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Braemac Energy (SA) Pty Ltd emerged from the core of Braemac Pty Ltd, the largest electronic components distributor in Australia. Braemac was founded in Sydney in 1984 and is entirely Australian owned. The company has established a solid reputation spanning over 25 years. With offices throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, the UK and the USA, Braemac is a global corporation employing over 200 people. Because of our long association with electronics we supply only quality components for trouble free longevity.

Braemac Energy’s headquarters is at Melrose Park. The South Australian office has been running for 23 years.


We offer ‘value’ for money propositions. We remain committed to the use of ONLY Quality panels & SMA (German), ABB & Zever Solar (SMA China) Inverters, Stanwic & Clenergy Mounting systems and high quality electrical cable & accessories (Isolators, conduits, breakers etc.). We install systems the correct way – first time. We achieve this by ensuring our in-house CEC Accredited system designers work individually on each customers PV design layout, and that each installation is optimised to suit local conditions.

Apart from numerous residential installations, Braemac Energy is endorsed by The Department of Planning and Infrastructure as supplier to South Australian schools, with over 60 schools completed.

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Original Review on 07-04-2016:

Braemac were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish, Graham Smith the consultant was intelligent,new his stuff, did not try to high pressure sell, and came back to check on the installation to ensure all was okay. The installers were very professional, a family business father and sons, did an excellent job, prompt, quick, efficient, and courteous.

I would recommend Braemac to anyone as a 5 star company.

Peter Jones
Original ratings

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

8 months later we asked Peter: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes it has, so far so good. Unfortunately the installer/ supplier BRAEMAC ENERGY is closing down in SA due to lack of orders, which has left us out on a limb if any problems occur.
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I have only just had it installed, so it's possible things could go pear shaped. A little disappointed with the lack of info and contact immediately after installation in that I had to contact them with about 5 questions- these should be anticipated. Having said that, the rep came over (the only one who did) and changed my mind on a few aspects and put any doubts to rest.
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Can't comment on the system quality until a reasonable amount of time has passed.
It was sold to me as a quality system.
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Braemac displayed credibility and professionalism all the way from sales to contract negotiation to installation.
We would recommend their services highly.
Ian & Lyn
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The installation went ahead despite threatening clouds and was completed without fuss.
The salesman answered some silly questions from me and replied as best he could without being condescending.
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Within days of enquiry the rep.came to my home . He spent over an hour explaining the set up and answered all my questions.
The installation was done so efficiently with no fuss. Great team work.
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I obtained 4 quotes all looked good. Two of them came out to the house to complete the quote. I spoke with True Value, Solar Wholesalers, Solarland, and Planet Power. They all offered different panels and different configerations of placement of panels. Planet Power talked about A/C panels. True Value were extremely pushy, saying the quote was terrific the best quote we could get if we signed there and then.

Braemac came out within a week, climbed onto the roof of both the shed and the house, took into account our rather large pergola, the fact that our house roof was rather shallow, and suggested we go with panels on both the shed and the house, each having a different exposure.

This all made sense to us, and we went ahead with the quote. The date of installation was in fact while we were away interstate. We had someone minding the house, and they said the two people installing were very informative and polite. The installation was completed in the one day and there was no cleaning up to do, and everything has been working fine. The installer did return to the house this week to install an additional switch that has become law since our system was installed. No cost to us, and no bother. Very happy indeed.
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I wish I applied for a higher kw system at the time as I am unable to add the extra panels as I was planning!
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Original Review on 04-04-2011:

Some companies also give you a payback and an ROI figure which paint an extremely rosy picture with regards to return.

My experience with the companies from the SolarQuotes leads.

'Company A' came out to give me a quote. After asking many questions the rep left with probably 6 or 7 questions to which he had no answer but promised to get back to me with - after a week still no response or firm quotes! The panels seemed to be of dubious quality (Simax) which I wasn't able to find on the CEC site -however I was able to find them as Shandong Linuo type. Are these panels rebadged?. The inverter - Sungold was accredited.

'Company B' have come and given me a quote. I'm now waiting for a requote using Suntech panels and SMA Sunnyboy inverter. Should get it in a week.

'Company C' never showed

Over all I get the impression that very little goes into the 'customising' of the design with regards to 'bangs per bucks' and what would be a realistic price point considering system output, consumption etc. Most seem to have preconfigured systems - I suppose this keeps costs down. I can't help feeling this is industry is like the roof insulation debacle, where 'fly-by-night' operators have put up their shingle recently to cash in. In a few years time, they would have moved on to something else, and if the Wun-Flug-Dung panels that they were pushing fail, who do you see? Even if they give you an estimated output from the system, there are probably 101 reasons (excuses) as to why your particular system didn't perform as expected. I'm sure that there is a site that gives an estimate of what is expected from say a 1.5Kw system in Adelaide, and every-one just uses that figure as a base and just adjusts it up or down as they see fit - I doubt if these 'designers' actually work it all out using insolation figures, panel/inverter efficiencies, temperature derating or indeed NOCT figures and what pitch your roof is - how can they when they come out with a prepared quote! As far as I can see, the accreditation is not too onerous and as long as you are a qualified electrician... you're in!

Some companies also give you a payback and an ROI figure which paint an extremely rosy picture with regards to return by estimating up to 80% of produced power will be fed back to the grid. How they work this out without knowing what base load is, is beyond me, but it is happening!

Bottom line, do some/lots of research before hand and get yourself acquainted with the terminology of solar systems, else you will be baffled by the B.S.
Original ratings

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: N/A
Customer Service: 4/5

18 months later we asked Lou: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

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They added the Bluetooth piggy back extra for free on an already great price.
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It is hard to compare different sytems because of so many different types of panels and inverters.
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Braemac Energy were extremely professional in their appriach. They engaged an engineer to properly design my sydtem to suit my particular requirements.
All of my requests were met and the installers were very meticulous with the quality of the installation.
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Went with Braemac who initially identified through whirlpool but also later spotted with offers published via Solar Quotes.
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