard to confirm an installation date but, on the whole, reasonable service and g ...
>>> See Anon's review
Anon SA 5114
The reason I chose this company was they came to inspect the site to make sure i ...
>>> See Peter's review
Peter VIC 3165
I would like to say that on my case these young men that installed my system wer ...
>>> See Raymond's review
Raymond QLD 4503
I could've shopped around a bit more maybe got a few more quotes.
>>> See Mark's review
Mark SA 5096

>>> See Yee Heng's review
Yee Heng SA 5075

>>> See Anon's review
Anon SA 5051

>>> See Wayne's review
Wayne SA 5112
I went with Great Solar who advertised a price almost $1500 cheaper than their c ...
>>> See Kent's review
Kent VIC 3030
This is a new industry and most companies haven't been here for long, so makes i ...
>>> See Anon's review
Anon VIC 3170
Very bad communicators - I had to phone them all the time for installation dates ...
>>> See Deb's review
Deb SA 5118
The installation was quick and also fast for etsa to change the meter. All is go ...
>>> See Julie's review
Julie SA 5112

>>> See Anon's review
Anon SA 5127

>>> See Anon's review
Anon SA 5043

>>> See Shane's review
Shane SA 5161
I received a response from each of your recommended suppliers but was able to ob ...
>>> See Anon's review
Anon SA 5573

>>> See Peter's review
Peter SA 5108
Would definitely recommend
>>> See Darren's review
Darren SA 5048

>>> See Alec's review
Alec SA 5098
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