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Our mission is to provide the highest quality, safe and reliable solar power services at a lower cost than our competitors.”

We believe that all Australians should have access to the highest quality solar power at the lowest possible cost and it is our goal to make this happen. With global industry relations with the world’s top solar equipment manufacturers, we make the best technology in solar power available to every consumer in Australia with our own dedicated and accredited installers to ensure a quality job.

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How pathetic

Has anyone been able to contact h&b group for Warranty? Struggling to find any info and there number has been disconnected
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Seems they have now chosen to go out of business after taking our money and never replying to calls or emails.
Buyer beware
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HandB installed a 5kw system for me in 2016. I have just been advised by Energex that the paperwork was incorrectly completed. Both Energex and I have been unsuccessful in contacting these people for 3 weeks. Next step is the industry ombudsmen and ACCC. A quick search of the reviews suggests this has happened a few times. Keep away!!
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Have H&B solar gone out of business? My inverter failed and their phone is constantly busy or non existant on the 1300 number and no one is answering emails! I need an inverter replacement urgently, help!
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Having problems with inverter still waiting after 3 months lots of promises
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They seem out of their depth on the system we purchased. We purchased a 6kw system that makes about 20kWh on a good day

Salesman was useless he left midway through process . Made promises that management tried to invoice for EXTRAS that in writing salesman promised / included.

Follow up was a litany of contradictions / untruths. Stuffed the installation and tried to pretend other issues the cause.

To date no real help as system is underperforming
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After inspecting our shop, they said that every thing is good to go. Didn't mention that the meter should be upgraded and the body corporate is to be informed. After installing the solar they asked for the total amount to be paid to them though we asked them to wait until we make sure that the solar is working. They pushed us hard and received the 100%. After lodging the EWR, we were notified that we have to upgrade the meter. We paid $7500 to a qualified electrician to upgrade it and now, We've been trying to get H and B to lodge a new EWR and connect the solar, we contacted them many times, sent them many emails but apparently they don't care.
"Very poor customer service"
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Original Review on 06-12-2016:

It is a new installation so although everything seems fine so far we'll have to wait a few years to see how it goes. Original ratings

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 4/5

8 months later we asked Graham: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes it's going great. During summer we get about 10kW peak out of the 10kW system, during winter about 6kW peak.
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Very nice and agreeable installers. Had spoken to them prior to contact with you but without a quote. A neighbour used them and raved about his experience so I got a quote a bit later after Green and Gold and Eurosolar continually pestered me. My investigation of these companies did not prove well. They rate very poorly. I also contacted 3 local companies. Basically expensive and unavailable til well into the new year. H & B Group used Csun panels and Fronius inverter with wi fi connection as we travel a lot and can check system by phone. The boss rang with our quote and was obviously much more knowledgable than salesmen we had talked to. Informed me of future battery connection options and probable costs with his recommendations. Service and expertise was way above anyone else I had contact with and will happily recommend them to anyone.
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They were able to price match another competitor with the exact components. Originally we had scheduled a date 3 weeks after agreeing to final price but they brought forward the install date to 3 days after signing papers and delivered as promised. Although there was a mixed with paperwork they honoured with an extra panel. The install went smooth and was completed by lunchtime. The installer Scott was very thorough with his explanation of how the inverter worked so I know what to look for when reading the box. I can verify the reviews I read from this site corresponds with the installers that came to do the installation and the salesperson was not mucking around or upselling either. Can recommend these guys for customer service and workmanship
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HandB were the only company to get me the components that I'd worked out to be the best for a reasonable price. Every step of their work was efficient, on time and professionally carried out. I'd recommend them to anyone.
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The Sunnyboy inverter display needs explaining.
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Excellent installers very polite. The meter change did take 3weeks but that had something to do with the weather as well.
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Solar quotes worked really well for us organising the suppliers to contact us for arranging a quote. Three suppliers had their own specialist representatives and we arranged to meet them on site with 30 minutes between each rep. Our decision came down to two suppliers, one was more expensive, but had a really professional approach and was local. In the end, our budget won out and we went with the cheapest. Tips: know the system size you need and stick to it. If a supplier wants to sell you a bigger system, get him to provide it as supplementary to the original size. Then ask the other suppliers to quote on that size as well. You will end up with 6 quotes (ie 3 for a 3 kW system and 3 for a 5kW system). We stuck with the 3kW simply to stay within budget. Look at the warranty periods and inclusion/exclusions. We had the option of higher spec panels and components, but the warranty on the base system met our needs.
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