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Original Review on 04-03-2011:

Not enough liason between installer and salesperson. Arrangement of panels on roof not considered. Thinking went as far as square meterage of roof fitting the panels not how they would actually be arranged given their shape. If I was not here it would not have ended up the way I wanted.

It's all about the panels and it's difficult to know if you really get the befenit from the best panels over the cheaper panels. Only time will tell.

Could have got same system for about $17,000 but went for better quality at $22,000.
Original ratings

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 4/5

22 months later we asked Les: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Only minor issue was installation where the grounding was not sufficient. I got a slight tingle when cleaning the solar panels. Called back installer and he fixed with no further problems.

the 5KW system on sunny days manages 28 to 32 KW-hrs depending on season.
if only there was an economical way to keep the panels cool I could get another 10%. Have done this using a hose.
meets the claimed average of 20.5 kw-hrs per day over time.

Question: Is there a software data system to monitor the solar panels available?
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Original Review on 05-01-2011:

Omega Solar use Gold Coast Energy Services as their installation provider. Neither lists a physical address. I assume both companies are closely related.
Omega Solar was reasonably good to deal with and responded to my queries reasonably well. I didnt receive any receipts for money transferred to Omega Solar, which is something I would have expected.

Gold Coast energy on the other hand doesnt return phone calls and doesnt provide much in the way of information about the installation scheduling. The installation did go ahead within the time frame quoted. I got to know about it about 6.30 am when the installers phoned about ten minutes away on the highway

Communications definitely requires work.

The installers did a very professional job under difficult conditions. The weather here hasn't been that kind to outside workers of late

The system seems to be good quality and is functioning well, meeting my expectations in output. Sunnyboy inverter with Conergy panels. Both German engineering.

The system provided isn;t the system I was expecting from the information I was given at the time of the quote. It was actually to a higher specification. I requested a 5 kW system and provided a 6 kW inverter.

You may expect this to not be a problem. The 27 solar panels to make up 5 kW had to be arranged in three strings of nine. The Sunnyboy 6 kW inverter requires equal strings. A nine panel string wont operate the inverter the system had to be rearranged into two strings of 14 panels. 28 in total.

While this was done willingly the final design was to my calculations. I never got to speak to the Omega / Gold Coast Energy designer. The feedback I received from omega Solar left me wondering about the ability of their system designer.

I can;t decide if I would recommend this company or not. The price, quality and installation standard are good, the management and design not good,
Original ratings

Panel rating: 4/5
Inverter rating: 4/5

Value for money: 4/5
Quality of System: 4/5
Installation: 4/5
Customer Service: 2/5

21 months later we asked Keith: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

System is performing to expectations. Output level is in line with estimated values. The system is performing well within specifications.

Origin Energy isn't
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Original Review on 23-09-2010:

This company completed the job 3 weeks earlier than orginally planned which was wonderful. The installers were professional, answered my questions, cleaned up and put the inverter where I wanted it in my garage, not where other solar companies wanted to put it outside next to the electric box (less work). Gold Coast Solar Power Solutions thoroughtly explained how they would install the panels and why. They even moved my tv antenna and repositioned it at no extra cost and replaced some cracked roof tiles they found. I have found their follow up service with other questions I have had, to be exemplary. I had gotten excellent referals about this company from others customers before I made my final decision to use this company and now I can join those people in saying I also think this company did a great job. I would highly recommend them. The price for my system which I ticked in one of your boxes above, includes the large government REC rebate. Original ratings

Panel rating: 5/5
Inverter rating: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5
Quality of System: 5/5
Installation: 5/5
Customer Service: 5/5

24 months later we asked R: "Are you happy with the performance of your system so far?"

Yes it most certainly has.
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The salesman for this company was by far the most informed and helpful. The office staff could have been more attentive with returning phone calls and keeping me informed. However, overall it was a very good experience and a company I would recommend.
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I was impressed with the sales pitch etc by Omega & they promised when we signed up that it would be installed within 3 weeks . It actually took 7 weeks.
We had NO communication from the company as to the delays. We sent several emails to the sales person who apologized for the delays & told us it was the installers problem. They were the company that sold the unit. It was really Bad Customer Service not to keep us informed.
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It is too early to give a definitive answer to the "value for money" question. We bought a "Mercedes Benz" system for $14,000 out-of-pocket, when we could have bought a "Great Wall of China" system for $3,000 (or thereabouts depending on the supplier) out-of-pocket.

It could be 10-25 years before we know whether we received value for money -- after hailstorms have damaged others, but not ours; after the Chinese panels have fallen off the roof while ours are still as good as new. When it can be proved that the Inverter we had installed actually performs better than other Inverters and that we receive more kilowatts from the sun than those people who don't have our type of Inverter.

I still wonder each morning as to whether we did the right thing, by paying so much more, for something that so many people sell for so much less! Only time will tell whether it was the right decision or not and we could be long dead by then. Had I known that we would be paying $14,000 out of our pocket before I began the search for the solar system, I doubt that I would have done so. I expected to pay $3,000 -- I paid $14,000! You do the math.

How can I measure success today? How can I determine whether I received value for money, today? I can only trust my gut instinct that "you only get what you pay for" and there is so much at stake if one does not make the right first decision.

To have to replace a solar panel system would cost up to $20,000 with NO government rebate for the second installation, so we aimed to "do it once and do it right" in the first place. That we have a quality product is not in doubt. We have one of the very best -- but the answer to the value for money question is still many years away. In the meantime, my belief is that we DO have value for money -- I just cannot prove it.

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I have only just finalized two weeks ago my selection. There has been no work or products (Other than the agreement and the obligatory paper work for Energex and Omega, carried out to date. This should happen within the next two weeks, all being as promised.
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The salesperson was very helpful and explained it in an easy manner for us to understand. He showed the different panels and what the quality would do in the long term. Installation was quick and very efficient.
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Still waiting for the company to inspect their installation as we are not getting anywhere near their quoted daily average of power generated. We are not yet connected to the grid although our system was installed on 18th January.
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I found the sales person from Omega had excellent knowledge of his products. It may have been that he could have been a Tec/salesperson. A lot of question I had asked him he had good and knowledgeable answers.
Some of the salespersons I spoke to had some knowledge but when it came to the detailed information they did not have the full understanding of their systems.
The system we purchased was not the cheapest or
the dearest but it was the system we best understood and the most suitable for our needs that really mattered to us.
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Within six days after signing the contract, they had installed the system and lodge all the required paperwork with the relevant authorities.

The installation crew were efficient and cleaned up after themselves.
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System installed Friday 19Nov.1910
Payed in full Monday 22Nov.1910 N.A.B.---EFT.
Electricity Supplier----INTEGRAL-energy.
My problem is, to date 7/2/11,despite several phone calls both to OMEGA and INEGRAL, also Energex I am still awaiting
At 89 years of age I expect to receive at least a COMPLETION DATE.
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the system was explained well to me with no pushy salesman approach. i have no complaints.
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I enjoy watching meter going in reverse
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Installed and running one week afterpaying deposit.
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Having dealt with a few different companies Gold Coast Energy was by far the best in what is solar all about, quality, explaining all there is to know, weren't at all pushy and gave us time to think about what we wanted.
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