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YES Solar specialises in the supply of solar PV panels to distributors all over Australia. Installers working for the firm are accredited by the Clean Energy Council, while the solar panels themselves are IEC 61215 accredited.

All solar power systems supplied by YES Solar are designed using the best value technology so that more Australians can switch to clean energy and lower their bills.

Wherever possible, customers are encouraged to take advantage of the various state and federal incentives available for changing to renewable energy sources. Anyone interested in receiving more information is urged to get in touch with the company directly.

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Great price and service. The installation team were like a well oiled machine. The whole job completed in one day. Very happy customer.

I rang to enquire about a solar system, and a salesman arrived the same day, and emailed their quotation the following day.

Yes they organised the grid connection which was completed within a few days.
The team were punctual, organised, tidy and polite.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Brett was honest, reliable and on time.
The quality of work was exceptional and I would definitely refer clients to Yeppoon Electrical and Solar.
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Original Review on 02-06-2010:

I would ensure that the installer supplies and connects the feed in meter. The delay for your permission to connect and then finding a level 2 service provider can waste a lot of time. Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 4/5

28 months later we asked Les: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

This system albeit only a 1.5 Kw has made a huge difference to our power bills, in fact we haven't had to pay a bill since it's installation, how good's that! We did get in on the governments initial offer of 60cents a Kw, God bless Nathan Reece. If any of these other jokers we fair dinkum about climate change, there'd be more incentives for people to add solar power, I'm certain it makes a difference! Should be more of it!!
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The guys were very informative, much cheaper than the rest and quality components. They did basically everything and of course the guarantee comes with it. Very happy.

Thanks also for your advice and help. We need more people out there like you.
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i have had a wonderful expriance so far from yes solar, they installed the panels in two weeks as promised and all the paper work was done form me. stilla waiting on the meter from EA so that i can hopefully enjoy the benifits
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A couple of minor communications issues (internally within Yes Solar) that caused a slight delay (acceptable) in the installation date but other than that the overall experience was quite good. Prior to acceptance of quote, terms and conditions and brochure of product was made available. Allow up to 2 weeks from signing to installation. Make sure you know who your energy provider is in case you have delays getting the feedback meter. I am with Integral and had no problems at all.
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