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About Auzion, Solar Installers

Auzion is a relative newcomer (2008) in the solar energy industry but its founder Mark Leckenby (Bachelor Elec Engineering) has more than 25 years experience as an electrical engineer. Other company executives are equally qualified and experienced. Mark Gerrard (B Science, Adv Dip Renewable Energy) is also a co founder of the Sustainable Maleny Group. He is accredited with the Clean Energy Council for design and installation of solar grid connect systems. The company’s Head Office is in Queensland but it also operates throughout NSW and Victoria.

The company says that it has supervisory and installation staff throughout all three States and also uses fully qualified sub contractors. Auzion also says that it is proud of its research and development history, and is continually striving to keep itself to the forefront of new technology.

Customer testimonials for Auzion are available, and include the following: “The Auzion PV system, which increased our capacity to generate our own power, and the AuzMAX system which helps us reduce our power wastage, together will help us be more efficient users of electricity. We recommend these systems to others, and can say that the contractors and staff that have been involved in the installation of all the components were very professional as well as considerate and careful whilst working in our home.”

“ Auzion provided us with excellent pre purchase and pre delivery advice, and followed through with a site check and a timely installation. All of Auzion’s work was carried out in a very professional manner.”

Auzion Solar Reviews

Re The following companies and associated entities:

Auzion Enterprises Pty Ltd; Advancetech Pty Ltd; Auzimax and Blueline Solar Pty Ltd; Apollo Solar; Enopte

We installed a 3.5kilowatt solar panel system through Auzion Enterprises Pty Ltd in December 2012. This company sub-contracted the installation to Advancetech Pty Ltd.

In July 2013 our inverter was found to be faulty and was replaced after much argument with representatives of Auzion Enterprises Pty Ltd. In fact it was only after threat of legal action that Auzion Enterprises Pty Ltd relented and carried out the replacement of the faulty unit.

In June 2014 our own investigations revealed the isolators which had been installed by Advancetech as agents for Auzion Enterprises Pty Ltd were subject of an Australia wide recall. This resulted in many long and tedious telephone calls and e-mail correspondence to Auzion Enterprises Pty Ltd offices and the company principals. Auzion Enterprises Pty Ltd informed us that Advancetech Pty Ltd had gone into voluntary liquidation and we would need to pay for the repairs ourselves. Our own inquiries revealed this liquidation had occurred in May 2014.

We attempted to obtain compensation for the repairs from Auzion Enterprises Pty Ltd as they were the principal contractors for our installation however this met with negative results. In October 2014 we were advised that Auzion Enterprises Pty Ltd had entered in liquidation

In September 2014 advice was received from the Queensland Attorney General’s office that the isolators which had been installed by Advancetech Pty Ltd as agents for Auzion Enterprises Pty Ltd were recalled as they faulty were a fire risk.

In January 2016 our inverter unit which was replaced in July 2013 stopped working. We have contacted Auzion Enterprises Pty Ltd and Auzimax but received no response to date.

The above named companies are intrinsically linked in fact a search of the internet reveals all of those except Advancetech Pty Ltd have links and with some of the same names on the CEO listing/s.

This review is to warn anybody considering entering into business dealings with any of the above named companies or persons associated with these companies to be aware of our experiences with the companies. We would advise you to stay very clear.
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We signed our contract to have solar panels installed in April 2012 however they were not installed until September 2012. There was little communication advising us of the delays. The electrical workmanship was poor resulting in our inverter failing twice. Auzion was advised of this poor workmanship however over a period of four months they failed to respond to our request for an assessment of the inverter fault. Only after a complaint was lodged with the Electrical Safety Office and Office of Fair Trading did Auzion take action. During this period of inaction we incurred a high electrical bill which Auzion would not accept responsibility for. Their justification was that they are not responsible for the work of their contractors and the delay in their response was because they have \'thousands of installations to attend to\'. If you are looking for quality customer service demonstrated by prompt company response and full responsibility for warranty issues then I would not recommend Auzion. Auzion does not respond to communication or warranty issues promptly nor fulfill their responsibilities under legislation covering consumer rights and conditions of warranty. Show additional information
Your website was extremely informative and made it much easier to make an informed decision. Thanks. Show additional information
Show additional information
I found Auzion very easy to deal with. The date to install was only a week after they received my go-ahead. The installers were very quick to install. Show additional information
I got caught up in the price fall of the recs and the company did not handle it well as their notification was only 4 working hours before installation. To their credit they honoured the original price. Show additional information
The eight panels were installed facing west. I would have preferred North facing and contacted Azion with my concern. They looked at my roof on computer and said it should be ok. Time will tell when I receive my next power bill.

Installation went smoothly and quickly.

I chose Azion because it was a local company and a friend in the retirement village recommended them. They were the first to respond and I did not get further quotes.
Thank you.
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The salesperson was light on detail and the roof was slightly damaged during installation, otherwise they were effecient. Show additional information
Polite, quick and efficient service. They made it so easy for us. Thank you for referring them to us. Show additional information
The start of this process was most daunting, not really knowing nor understanding a lot about solar energy, however are reading and putting into practice many of your hints/tips and making some small adjustments to our daily usage of energy I am quite excited about the coming installation of our solar panels. There appears to be many different levels of quality and equipment on the market and we have chosen a company who have been in this business for some years and are local to our area. Thank you for your assistance in helping us make this decision, I now feel that I am somewhat of a solar energy know it all and am driving friends and family crazy with my new found knowledge.
Thanks again
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The installer is a local business involved with the Sunshine Coast University. Their price was the most competitive and they have installed for a friend. The downside is that they are unable to instal for three months due to delay in receiving panels. Show additional information
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Auzion's service and installation personel were very professional and polite.

The other outfit from the Gold Coast did their best to put me off using them, and it worked! They over priced everything, tried to sell me unneccesary extras and even wanted to charge me freight for the panels, as well as acommadation for the installers!
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I found it a little difficult to compare each quote because of the different sizes of the panels and inverter. It's like comparing apples with oranges. I think in the end I'd talked enough and just said "Go ahead'! The Inverter was a 2.25, not 3 as I stated above. Also, they offered Clear Shield Coating which would save me climbing onto the roof as often! Who knows if it works...

Thanks for your help though.
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The service we received from Auzion was good, however when it came to the installers unfortunately, they were not as great with keeping us up to date with what was happening. The system was not installed in time (this was sorted out between AUzion and installer) but no one kept us up to date. Overall we are happy with the product but are still waiting on electricity provider to come out. We have been advised that are a bit behind at the moment. Thank you for sending through the three suppliers to us. Show additional information
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Iam happy to answer your other questions when we are fully operational Show additional information
Auzion was able to give us a system using 250 kw panels which worked better with our roof profile. The price was reasonable and they used a Caloundra produced inverter. Show additional information
Auzion gave a quick & competitive quote, accurate information & on research good quality products. Installation was prompt with friendly & efficient staff. Show additional information
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The installation was ahead of time. The lads doing the job were early. When finished, the place was as is when they came, no mess. Very polite and obliging. I am very happy with my system and have no hesitation in recomending this company. Show additional information
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Sales person was average, but the claimed technical and research background and time in the industry were factors which influenced our decision.

Not very happy that the government reduced the unit price of rebate for REC's, causing a significant increase in the cost of the system.
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Queensland company, respectful salesperson, punctual, reliable and friendly installers. After sales and installation queries are answered quickly. Time frames advised for installation and the following paperwork with Energex and Origin were less than expected, meaning everything happened faster. They fill you with total confidence and appreciation. Show additional information
They put the price up by $900 after signing a contract not good. Show additional information
Bit of a mixed bag really - almost didn't go with Auzion - sales was a weakness, but customer support and technical support personnel have been excellent. A gliche occurred part way into the contract with prices being adjusted to cover the poor market performance of the RECs. However, through discussion with relevant members of the Auzion team we have become satisfied with the deal that has been struck and, at this stage, are relatively happy with the way things have eventuated. Show additional information
Only 2 companies contacted me and since there is so many around I was surprised about that. I also asked that I wanted to be contacted by phone which one company didnt do and they gave me a quote via email that I didn't even really understand.
So I was happy to give my business to the person that actually took the time to come and visit me like I asked.
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Still waiting for installation so can not comment on the above three questions. Show additional information
Auzion was great to deal with, all questions asked were answered. Installation was neat and tidy. We were told 6 to 8 wks to install, was installed within 4 wks! Just waiting now for Energex to come and do there part, and install the new meter. Show additional information
A painless experience! system up and running within 4 weeks of installation which is great. Show additional information
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YES TWO THINGS THE SALES PERSON although very nice and informative got the deposit wrong and rang us back a week later and asked for another 2,700+ to complete the deposit stating he had only dealt with cash customers, sorry but that didn't wash and we very nearly jumped shiip at this stage, but again the salesman provided an acceptable alternative. We get the system installed next week, but just one more thing, OUR PM ---WHERE IS THE PROMISE NOT TO DROP THE SOLAR RECS PRICES UNTIL 01/07/2011, WE ALL KNOW THAT THEY ARE BROKE BUT IT WILL BE REMEMBERED AT THE NEXT ELECTION. PLEASE LOBBY THEM TO HAVE SOME FEELING FOR THE EVERYDAY PERSON THE ADDED PRICE HAS AUTOMATICALLY LOCKED THE DOOR TO SOLAR FOR A LARGE PERCENTAGE OF EVERYDAY AUSTRALIANS, I HAVE SPOKEN TO OTHERS AT WORK WHO WERE GOING AHEAD WITH SOLAR BUT NOT NOW, DOESN'T THE PM GIVE A DAM ABOUT THE COUNTRY. She is still getting paid. Thanks for your time. Show additional information
I don't really know how 'good' it is yet. It just got connected. The salesperson, Ross, seemed like a genuine and honest guy, and I was impressed by the installers. By the way, I have recently heard that solar panels do not save enough energy during their lifetime to make up for the energy it takes to make them. This is disheartening of course. Of course, as usual, there are more promising approaches that have not made it to the commercial drawing board. (I'm still waiting for those electric cars - and now - ones that run on air!)

I feel guilty I did not follow up with you, as you seemed quite accommodating, but we did stumble into this enthusiastic neighbour, so that's how the cookie crumbles, I guess.
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Only 4 weeks from installation so don't know how much electricity account reduced yet.

I have to go back to Auzion to see what average output per day should be to check meter.
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Auzion was the only company willing to come out and visit and give a proper quote. The sales person was knowledgeable and not pushy for a sale at all. He gave me all the information I needed and let me decide on my own in my own time.

Installation was quick (within three weeks) and there were no problems. They employ their own installation people. The paperwork supplied by them explained the procedure of installing power well. They suggested I go for the larger inverter so I could add further panels at a later date without needing another inverter. I would use them again.
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The Company Representative who visited our home was able to answer all our questions fully. He was very helpful. The installers were prompt, professional and again, answered any questions which we had, and also gave us some helpful tips. They cleaned up after themselves, and all in all it was a very positive experience. Show additional information
Show additional information
Not easy at this stage, so soon after installation, to know how it all compares with other companies. But I had some confidence in what I was told. Show additional information
The installation was completed two weeks from signing the contract. The guys who installed the system really knew what they were doing. Very professional and neat job. Show additional information
Everything went along like clockwork. Show additional information
They are a local company with a long standing reputation and were able to install in 2-3 weeks. They were reliable and the sales person was very good to work with. He was a local person and had a similar system installed on his own home and was happy with it Show additional information
It was a choose between two, One did not show up on the appointment and rang the next day to reschedule, which wasted my time and was wiped. I found the Nicholac group and Auzion the best price even from internet prices and decided with Auzion, because it was bit cheaper not by much, but now is costing me more because they did not quote the work on the power broad correctly. Otherwise I would have gone with Nicholac group, because there's was the same system with bigger and less number of panels. Show additional information
We haven't had the system installed as yet - only having made the decision this week. The customer service we have received so far has been fantastic but hard to make a comment on the other as we haven't seen it or had the benefit of it as yet. Show additional information
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