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Vic Solar Reviews

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About Vic Solar, Solar Installers

Vic Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in and serves . Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes

Vic Solar Solar Reviews

Do not buy off them. The owner won't answer calls. They were unlicensed in NSW to operate. Wont call us back. Show additional information
Got a quote from a salesman at the door selling to Community Buy $12,765....did the talk and the push, must sign tonight.....I wanted to do some research so we said we'll think about it so he left....20 minutes later he called and claimed he got us a better deal as he spoke to his manager $7890.....I was reluctant (who gives you such a discount) but he worked on my husband and we signed and paid a deposit.......I wasn't happy so I started to get other quotes......all were cheaper and close to the same amount but I found a company that sold the exact same system as the one we were quoted on by the door salesman (even though he declared that his company was exclusive) for half the price, amazing.....We went with Vicsolar, the system is called Onesolar.....Have 12 panels instead of the 10 we were quoted on, sounds like a good 3kW. Inverter for $5150.......Insulation was on time, quick and clean but it took 2 months to get paperwork through to have it up and running...I chose to use my right of having 10 days cooling period, cancelled the original contract and it took a month to get back the refund of my deposit.......Now it's a matter to see how well the system will perform
Hope this information will be helpful to someone else......Thank you for the opportunity
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System had to be moved and changed 3 times. The whole process took over 1 year. Show additional information
Initially I were happy to invest the money ($20,000) into solar but having now purchased and had it installed I am not seeing the benefits financially of solar. A rebate of 6c-7c per kW makes the investment a waste of time. I still receive electricity bills each month which are basically the same as prior to the burden of the initial $20,000 investment.
I were expecting my bills to be considerably lower (obviously) and the system to basically pay for itself which is not the case.
A complete waste of time and money if you ask me...

P.S If you have any tips at all to maximise my solar investment I would love to hear from you.
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They Promise the world, tell you the repayments will be covered by the savings. Buyer beware!!! Savings don't even come close. They are over you to get a sale and then rude when you follow them up. Show additional information
Don't recommend this supplier just like comment already made, sales rep promised the world and hasn't delivered. Now stuck with paying electricity bills and the panels!
I regret not checkibg out the reviews before buying!
Wish I'd got what was promised in writing.
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Ensure get a number of quotes before making a purchase decision. Show additional information
I had my panels installed by Vic Solar back in April and discovered in October that I wasn't put on the grid.....6 MONTHS LATER. After my enquiry they emailed the paperwork through to my electricity supplier. In November my electricity supplier imforms me some of my paper work has expired. So now it has to be resubmitted. So still not up and running and it's nearly Christmas. I have been paying off the panels, which was meant to be what i saved on my electricity bill. I have been paying off the panels and also electricity bills. Vic Solar said they would show me the original email which they sent to Red Energy, but they have failed to show me. I don't believe they informed Red Energy, to have my house put on the grid. So not happy and i guess they won't compensate me for their mistake. I was looking at buying another house next year and was going to get them to put solar on again. But unless i get some sort of compensation, they have lost my business. We are only human and would be nice if they admitted their mistake! Show additional information
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A nice sales person who promised the world and delivered none of it. 3 months later, we are stuck with a hideous looking product that only generates 8kwh and no one returning any of our calls. Once they get their money, you can say goodbye to customer service. Make sure you get what the sales person says down in writing. Show additional information
I originally wanted a 5kW system but it was important I could not see the panels (council regulations) and I could only fit 14 panels because the sales guy did not measure the roof...he just guessed. That was disappointing as they should have been more thorough Show additional information
My brother also went with the same company for a special deal(?) They were installed by separate teams, His was excellent, I had to recall them to fix a very poor cabling/ducting job which although legal looked very ordinary. This was done within a week but only because we had not paid the full amount until it was done. Otherwise we are happy with what we got. Still waiting on the Electricity company to do it's part! Show additional information