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SolarGreen has been providing solar and other energy saving solutions for SE Queenslanders for over 7 years. We a full service provider specialising in Solar PV, Solar Hot Water, Solar Air Conditioning, Solar Ventilation, Solar Panel Cleaning, Commercial Solar and much more. SolarGreen offers ‘no deposit’ and ‘interest free’ finance options, giving you access to the benefits that solar provides sooner rather than later. We offer a free assessment of your home’s energy usage and will happily provide a list of recommendations to help you reduce and even illuminate your electricity bill in the future.

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Just got installed. Contractor provide me what I asked at a competitive price.
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Have been having issues in the past which have been addressed fairly quickly but have always felt I'm bothering the company. Paid a lot of money for the system and expect it to be looked after if there's problems. Had a service call out recently, wasn't informed that it was going to cost me $200!!! Would definitely not choose SolarGreen again.
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Robert was extremely knowledgeable and made the whole process simple. No pushy sales patter, just good information and time to consider all options.
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After purchasing our Solar Power from SolarGreen, we also purchased Solar Air Conditioning and Solar Hot Water for our home from SolarGreen, because we were so impressed with their service, knowledge and product quality. We would absolutely recommend SolarGreen to anyone wanting a quality system with really great service and simple explanations. Haven't looked back since all of the installations. We have an environmentally friendly house, peace of mind and money to spend on holidays now instead of bills.
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This was an upgrade of a 1Kw system to utilise the full capacity of the 2Kw capable inerter fitted.

Of the 3 suppliers listed Halcol were unable meet the requirement and CSA Services did not respond.
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I had a solar hot water service installed.
Unfortunately I was only contacted by ONE of the suppliers. But I still decided to go with them because I had confidence in their advice and the apparent quality of the products they supplied, AND I trusted the salesperson who is also the director of SolarGreen. As it turned out, I was delighted with the installations and service.
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The one I chose was the only one who came to the house and discussed the installation before quoting. He wasn't the cheapest, and I may have been able to do better pricewise, but he is local and is well established. He also put in writing words to the effect- "drive away, no more to pay ! No nasty surprises !"
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Having your website to help decipher all the jargon was indeed extremely helpful and your comparison a very good tool.
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Solar Green was recommended through our power provider AGL. Prior to quoting etc. the rep came to the house, inspected everything and worked out what system would suit our requirements. Queries since installation have been answered quickly and accurately.

Thank you very much for all your email advice and keep up the good work in a field that can be very confusing for the novice.
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Not sure yet. The solar system was installed yesterday. Too soon to tell.
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Still waiting to see the impact it will have on our electricity costs - haven't yet had a bill since installation and hook up. Already had solar hot water, so only installed a 1 kw system because we only wanted to generate enough for our needs. Did have to wait about 5 weeks for Country Energy meter after installation of the system.
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