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Sunday Energy designs and installs solar power systems in Perth and the rest of Western Australia. The company started thanks to the input of some independent solar PV sales and design consultants, who were already working for firms across the region.

Customers are provided with all the factual information possible before deciding on which solar power system to choose - efforts will be made to give you the most accurate data on how your product will perform.

Product warranties offered by Sunday Energy are Australian-based and photographs are taken at every stage of the installation for customers to view.

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I was looking for Sunday Energy in Perth WA. It looks like they are no longer in business.
They have reviews on this site but the last one is in 2014. Their web site says "Site offline". Their address on Google is 3/8 Lindsay Rd, Wangara WA 6065 but at a unit there the owner said they have never been there since the factory units were built.
Response from enquiry to
Thanks for your email.
Sunday Energy are not part of the Solar Quotes installer network, and unfortunately I'm not familiar with them. Sorry!
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I was very happy with Sunday Energy from start to finish. Travis took time to explain every bits and pieces. Installation was not rushed and quality of system is excellent. Would definitely recomment to anyone considering solar. Sunday Energy is not the cheapest but quality of service and product is outstanding.
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Anybody thinking of getting Solar panels do yourself a favour and talk to Travis at Sundayenergy.He has a degree in electrical engineering and renewable energy.He explains the system design, what you can expect from the system and only uses the best products which you can verify yourself.
Travis is also on site to install the system and is particular about all aspects of the install.
Travis freely admits they are not the cheapest but you get a quality system correctly installed which will last years and years without a problem. Do it once do it right.
Very happy.
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We are in the Perth treed hills. Unique! He actually came on site with his analogue solar inclinometer and measured solar receptivity for each of our most likely roofs and recommended the West facing ones as being the best (we had already partially worked out this one). Top grade panels were recommended and the biggest surprise was the inverter system: "Enecsys" micro inverters - one for each panel with only panels affected by shade/cloud cover cutting out. Very efficient. These inverters have been invented and designed by Cambridge University U.K. and are accordingly "intelligent". They are accompanied by soft ware which reads, live, the panels minute by minute, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly yearly performance. It gives dollars earned (register your State) and temperature. Each panels individual performance is shown live. Other very useful information about the connection was given.
We consider ourselves fortunate in our selection. Truly remarkable.
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Original Review on 12-09-2010:

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Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: N/A
Installation: N/A
Customer Service: 4/5

24 months later we asked Glen: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Saved exactly the amount of money predicted.
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Used this installer as he was recommended by my brother who had a larger system installed and was happy.
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Travis Hargraves (SUNDAY Energy) has been excellent from the very first time he called by to quote. He took the time to thoroughly explain the whole system, and not just do a quote. He was actually with us for about 1 1/2 hours just making sure we were aware of everything. He went on the roof and measured everything and fully advised exactly what we would need in order to achieve our aim of zeroing the account at today's rate, and also getting ahead on the bill. Thank you Travis, you were/are streets ahead of the other 2 quotes/salespeople that supplied quotes.
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As mum is elderly and doesn't speak english very well Travis was very patient and understanding of mum's needs and explained the solar power system in depth. He was confident in his product and once we signed up kept us updated with what was happening. Would highly recommend this company to anyone wishing to have Solar power installed.
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The installation was carried out with courtiousy and effiency using good quality materials. Our expectation of the system has so far been met by the system performance and is well in line with the advice given by the company representative who arranged the installation. The installation itself is neat and of sturdy construction.

I would recommend this company to any potential buyer of a solar system.
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was impressed by the attention to detail, for example moving the tv aerial so it didn't shade the panels and also not making unrealistic promises like saving half the electricity bill like some of the other companies did.
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The installer (whose company also goes under the name of Ecofficient Living) came across as quite professional and provided alot of technical information. We found that he appeared quite knowledgable, and provided some good information in terms of performance of the system throughout the year, whereas other salespersons had only provided "ideal condition" statistics.

However, we did feel a little let down on the pricing side as there was some information we found out ourselves later after the contract which we felt that he could have been more honest about. We did find that the value of the RECS was actually a significant amount different from what he was telling us as the current market price.

Installation was quick and quite neat. There were a few tiles broken that they did repair with silicon, however I had to seal the gap around one tile myself as it was raised due to the cables going into the roof from the panels. It was raised by almost an inch at the lower edge of the tile, hence I was surprised that they hadn't sealed around it.

System performance has been good so far, and Travis has still been quite good with follow up communications.

Overall, I felt that there were some things he could have done better, and also that he could have provided more information in terms of smartpower rates, the tariff periods, references for RECS. But the system is successfully installed and appears to be operating well so far.
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