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Inverter Growatt 3600MTL from Growatt

The 3600MTL is a solar inverter manufactured by Growatt and specifically developed for households and general residential applications. This 3600, like all the other products in the MTL series, is a grid-tied, multi-string inverter with double MPP trackers, and this means that users will have the chance to connect it to several solar module arrays.

This product has an overall efficiency of almost 98% with an output power of 3600W, being able to manage an input PV voltage between 100 and 600V. The device can safely operate in harsh weather conditions, and is equipped with several security systems including the leakage current monitoring systems, the ground fault monitoring system, and more.

As far as communication interfaces are concerned, the 3600MTL mounts the most popular ones including RS232, RS485, and the support for a Bluetooth and WI-FI connection.

Here, on this link you can have a closer look to this device, and if you want an overview of Growatt’s inverters, here you can find some more useful information about their products. If you tried this inverter in the past, feel free to share your experience with us.

Model Growatt 3600MTL
DC Voltage 100-600
AC Power 3600
Efficiency 97.60
Growatt Growatt 3600MTL