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About RedEarth, Solar Batteries

RedEarth solar batteries review

RedEarth is an Australian energy storage company that engineers and assembles battery solutions here in Australia - so it's one of a handful of battery companies that does.

RedEarth originally had a special focus on off-grid battery systems, but then also moved into producing a range of grid-connected battery systems, including:

  • Sunrise Mini: All-in-one solution offering up to 12.3kWh capacity and backup power capability
  • Sunrise Maxi: A fully autonomous solution available in up to 24.6kWh capacity.
  • Sunrise 3-phase: An all-in-one battery system for 3-phase homes expandable to 32kWh capacity
  • DropBear: An all-in-one system with continuous 7.5kW power rating and battery capacity options of 13.2kWh - 44kWh

Previously, RedEarth used battery packs from LG Chem, but then designed its own Troppo battery that boasts lithium ferro phosphate (LFP) chemistry - widely considered the safest of all battery chemistries.

A Troppo unit has a self-managed Battery Management System (BMS), accessible 63A DC dual pole On/Off switch, overcurrent protection device and display.

All of the above solutions are accompanied by a 10 year warranty and as the company is located in Australia (Brisbane), help should always be close at hand if you run into problems.

A reasonably new on-grid battery entrant, we don't have much real-world performance information to provide, but have listed some further specifications on our battery comparison table. If you have a RedEarth battery storage system, add your opinion of its performance by clicking the "leave a review" button towards the top of this page.

RedEarth Solar Battery Reviews

Easily takes over running the house during power outages, runs all the essentials plus a few luxuries if you’re sensible. Option to attach a small generator to help the batteries out if needed. Batteries are Aussie made too.
Bought From: Thompson Electrical and Solar
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Bought From: Steve Torpy Electrical and Security and Coastal Solar Solutions Show additional information
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Bought From: Red Earth Energy Storage Limited Show additional information
Bought From: Red Earth Energy Storage Limited Show additional information
Bought From: Red Earth Energy Storage Limited Show additional information
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