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Inverter Growatt 3000MTL from Growatt

The Growatt 3000MTL is among the most popular inverters suitable for residential use; all the inverters in the MTL family are all grid-tied and multi-string with multiple MPP trackers, meaning that users have the possibility to connect them to different solar module arrays.

This product in particular, features an overall efficiency of 97.5% and an output power of 3000W and is also able to manage an input PV voltage between 100 and 500V. All Growatt’s inverters can work reliably even in quite harsh weather conditions, and this means that customers will be able to safely use this device in ambient temperatures up to 60°C.

The 3000MTL is AS4777 and AS/NZS 3100 certified, meaning that users can safely install it and use it, also thanks to the fact that Growatt equipped it with quite a few security systems including the leakage current monitoring systems, the ground fault monitoring system, and more. Moreover, this product comes with a standard 5-year guarantee, which is extendable up to 10 years.

If you want to give the 3000MTL a closer look, this page has its full technical profile. If you want to get a general overview of Growatt’s solar inverters, click here to find some useful information. Furthermore, if you tried this inverter in the past, feel free to share your experience with us.

Model Growatt 3000MTL
DC Voltage 100-500
AC Power 3000
Efficiency 97.50
Growatt Growatt 3000MTL