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Smartt Solar Systems is a supplier of quality solar power systems and is part of the Smartt group of companies. It is based in Brisbane, providing solar power to the city as well as the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

It specialises in solar technology for residential properties, commercial buildings, farm sheds and homesteads. Free on-site consultations and assessments are provided to ensure people get the system they need.

Staff at Smartt Solar Systems are specialists in their field and also have the necessary certifications. Customers are given assistance in understanding government rebates and what is best for their individual situation.

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It now seems Smartt Solar are out of business, Good Ridance!! Apart from high pressure sales techniques and outright lies about extra installation costs due to our high set house (the actual installers knew nothing of the extra scaffolding required), the staff lied to me regarding a visit to investigate a fault with the system, they never showed. It appears as if they have gone broke and closed their doors. So now I have the most expensive air dam on my roof and their warranty means nothing.
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I had spoken with the supplier I used before asking for further quotes from your suppliers. Your suppliers were slow to respond and I went with Smartt Solar before your suppliers contacted me. I was happy with the Smartt Solar's sales person's friendliness and knowledge of the systems offered. I was also given other suggestions on how to save power. This was appreciated. I was happy with the system offered and although it cost more than others felt the inverter in particular suited my property as it was fully sealed; I have gekos, ants and lizard in abundance at my property.
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The original solar people we were involved with was also supposed to register us with Energex for the $0.44 per kW. They failed to do so and as a result we missed out on this opportunity even though we registered in the correct time. These people I would not recommend to anyone for any thing and I think their name is Modern Solar!!!!
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The Smartt Group were the first to make their way to the Island without any Question or Drama. The sales person was Helpful and Informative without being to pushy.

I had been advised by a family member in the power supply field to go with the German Inverter so that was the way I went in the end.

Thank you for your assistance. Regards!
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Original Review on 11-05-2011:

HOWEVER, the 3 hour visit was also a sales technique to wear me down and he was also quite 'aggressive' when I said that I wanted to think about, insisting that it was take-it or leave-it. (He also knew that I was in a hurry to go somewhere at that point). Since all but one of the other quotes were not satisfactory, I gave in and bought from him. However I am regretting my decision as I ended up purchasing a smaller unit, for a higher price (though good products: Suntech and Sunnyboy). Basically I was pressured. Original ratings

Panel rating: 3/5
Inverter rating: 3/5

Value for money: 3/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: N/A
Customer Service: 3/5

17 months later we asked Joan: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Not really.
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I could not buy a solar system by remote control i.e. email or phone call and that seemed to be the attitude.

With the supplier I chose I had an on site sales visit, plus a visit in their premises with a technical person. (We have got a solar system on our previous house and also had a technical on site visit, plus technical and sales follow up by phone, with that purchase).

So it is not as if we were not well motivated or experienced in solar systems.
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The only thing I have had to complain about so far is the fact I was charged $500.00 for scaffolding ( work place health and safety requirement ) on the roof because I have a high set house. NO scaffolding was used. I have asked for a refund of $500.00 This hasn't been done as yet.
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