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Solahart Far North Coast Reviews

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About Solahart Far North Coast, Solar Installers

Solahart Far North Coast is a Solar Power Installation company based in Lismore and serves NSW. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Solahart Far North Coast Solar Reviews

Whilst I believe I paid more than the average, I was impressed by their warranty and attention to detail. They seemed to be one of the few that could deliver a battery ready system to take the newest Tesla powerwall 2 battery. There seems to be much confusion about the cost of the battery system. If you surf the web, they say it costs A$8000, but resellers here insist that it will be more like A$12000. It appears to me that Tesla resellers are stuck with supplies of the Tesla powerwall 1 batteries, which were advertised at A$10,000 (7kw) against the new version with double the storage and a smaller price.
I had the 17 split panels fitted to my back shed, as I did not want to spoil the look of my house, and if my house catches fire whilst the sun is shining, I know that the fire brigade WILL attempt to save it. None of the people I asked for quotes, mentioned this dangerous problem.
Parts of my shed roof will be in shade during the day, which is why I decided on the split panels which allow unshaded panels to continue working.
We have a lot of mini blackouts here, which all seem to happen at night, which is why I want the battery backup. Apparently the PW2 is not available here until about June.
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