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Allied Energy Pty Ltd Reviews

Allied Energy Pty Ltd

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Allied Energy Pty Ltd Overall Rating From 6 Reviews:

6 Reviews

Average Customer Review (6 customer reviews)


Allied Energy Pty Ltd is a solar energy company based in Perth. The company stocks and uses a large range of the world’s leading brands of solar panels and inverters. An analysis of customer reviews showed that the company rated very highly for value for money, systems quality, installation and customer service.
Customer testimonials for Allied Energy Pty Ltd are available, and include the following:
“ I found communication with Allied difficult. All contact was via mobile phone with messages often not responded to. There were problems with the installation in that the installers, Heath Tournier Electrical required extensive safety scaffolding 20m long x 6m high, as ours is a two storey house. This caused a delay in installation of over two weeks. A criticism I would have of Allied is that nobody properly assessed our site. The sales staff have no practical knowledge, used Google to measure/quote (this proved not to be accurate) and were not interested in ensuring issues as they arose; saying they were the installers’ responsibility. Having said that, Allied adhered to the terms of our contract which was very price competitive, however I would recommend that for anything other than a standard single storey, any prospective buyer insist that the site is properly measured. I was impressed with the installing company and their approach to OHS as well as their work standard. The system has been operating now for nearly three weeks and I am more than satisfied with the performance to date of the Canadian solar panels and Aurora inverter.”
“Everything was explained in full. Recommended a larger inverter so we can add more panels later. Very happy, just awaiting installation.”

Rating Comments Name State Postcode

>>> See Sue's review
Sue WA 6110
I found communication with Allied difficult. All contact was via mobile phone wi ...
>>> See Darrall's review
Darrall WA 6153
I'm happy with system and service. Supplier-Salesperson they are W.Australian fa ...
>>> See Vinko's review
Vinko WA 6156
I found the best quote and got my friend who was working for Regen at the time t ...
>>> See Philip's review
Philip WA 6147
Was up to date with everything to do with his industry
>>> See Mark's review
Mark WA 6152
everything was explained in full recommended a larger inverter so we can add mor ...
>>> See Vic&sheila's review
Vic&sheila WA 6164

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Allied Energy Pty Ltd