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Solar Consultants
Solar Consultants have gone into liquidation and ceased operating in November 2014.

Solar Consultants Solar Reviews

Terrific attention to our challenging roof which is on a 38 degree pitch. Also gave us a terrific price based on my neighbour also installing a system.

Efficient. Well organised installation team. They have organised the grid connection. Show additional information
We had Solar Panels installed in 2013 by Solar Consultants, every thing seemed to be OK. The Panels were supposed to be SunRack, now 5 years later, we are having problems, like 4 Panels are rusting through water leakage, and 1 Panel has cracked glass, and we now find out that they are not Sunrack, but some Chinese named company.
I paid almost $10,000.00 for the purchase and installation. The Panels have a product 5 year warranty, and a 25 to 30 year power output warranty.

That all sounds OK, but, Solar Consultants no longer exist, at least not under that name, they may operate under another name, but I don't know. Now we are advised that it will cost just over $2,000.00 to have 5 new Panels installed.

We are on the 10 cents feed in tariff so our solar savings over the last 5 years, do not even cover the cost of the new panels, that we will have to obtain.
We live near Bundaberg in Queensland, if anyone has suggestions, or who would be the best to replace that faulty ones, we would appreciate any ideas or information.
In our opinion, Solar Power has not worked out as a money saver, which we expected.
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I have not been able to locate this company for service some 12 months after my installation occurred.
Are they still in business?
Their web site no longer works and although their phone is still connected, it only seems to go to an answering machine. Leaving messages does not seem to get any answers.
Very disappointed.
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They have no service, I rang them with a big problem such as my roof was on fire from the isolation switch and after calling an electrician to isolate my panels and me putting the fire out (lucky I was home at the time and we smelt the smoke) I still have had no return calls. When you ring during working hours you get the Philippines and they take your number and they say they will get someone to call you but no calls.
DO NOT TOUCH THEM AT ALL apparently that switch had a recall on it and no one contacted me. I was just lucky I was home and my house did not catch on fire.
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System was installed on time, 18 months ago. For the first 4-5 months the system was not working - so no rebate from the power company there. This last electricity has zero rebate, called the company and now get to talk to someone in the Phillipines. I have very little idea of what he was saying and needed to repeat and spell my name before he could get it correct. Maybe if I press sales, i will get to talk to someone in Australia. Solar Consultants were to get back to me within two hours. Called again today, got the same person in the Phillipines. Very frustrating to have a conversation with someone who you can not understand. Solar consultant still to call me back, but overall had the system 18months and it has worked for less than 12months. . Show additional information
Worst customer service ever! Show additional information
10 weeks after installation and we are still not connected to the grid. Energex gave us a written report saying that Solar Consultants had not finished the job. Solar Consultants dont want to know us anymore. Said we have to find our own electrician as they dont broker electricians! We paid in excess of $6,000 and still not connected to the grid until we pay for someone else to finish the job Solar Consultants started! Just a joke! Show additional information
Fourteen weeks after installation I have still not been connected to the grid,i.e.3+months with no benefit whatsoever. They forgot to pass on the paperwork to Energex. After my enquiries all I got was an email saying it's not their fault. Poor customer relations & absolutely no feedback / follow up after they got the money. Think twice Show additional information
Cannot fault dealing with solar consultants, the sales guy couldn't have been more helpful, they sent an installer out to run through the process with me, and the system was installed within days of giving the go ahead. Show additional information
Very helpful staff, great price, they use local people to install, no waiting and tidy job Show additional information
Everyone at Solar Consultants were so helpful, they all knew the subject and technicalities. Every promise was fulfilled. All round score 10 out of 10.
Highly recommended.
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Very good sales person, he was able to answer all queries and was very helpful. To be installed next week. And also thanks for all your help. Show additional information
I have just had a 5 kW system with 14 x 250W panels installed.
The service from Solar Consultants was excellent, Stacy in Sales, and Sharon in Installation, were so helpful.
The installers Daryl and Stewart were clean and professional, and the job they did was neat and tidy.
Would recommend Solar Consultants to anyone, I am even advising my son in law to contact them.
Alf Jones
Woodgate QLD
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I cannot really comment as it has only just been installed. Only took 3 guys 4 hours. Seems to be working OK. Show additional information
Till awaiting Energex to get their act together and come put to start everything off! Show additional information
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While it often appears difficult to distinguish one solar supplier from another, what stood out about Solar Consultants was:

(1) a genuinely helpful salesperson who followed up on every query following our initial discussion,

(2) a salesperson who did NOT mention competitors and/or try 'scare tactics' (unlike a sales consultant from one of the other, well-known suppliers),

(3) installers who did an exceptional, quality job, and kept us informed about any changes they had to make to the original plans,

(4) friendly office staff who didn't let down the sales consultant on any promises she had made, and

(5) a price that we felt was very fair in terms of what we were offered.

Thanks, Solar Consultants (especially Rebecca, the sales consultant, and Ben and Tim, the wonderfully thorough 'attention to detail' installers).
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Solar Consultants didn't send a sales guy around, they sent a tech / sparky who installs and owns a similar system. He didn't try to sell us at all, he checked the roof and power box then told us what would be the cost for a 5K system with a top shelf MSA inverter.

I asked all the usual questions about warranty after sales service and company history. The panels they use have 6 diodes not the usual 3, the also use 6 mm double insulated cable that is in conduit to the inverter! No other company that I had quote matched that...very nice.

He said that they are more about turnover not profit $7500 for the system installed with a free tablet to monitor. Nice. Similar quotes from most other suppliers 11,000 - 12,000.

Haven't got the system yet, but feel confident all will go well, will update after install.
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I have paid $500 deposit and have made two phone calls re-installation time. The first phone call I made I was promised a call back within a week. After two weeks I rang again and have been told they will ring me when they are ready to install it.

The salesperson was fantastic but I am not happy with the office side of their business and am quite concerned at this time whether I chose the right company.
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The sales person was excellent, verified what other companies had already explained and gave further enlightenment on some areas of solar which had not been explained in prior consultations. I was impressed that there was a price list, unlike some companies that had a flexible quote when the competitors price was discussed. I believe in "the best quote should be the quote offered initially", if this doesn't happen I am left wondering how much would I have been overcharged. Not so happy with with the installation date arrangement, I have a letter telling to phone and someone will call me within 2or 3 days to agree an installation date, when I called I was told someone will call in approx 2 weeks??? not good enough. To date I have not received a call so we are not off to a good start after the good impression left by initial sales person. Show additional information
The agent we dealt with has been very professional. System gets installed in two weeks. The quality of the system we are getting is very good from the research I have done on it. Would recommend Solar Consultants for price and quality. Show additional information
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All went according to plan from sales rep to installation team. I would recommend solar consultants to anyone wishing to install a solar system. Show additional information
Still to be installed. Show additional information
After receiving three quotations, I was happy to accept the Solar Consultants quote.

The negative feedback on your site was minimal on Solar Consultants.

They were the only company that warned that we needed a new upgraded meter box, which was quite apparent.

The included extra cost of the meter box was still comparable with the other quotes.

Although delays were warned of due to high demand, the substitute panels that were offered for immediate installation were of superior quality, and at no extra cost.

Installation, helpfulness and service were of the highest standards.
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Not yet connected by Energex - hopefully that will happen within the next week and the benefits will be reflected in the next electicity account. Show additional information
You won't learn all you need to know from 1 coy. Just phone & talk to many solar companies to find all the info. After this you will feel more confident in your decision. Show additional information
Tradesman appeared a bit 'flippant' about the installation. Did not come across as a professional. Show additional information
Very hard to decide as there are so many differing statements, opinions and news articles on the matter. Very undecided as well, seeing all the solar panel companies and companies having solar panel subsidiaries shutting down for various reasons which hit the mark (return on investment, actual throughput, after sales service issues, etc...) Show additional information
Installation was delayed by rain in Brisbane over 2 weeks. Finally, got it commissioned. Now waiting for connection to grid. Show additional information
We got a 2.5 kW system. $3900.00 Show additional information
The installation was delayed but has been installed in a very tidy manner. Overall, very impressed. Show additional information
We are very happy with our Solar and the team have been very helpful to us. Show additional information
Customer service was great, sales rep very helpful, when booked system and told there would be 2 weeks delay installing. Customer service upgraded inverter and panels installation perfect job paper work all done with Energex new meter installed within 12 days. Very happy. Show additional information
So far, the experience has been good, however there is an issue with the installation and Energex cannot connect, this was only discovered on Thursday last week.

Solar consultants have said that they will fix the problem ASAP. We will have to wait and see how this plays out. Issue is that they did not leave enough cable for Energex to connect or enough space in the metre box. Solar consultants seem to be very professional and we have also used their service support which was excellent. We just hope this problem is fixed quickly.

As far as Solar Quotes goes, thank you it is a simple, effective and easy way to do business. Solar Consultants out here giving us a quote within 24hours. However, only 2 of the 3 gave quotes.
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Solar consultants were the only company that had a local office (real bricks and morter), and I was welcomed to visit at any time. Show additional information
We were lead to believe we would be able to take readings of our solar system from our computer inside the house but this does not appear to be true which is disappointing.

We are yet to get a true indication of what our system will produce for us.
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The overall experience was very positive. Salesperson was not pushy and everyone was helpful and always answered our questions or came back to us with the information. Show additional information
Installation was done, on day nominated and the crew left the yard as they found it, CLEAN, they even add a circuit to the meter box at no extra charge, (up grade of Meter box was included in quote). I would recommend the company. I am very happy with the work and the product. Show additional information
We are still waiting for Energex to set up the meter and therefore sell back the additional power to the grid. It has taken quite a while and I suppose there is nothing we can do about this. Show additional information
Good experience all round. Show additional information
Looking closely at a number of solar installation companies there did seem to be large differences in their structure and what warranty they were actually giving. For the best mix of price, quality, warranty and confidence that the company will still be around I chose Solar Consultants. I am very happy with the way they quoted, organised and installed the system, they kept me informed all the way and completed the installation with a professional finish. Show additional information
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The system was installed within 4 weeks. Excellent service all the way through. Show additional information
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