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About Ingenero, Solar Installers


Ingenero has been operating since 2008 as a commercial solar system company, and in 2009 took over a residential solar company, SoarPay Pty Ltd.

Ingenero says that it has a state of the art research lab to ensure that all of their products meet the highest quality and power output standards. Among its accomplishments the company says that they constructed the largest rooftop solar PV system in Australia at the University of Queensland in Brisbane. They say that they are totally committed to quality, and their solutions are backed by industry leading warranties. The company says that it is accredited ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Enviromental Management. Among other things, the company says that it offers zero deposit finance terms.

Customer testimonials for Ingenero are available, and include the following:

“ I researched the solar market for six months before deciding to go with Ingenero. I was drawn to them because they sell excellent quality inverters and panels, and they back them up with a 10 year warranty that includes workmanship; as well as a 25 year output warranty on the panels. Ingenero consultants listened to me and answered my questions without being pushy. The installers were brilliant, taking time to explain everything in detail. I couldn’t have asked for a more professional organization.”

Ingenero Solar Reviews

System was great whilst it lasted. Will have to see what happens in the next six weeks, then i will have another anchor for my Tinnie. Show additional information
Our local installation company has performed very well in a professional manner and has no problem attending to our requirements. It is a pity that a faulty product may sully their reputation through no fault of their own. Show additional information
I put poor for customer service as ingenero liquidated immediately after install and I never received a call to explain the system or receive warranties or welcome pack. Customer service before liquidation was excellent. Show additional information
System not installed - we haven't yet build the house Show additional information
Show additional information
I was very impressed with Ingenero from start to finish. The installers were very professional and the system is awesome. They even put me in contact with other Ingenero users in my area for me to contact prier to signing up. My system produced 39KW yesterday so I'm thinking thats pretty good considering we use 20KW per day. Show additional information
Local family company installed our panels. I was extremely impressed with their professional conduct and the care taken in installation of our system. I did a lot of research into the quality of the system and buying local was very important.
I am very impressed with the performance of our system and we now reap the rewards of a quarterly cheque instead of a power bill. The only maintenance required is cleaning of the panels to optimise their efficiency.

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I have used Ingenero before and they are a company that has been around a while, so I feel secure in knowing they may still be there in 10 or 15 years time. Show additional information
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I haven't had it installed yet, so do not want to make a final judgement. Show additional information
Installation due on 21/04/11. Show additional information
Show additional information
Thanks for the advice on your website. Show additional information
I was happy with the service from Ingenero but less happy with the installing contractors.It took 3 weeks to install the system due to weather and lack of parts, but the contractors did not communicate effectively which led to frustration. I am now waiting for Energy Australia to install the meter and activate the system. Ingenero did chase the contractors and indicated if there were any more problems they would not use them again Show additional information
Ingenero did all the bookwork as well to the energy compnanies efiiciently and expediently. Show additional information
halcol -. had good customer relations , thought product was inferior

nicholls solar- never heard from them.

infinity solar- had meeting with rep. thought was productive. I am still waiting for a written quote!
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I checked with around 10 different suppliers and visited 6 of their workshops. I had quotations ranging from $7-22K. I spoke with most of them and developed a spreadsheet and made a complete check on each one. The interesting thing was that several of their sales people were ex chefs and salespeople who did not know the technical aspects. A couple of them were terrible. Some were trying to sell you tier 3 solar panel or very old stock that's why the prices were cheaper. I went for a $12K system using an Aruroa invertor and 250w panels. The system has only just been put on however, the installers were very thorough and on the day made a few recommendations that made sense. The company that we purchsaed off were the only ones that picked up that we had 3 phase power on which required some minor additional work. Show additional information
There was cheaper systems out there, and that's what they were, and there were dearer systems out there. I had to find a medium between top quality and a good price. Ingenero has a good reputation of quality parts and a good price. Show additional information
Show additional information
They were very quick to respond to questions and stayed with me during the process. They did not just take the money and dissapear. Show additional information
I didn't find the three companies that you put us into contact with to be very professional. One wouldn't even visit our house! Of the other two, they simply wanted to sell us a stock standard basic system and didn't take our specific needs into consideration. I found them both a bit uncaring and uninterested, and I felt that the products they were selling were not of a good quality. One of the two quotes was very hard to understand and confusing, so we couldn't really see what we would be receiving in return for the price!

At the same time as asking Solar Quotes for assistance, we also attended a Qld Government public seminar on solar power. At this seminar we invited two of the companies displaying to visit our home and quote. Of these, one was particularly knowledgeable and looked at ways we could reduce our consumption, and also talked to us about the different quality of panels and inverters around. He was not from Ingenero, but it was because of this guy, and through further investigation into the varying quality of products available, that we ended up going with Ingenero.

There is certainly a need for someone to help people navigate through what is a mine field of information. Hard earned dollars go into these systems, and people need to know that their money is being invested into a quality product that will last for many years. It is somewhat a leap of faith, when one goes into this, but you can only trust that the more you know the better informed your decision will be.

Thank you for your fabulous website and for the assistance that has started us on our way to a greener way of life.
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Our panels were only installed yesterday, so it is early days yet.
Regarding the price range - we paid only a fraction above $10K for the 3.15kW system.

However, I found the Ingenero sales consultant to be knowledgeable, efficient, friendly and not pushy - unlike other reps who were either pushy, condescending, full of sh*t or all of the above!

Their system prices are very competitive - mid range of the 6 quotes I obtained.
The reasons I chose Ingenero:
(1) quality of panels & inverter,
(2) excellent warranty conditions (much better than industry average, especially when you read the fine detail for output performance guarantee),
(3) background of the company per their website - experience of mgmt team, venture capital, own R&D area, involved with big projects.

Dealing with Ingenero has been very easy. Good communication via phone & email. The contractors they used for installation were thorough & professional.

I also like their EcoWatch monitor that allows performance tracking in real time on a laptop. I believe it is a more sophisticated set-up than some others out there.

In summary, I would highly recommend Ingenero.
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I'll wait until it is installed Show additional information
I got three quotes:

1. Citi Solar salesman and presentation very, very poor. Cost of 1.5 and 2.0 kw units and installation much to costly. Plus he wanted a signature straight away!! Alarm bells ringing…

2. A1 Battery Pro salesman pretty good knew all about solar and that’s where it ended!! They must be selling units ok as I am still waiting on quotes for 1.5 and 2.0 units.

and I ended up with Ingenero.
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Salesperson spent an hour answering my questions. He also offered more advice on how solar worked; what was involved with installation and that they organised everything to install it. They were on time six weeks later. We only have to contact etsa to replace meter to connect the grid. installers said that this may take up to six weeks to happen as etsa is very busy connecting solar systems recently installed. Show additional information
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As the situation required, I decided to downgrade the size of the system and let price only be the major factor and also the company that offered NETT FEED TARIFF metering. Show additional information
Show additional information
installation was sub-contracted to novacastrion , an excellent job done by very friendly informative workmen, however energy aust., has not yet connected their "gross meter". our only complaint. Show additional information
As the system has just been installed (yesterday) it's too soon to give much of a rating to the system itself. The installation was carried out well with good competent workmen and is working well at the moment. Show additional information
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Had to postpone the installation due to the rainy days., has to happen soon. Show additional information
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There are so many solar offers on the market and I found many will try to baffle you with bullshit. I immediately discarded those who do that, as I have found from experience they are trying to sell me an inferior product. However those with the good products will be able to explain their product in detail in a way that is easy to understand. I ended up finding two suppliers with high quality solar units, both had reasonable price and quality products. The decider was the fact that Ingenero had the best after sales service, which included any problems being dealt with by a local service agent and not having to send panels to the other side of Australia for repairs. Show additional information
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The main trap is making sure Energex come in a timely manner and install the new meter so you can start having your power generated being recorded and credited to your bill. Show additional information
Everything was good from the supplier, only problems were with the electricity company (Country Energy) not attending residence to inspect so we could start obtaining the credits for system. Obviously the longer it takes for them to come the more money they keep ripping from us. Show additional information
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