Insider Secrets of a Quality Solar Panel Installation

What does a professional solar install look like? How would you know? I’m guessing you’ve never watched a solar install. No reason you ever should have. There’s probably something a little odd about you if you have watched an installation since a solar install is not exactly “The Empire Strikes Back”.

But I filmed one back in 2012 precisely that reason – if you’ve never seen one, you won’t know what to look for when they come and start crawling around on your roof.

You won’t know how to tell a good installation from a shoddy one. So even though you haven’t made your final decision about solar power, or about the installer you’ll use…if you watch these quick videos now, and familiarize yourself with the 19 Quality Install Tips, then you can keep it on file to pull out if/when you do have solar panels installed.

Solar Power Install Part 1 : Introduction

Welcome to sunny Sydney where I will walk you through a quality solar power installation and show you what to look out for to ensure you get a good installation that will last for decades.

Solar Power Install Part 2 : The Solar Inverter

See how a solar inverter is installed as part of a good quality solar power installation.

Note: There are situations where is makes sense to have the inverter positioned some distance away from the fusebox. See this discussion of inverter locations for more details.

Solar Power Install Part 3 : DC Wiring

How to route the wires from a solar inverter to the solar panels in a typical domestic solar power installation.

Note: Since this video was made it is now mandatory to have all wires that go through the house in conduit.

Solar Power Install Part 4 : The Solar Panels

Watch the solar panels get installed in a domestic solar power installation in Australia. See the small things that make a big difference to the quality of your install.

Solar Power Installation Part 5 : The Wrap Up

The solar panels are up, the inverter is on the wall and wired into the panels and fusebox. All that’s left to do is for the installation company to arrange for a level 2 electrician to install a new meter.

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