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Natimuk Solar is a Solar Power Installation company based in Natimuk and serves VIC. Here are their reviews as submitted by visitors to SolarQuotes
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Unusual install, that went off without a hitch

I was probably not the easiest of customer: our roof layout is terribly inconvenient, and the roof cavity is not roomy due to a low pitch; and I knew just enough from spending hours researching sites like this one to be annoying, but not enough time researching to come up with the optimal answers on my own.

We wanted to upgrade/replace a fully-functioning but very dated 2kW system, with the potential for batteries, and to go as large as we could fit (I would rather oversize than undersize, and we figure we'll get an EV at some point). After some back and forth, and doing some measurements on our roof, he came up with a plan that I wasn't super-convinced by at first, but would result in a full 10kW of inverter capacity using the old setup as well (since it's fully functional, despite it's age), by putting some of the new panels on the south side of the roof and keeping the old system until it dies.

I was skeptical at first (south is bad! right?), but having just gone through the winter solstice he was bang-on. Our roof pitch is very shallow (~10 degrees) and the south-facing string exceeded the performance I'd guesstimated based off the available data I can find. It dropped around June for sure, but even on the darkest winter days it's been doing something, and at the tail end of summer when it was first installed it did exactly as he said it would (provide a pile more solar capacity for cooling purposes). At this stage I'm pretty convinced Lachlan's forgotten more about solar PV planning than some people ever knew.

The team showed up to start unloading at about 7am (as agreed), had the power off for a very short time (I think only maybe two hours towards the end) and had the whole thing wrapped up in one day. I can't fault their work at all, it's all very tidy, borderline fastidious, and the inspector enjoyed looking at it. The installers were all polite, methodical, cleaned things up as they went, and did their best to minimize impact to the people and pets inside the house. When configuring the inverter, Lachlan put up with more of my silly questions without any grief.

He talked me out of batteries for this install, and running the numbers for the brief portion of the year we've had it, I believe that was the right call - our power is very reliable and current batteries would not have made economical sense either. The infrastructure is all in place for replacing the old 2kW system, and after removing a split system unit on the north roof we should be able to double the capacity of the current system, and I'll probably add batteries then too. And I'll definitely be contacting Lachlan when the time comes.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Excellent installer

We built a new home and Natimuk Solar installed a solar system for us. We were very impressed by the professionalism, excellent workmanship, excellent communication, excellent product. We are very happy after 2.5 years with no problems. would recommend this installer.

They were punctual, very tidy and careful workers, who were very meticulous with the installation and cleaned up after themselves, leaving a very professional job.

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5
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Jeparit is a relatively isolated township and system reliability is of paramount importance due to the cost and difficulty of getting repairs if the system fails.

Lachlan was very straightforward and given that he had just married and could not install the system until after his honeymoon installation proceeded on the arranged date. I had to travel over five hundred km to be present for the install. The slowest part of the process occurred in getting the approvals to connect to the grid. However the system is now producing over 35 hwh per day.
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Local supplier made the most difference
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