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About Mojarra, Solar Installers


Mojarra has helped Australians become more energy efficient and reduce their bills since 2003, while aiming to provide customers with a trustworthy and passionate service.

The Mojarra motto is to continually improve its offering through an 'AIM' principle - assessment, implementation and measurement. It also strives to be dynamic in its approach to energy efficiency by getting on board with the latest trends and technology.

Customers will receive the highest level of ethical standards and hopes to help its customers take advantage of government rebates and feed-in tariffs. These incentives alone could save consumers thousands of dollars in the long term.

Mojarra Solar Reviews

Brilliant company

Mojarra provided excellent service. The solar industry expanded at such a rapid rate it suffered growing pains as all businesses do.

All in all Mojarra was customer focused and approached our work with the desire to make the world a better place.

This culture was always at the forefront of out work.
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I had the installing electrician come out to quote the system. What he didn't mention was that the panels needed to be raised up to get better winter sun performance. Being a novice I didn't query this. System installed by another two on behalf of the sparkie, sloppy job with the 14 panels in 2 strings but only to one input, DC cabling falling down from inside the metal shed. Paperwork from Mojarra to SP Ausnet lost on 2 occasions, so connection delayed 4-5 weeks! The sparkie dummied up the inspector who never inspected the work nor did he even come out. So the certificate of electrical safety was bogus. Now we had finally connected to the grid, but because of the wiring the inverter shut down constantly due to over current. Sought professional help from an old school installer who agreed with me that all the panels be in series, and the inverter would better track with a higher voltage. Now the fun begins. I sent off a very terse e-mail to the MD Mojarra, promising a full investigation would be made by the Office of the Chief Electrical Inspector-Victoria for the inspector to be sanctioned, together with a written complaint to the appropriate body to get the sparkies licence to be cancelled as he could not even design the system properly. Mojarra quickly stepped in and fixed the sloppy install, but only because there was the likelihood of bad press. Two professional installers turned up to fix the system, and guess what? They were employed to go around after this sparkie and fix all his stuff-ups! Mojarra even thanked me for bringing the actions of the sparkie to their notice. Mojarra's. I asked that the panels be elevated for no cost as compensation for a poor system, but got no where on that one. I had to better secure the DC wiring in the shed for my own piece of mind, being a competent tradesman, I would not have done nor refused to make good such a sloppy and potentially unsafe job. I can't in all honesty recommend this company because they employed a woefully incompetent installer. The SMA Inverter has performed well, but it appears that I now have 3 potentially faulty Hyundai 220W panels, so I will be calling the professional installer for some more "free" advice. The system was installed in 2011 so the actual cost exceeded $10,000. Show additional information
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Four years down the track and the Latronics inverter has stopped working. Mojarra said their inverters have a 5 year warranty. It turned out it was only 3 years. Latronics and Mojarra are passing responsibility back and forth.

Poor customer service and a lack of good faith by both parties.

Mojarra were good at their sales pitch - but poor at handling any warranty issues. Still unresolved, I have been told $165 will see them send a technician to inspect the inverter. Followed by more $$$ for them to send it to Latronics for repairs.

I hope I don't need to register a complaint with Fair Trading.
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I found your website very helpful. It was a great educational tool... After I finished I felt I learned a lot about solar panels! That knowledge helped me to evaluate the different vendors. Great website! Show additional information
I had to get my panels removed to re-roof my house. Mojarra then quoted to re-install them. The quote was huge, but then after i had accepted the quote (a week after) they called me and said they wanted another $250 for some new cables they hadn't planned on ($250 for cables??!). i said, well i have already accepted your quote its your problem, but the reps attitude was that it was my problem. Now, since they are a specialist in installing solar, i would assume they know what they are doing, and since it is only a re-install of the same panels (only the panels, nothing else was removed) they should be able to quote on that easily. fair enough? Stay away from Mojarra. Show additional information
I was very grateful for the service that YOU provided, however, due to the demand on suppliers, there was very little to no support from the list that you provided. Your FAQs were very handy and others who were interested in the panels have also perused your materail in getting good advice. Thanks again. Show additional information
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Stay well away from Mojarra, they just take your money and run for the hills, go into hiding when they suddenly have to fix problems of there own creation. We unfortunately contracted Mojarra to install a 2.1kw system, at the time we thought it was done as per manufacturer specifications, now that we have had warranty issues regarding a faulty inverter (18months after install) we have discovered that they did not install correctly, and have basically said tuff you can fix it yourself and I quote " unfornuately Mojarra is unable to correct errors at our cost, this would result in Mojarra losing money". Stay well away from Mojarra nothing they tell you is worth the paper it's written on. Show additional information
The installation was completed as promised with the minimum of fuss - all the personnel involved turned up & on time as/when promised. Show additional information
Still waiting to be connected by Energex but so far great. The team, salesperson, installers were all excellent. Replied to all our questions. Kept in contact through phone and emails. Work was neat and tidy. Show additional information
Your website gave me the information to successfully choose a supplier and system. Show additional information
All the salespersons were great except one that only wanted to give us a quote over the phone.. They all looked like they had quality products and it was difficult to choose between them all. All prices were similar. In the end we chose the one that gave us the best output for our money and gave us after service and a company that had been around for a while.
The system was quickly installed and they handled all the paper work involved with getting it approved and running.
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These guys (Mojarra) could not have treated us any better. Very shortly after the quietly spoken sales rep met with us and we decided to go ahead with Mojarra, we had emails and calls from the General Manager and the installer welcoming us aboard and assuring us that we were purchasing a quality product with which we would be very happy. We certainly are very happy with the finished (installed and working) product. Several people have already asked us about the installation on our roof and have been referred to Mojarra.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, Finn, very much for getting the ball rolling for us. We cannot highly recommend enough either you, your website and your subsequent informative emails.
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It was a very difficult excercise ,but I found that the the longer you put off making a decision, the lower the price becomes. I thought Mojarra did connect me through your site -otherwise how did they know my number? However all the suppliers were helpful, apart from the one who looked at my home on Google earth and said I would have to cut down some trees. ( My neighbours and those up to three blocks away !) I get lots of sun on the North and North West facing part of my roof! I did have to insist on having the guarantees in writing before going ahead. There was a lot of small print on the back of the deposit invoice which seemed to be all in favour of Mojarra. Show additional information
Yes, they installed substandard, discoloured panels they brought from Sunpower at a discount. Show additional information
So far so good. Good communication and installation happened within quoted time frame. Show additional information
I've gone with Mojarra.

I've bought the SunPower panels, which are certainly NOT the cheapest, but they are very efficient - you only need 5 panels for a 1.5 kw system instead of 7. As I have a small roof area available, this was very useful. The panels also loose efficiency in smaller sections and more slowly (due to shade, temperature etc) than other panels.
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"Mojarra" were part of the "Perth Solar Cities Program" ran by the ";Eastern Hills Shires". They have been around for quite some time and had to pass the shires scrutiny before being selected. As part of this program the shires also offered a small discount as well as the government rebate.The system we choose had panels of high quality and a great warranty more than most. The inverter was also good quality and is expandable if we choose to add panels to it in the future. The installers took this into account and positioned the the panels so extra panels can be accommodated for on our roof space. Service was prompt and efficient Show additional information
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