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Solar Automation Systems Reviews

Solar Automation Systems

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Solar Automation Systems Overall Rating From 5 Reviews:

5 Reviews

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Although Solar Automation Systems has been in existence since 1995, its solar power business did not get underway until 2008. Today, it provides solar PV systems to both commercial and residential properties.

Experts from the company strive to give an accurate assessment of how productive a solar power system will be. Solar Automation Systems' aim is to provide great quality, fully compliant and safe solar panels at the most competitive prices.

So far, hundreds of people have had solar power systems installed by the company, which claims to continue offering good value for money.

Rating Comments Name State Postcode
Really nice people who deliver just what they promise when they promised it. I h ...
>>> See Robert's review
Robert NSW 2154

>>> See Matthew's review
Matthew NSW 2147
Unable to comment on quality as not yet connected to mains
>>> See Peter's review
Peter NSW 2085
office is hard to find and looked somewhat hock on initial impressions but prov ...
>>> See John's review
John NSW 2206
The longest delay was for permission to connect to Integral Energy which took 4 ...
>>> See Craig's review
Craig NSW 2745

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Solar Automation Systems