Solar Panel Comparison Chart

By Finn Peacock, Chartered Electrical Engineer, Fact Checked By Ronald Brakels

I put this tool together to help you answer the question: “Is this solar panel brand I’ve been quoted actually any good?” and “How can I compare the different brands?”

PLEASE NOTE!compare solar panels in our new table that enables you to view prices and more detailed specifications of modules from various popular brands side by side – click here.

Historical notes for previous tool

The old tool that existed on this page was fully decommissioned in July 2021 – the new comparison tool is much better, more relevant and importantly, kept up to date!

The old tool was a searchable list of hundreds of solar panels approved by the Clean Energy Council for use in Australia, along with performance and Californian accreditation data that helped Australians compare solar panels to discover which panels are good quality and which ones will actually give the most power when they are on your roof.

How it was used:

This list contained a performance ratio that I calculated for each model of solar panel (note: no longer applies on new tool).

The performance ratio showed how much power you can expect to get out of a panel compared to the size rating of the module. (For the solar geeks among you – this is simply a ratio of the STC to PTC)

So a performance ratio of 100% would mean a 165W panel would actually produce 165W in the real world. This never happened with older panels.

If the panel had been approved in California, then the performance ratio was based on independent laboratory tests as the Californian Government tests each model of panel before they are allowed for use over there. This means you can really trust those numbers!

Just because a panel is not approved by the Californians, that does not mean that it is crap. It may well be because those panels are not sold into the US – or that it uses a slightly different model number in the US.

If there are panels that you would like to see  that are not on the new comparison table, please contact me.

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